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Ignore is useless

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    Ignore is useless

    I can still see them in any of the worlds and the search box.
    Even worse, they’re still eligible for matching in blind dates.
    This needs fixing bad.


    Hi ChloeDahl,
    Welcome to forum. Please look around our forum and post any other views and ideas you may have, or you could just even post your favourite song.
    There is a topic for most things and if there isnt, just open a topic yourself.

    The ignore button is a bit strange in Achat.
    Basically it just stops the offender interrupting your chat. You can still see the avatar and he/she can still stand in front of you to be a nuisance.
    If this happens, just take screen shots and send to Achat Support. Achat will ban offenders.

    If you are in a group of people just turn around and place your backs to the offender and carry on chatting as normal so they cant annoy you any more.
    If you are in a couple, just dance for awhile so they cannot interrupt your chat or stand in the way.

    Achat has been asked many times to allow the ignore button to make the offender disappear from your game too but as yet, this has not happened.
    We hope that it will happen in the future.

    Max Alefz

    according to the ignore list… very correct interesting ideas were shown here.

    I would also like to see – not only a list of players – who have been blocked by me… but also another list – who have blocked me.
    This would significantly improve the convenience of the game, and allow you not to waste time on strange people)


    There’s another interesting quirk with the ignore button that most people probably don’t even know: it doesn’t work AT ALL in poker…if you ignore someone and you both play poker, they can talk to you and YOU WILL SEE THE MESSAGES! There’s no designation that you ignored them in poker


    @ apollo13nut
    I didnt know that. Thanks for sharing.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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