Here you can create your FREE or PREMIUM user, or upgrade your existing FREE user.

FREE user benefits:

  • You can use the basic clothing and sex action sets totally FREE.

IMPORTANT! FREE users cannot buy in the SHOP, because they have no income, until upgrading to PREMIUM user.

PREMIUM user benefits (needs subscription): advantages for girls

  • You can improve your character by purchasing additional clothing and new sex poses in the SHOP with your virtual credit
  • If the subscription expires or will be cancelled, your virtual credit and the purchased items will not be lost, they will be usable again as soon as the subscription will be renewed. Till the renewal you can play as a FREE user.

There are three types of subscription:

- Recurring subscription for $9.95/month, gives A$1500 virtual credit every month

- Non-recurring subscription for $24.95/3months, gives A$3000 virtual credit once

- Non-recurring subscription for $49.95/year, gives A$6000 virtual credit once (Only $4 per month!)

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(Already existing FREE users don't have to retype the password and set sex)
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