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    in this post I present my new line that I wanted to call “As I am”.
    Why “As I am”?
    “As I am” currently contains everything I have learned in this period; from my technique, to my style to my way of being to how I see a certain type of elegant and refined femininity, not excessively sexy, but at the same time mischievous and seductive.
    It took me about 4 months to create it.
    I have not set a time and I let myself be carried away only by inspiration.
    Every detail has been taken care of with care within the limits set by the Editor
    For the first time, I decided to match the shoes too. An element that I have noticed is always overlooked because it is difficult to make, but essential to complete the outfit.
    “As I am” is my starting point for a new way of creating and revisiting dresses in even more detail: from the most elegant to the shamelessly sexy and erotic.

    The suite includes a summer dress with a lace that enriches the neckline that leaves only the shoulders bare and that is repeated at the ends of the sleeves and on the legs.
    The underwear recalls the floral motifs of the dress and consists of a balconette bra with a light lace on the bottom.
    The slip has a comfortable and at the same time mischievous line that incorporates the same lace as the bra.
    The suite is completed by the presence of shoes that recall the dress both in the motif and in the colors proposed.
    The colors in which it is proposed are my classic BreeRed, BluCobalto and the new Antique White to enhance the romanticism of the dress.
    I have dedicated passion and time to this project and I hope you will like it too.





    Fantastic work. Very classy.


    These are beautiful designs. Congratulations on a wonderful new collection.
    I dearly wish that AChat would pick up the pace with their releases, so we only have weeks instead of months to see your new designs in the shop.


    absolute elegance, love the material I can feel the texture and at last a bra that supports, love the absence of straps cleverly supported revealing my neckline. Might I suggest an addition of a choker in the same material or lace would be lovely, a red collar with “Bitch” would simply not give it the justice this set deserves…I will give my pearl necklace a shot howver


    It’s beautiful bree. Seductive and classy is absolutely sexy. Great color choices as well. Thank you for your effort and attention to detail.


    The top quality outfits come from Bree.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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