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1. The Invitation. - 10 (17.2%)
2. A Wolves Sweet Butt. - 8 (13.8%)
3. Hangover Remedy.   - 7 (12.1%)
4. Take Five. - 2 (3.4%)
5. The Anniversary Gift. - 2 (3.4%)
6. A Night With Two Friends. - 11 (19%)
7. Cab-Ride. - 1 (1.7%)
8. Tormented. (Free Verse) - 1 (1.7%)
9. Deflowered Rosa. - 7 (12.1%)
10. Her Birthday Treat. - 7 (12.1%)
11. The Farmer's Dream. - 2 (3.4%)
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Author Topic: “Group Sex” THE STORIES. Erotic Story Contest 13.  (Read 10824 times)
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« Reply #15 on: April 30, 2017, 02:05:01 PM »

9. Deflowered Rosa.  Part 1  by  Lady_Andrea. (Momma_Andrea)

The first time I dressed was exciting. It was such a thrill to put on the panties and pretty skirt and do my make up; although I admit I looked just trampy that first time. But there was no danger, no risk, all alone in my bedroom. My legs and groin freshly shaven. My dark hair in curls and cascading around my shoulders. I looked like a girl to me and every time I did it I think I got better.

Now the first time I went outside though, I was terrified. My figure is slim and my face is boyish, if not girlish. I put on white knee socks and the school girl skirt that actually came from St. Ursula’s, where my sister went. It’s all black but with an inner red pleat that gives splashes of color as you walk. It’s short like a cheer skirt, almost too short. The white shirt fit tight over the barely stuffed “A” cup bra. Nothing over the top for this first time, and if I was noticed… well perhaps I was going to a costume party, would be the excuse. I spent hours on the make-up and my body was bathed and powdered to perfection. I looked like a girl, smelled like a girl, I felt like a girl, or so I thought.

I got looks, but I wasn’t sure if it was because I was pretty or if it was because they knew. I walked down the quiet side walk at twilight time with the soft lighting hopefully playing in my favor. The black leather shoes clicking as I moved, and a black backpack on one shoulder. I headed for the “L” train to get across town. As the sun sank lower everything had a pink haze and the city was quieting down. I caught sight of myself at a station window with the ceiling light behind me. I smiled at the pretty latina girl before me. “I should have worn glasses.” I thought; another distraction to pull the eyes away from the adam’s apple. But I looked good. I looked sweet, if even just to me.

As I stepped into the train car I kept my face down and quickly moved for the back. Here were the “ugly” lights that showed it all, illuminating our flaws and magnifying our shortcomings. I bit my lip in concern and didn’t turn my eyes to anyone, but I was sure one old guy was checking out my legs as I moved past. I sat gently with my knees together and the back pack across my lap. Now I stole glances around the car, always with my eyes cast downward and my back hunched a little, covering for my lack of boobs.

 There were just a few folks on. Rush hour was long ago. And the old guy WAS checking my legs. I smiled a little to myself and let them cross. Bobbing my foot as if bored. Near the door was a young man and I caught him stealing glances too. He was tall and Black Latino mix, maybe, or his mamma was just white. He had his hair cropped short, but it had waves and not the tight curl, and he had that little cuban mustache that almost looks like it’s drawn on with eyebrow pencil. I moved the book bag and crossed my legs the other way. The skirt road up like I knew it would and I waited before pushing it down. He was watching and my heart beat faster. I smoothed the skirt and then let my hand slide along my light ochre colored thigh. He boldly watched now and then his eyes met mine until I finally turned away, but I smiled at him once or twice and he gave a little seductive grin back.

As my stop came up I had to move by him at the door. His eyes were on me the whole way as he still sat there. I tried not to look but his eyes covered me up and down. Finally as the double doors opened he spoke before I stepped off.

“Chica, tell me you’re coming home this way and I’ll ride all night.”

His grin got bigger and I caught the sexual innuendo in that and couldn’t help but blush. I had my first proposition and my heart was soaring.

“Um, I’ll be at the library for two hours.” I stammered, not believing I just said that. I know my cheeks were red. I could feel the heat coming off of them.

“Good to know.” His whole face grinned now and he nodded slowly as if just given an intimate secret.

“Bye” I barely got out of my mouth as I stepped off the train.

As it pulled away I stood there. My heart was fluttering like the old love poems say. A smile came across my face and a giddy feeling in my soul. For a moment I was a girl. I attracted a boy and he saw a girl. He flirted with me and had made me feel pretty, made me feel sexy. I held my hands like little fists in front of my chest and shook them with glee and victory before I scampered off down the station steps.

I didn’t actually go to the library, but to Bloomingdale’s. I wanted to buy things. I wanted to shop.  I got some hair bands and the cutest navy blue bra. I didn’t know what I’d wear with it but maybe I’d just walk around the apartment with it. I had a new sense of sexiness and was feeling so feminine. I hoped it would last. I got some looks from sales ladies that I’m sure knew, but a CD in Chicago was hardly anything new. I spent my evening out getting pretty things and I popped them all in the back pack and was finally ready to go home.

I got on the train and he wasn’t there. Part of me was disappointed and part of me was relieved. I went back and sat where I was in the corner before. There was only a couple in my car and they got off after two stops. Finally the train got me home and as I stepped onto the platform he stepped out of a corner.

“Hey, little thing.” He called for my attention and startled me as he came out of the shadows to the left.

I couldn’t help being alarmed and backed away a little while hugging the backpack in front of me.

He chuckled, “Ah, don’t be scared, chica.” He walked right up to me in a few long steps even as my feet still shuffled backwards. He brought up the backs of two fingers and stroked my cheek. “I won’t hurt you. You said two hours and this is where you got on.” He smiled at himself. “What’s your name, chica?”

He looked me up and down with obvious lust and blocked my way, but this is what I wanted, wasn’t it? “R-rosa.” I stammered nervously.

“Rosa?” he said slowly as if tasting the word on his lips. “You are a pretty little thing, Rosa.”

I blushed and thanked him, “What’s your name?” I added boldly.

“Nick.” He gave it away easily.

Nick had backed me up to the wall of the platform without touching me. His large body was so close to mine, and he reached up to stroke my face again. “How come I never seen you before, Rosa?”

“I- I don’t go out much.” He made me so nervous with his demeanor, but his attention was intoxicating and I dared not leave only to lose it.

I felt his fingers slide along my jaw line and gently to the back of my neck. He pulled me closer. “You must study all the time. Are you a good girl, chica?” He whispered it like an accusation.

I didn’t know the answer he wanted. “Not all the time.” I finally confessed, my voice barely a whisper and shaky.

And then he kissed me. My hands went up instinctively in protection, but they stopped on his firm chest as any resistance melted away. I Think I actually purred in pleasure as his hot mouth pressed to mine. I felt him press me to the steel paneled wall, and one hand glide down my skirt covered thigh and back up to grip a handful of my ass. He manhandled me, but his lips stayed put and his kiss was like constant electricity to my spine. His right hand still held me by the nape of my neck while he ground against me in the platform’s shadows. Nick’s thigh rubbed into my crotch and ground my hardening penis there.

My eyes popped open because he had to have felt it, but I looked into soft brown eyes that gave a wink as he broke the kiss.

“Oh, I know, Carlos.” He whispered to me as he still held me and gave me that sly grin.

With that his other hand lifted my ass and he kissed me hard. My leg lifted and wrapped around his. He ground into me again as I just stared in disbelief. He knew me, but I didn’t know him. I felt fingers slide along my panties and the crevice of my ass. He worked my body and I didn’t resist. He held me trapped against the wall, but I was a willing prisoner. I closed my eyes now and kissed him back. I felt his hot bulge press into me, just above mine. My hand wanted to go down, to grope it and feel its length, to rub its warm, smooth skin.

Nick grabbed my wrists, I hoped to put them down his pants, but he pinned my arms above my head. He held me there and pressed my back to the sheet metal as his body ground against me.

“Tell me what you want, chica.” He whispered to me.

I stared into those chocolate eyes. I bit my lip. It was so hard to say but I finally said it. “I want you.”

He smiled that sly grin again but didn’t let me go, “But WHAT do you want?” One hand held both wrists as he let the other slide down my cheek and along my neck. “Say it, Rosa. Be a dirty girl.”

I swallowed hard, but the answer was easy. I just had to voice it. “I want your cock.” My words were soft, barely a whisper, but my need rang out. I looked down from his stare, my cheeks blushing. He dominated and it made me feel small, and I was compared to him.

“Prove it.” Nick said in short order and let go my hands and undid his fly.

He fished inside quickly and pulled out a thick uncut sausage. His cock wasn’t hard yet, but it still impressed. My eyes took it all in and maybe I seemed awestruck, because he finally commanded me to move.

“Grab it, chica. Show me you want it.” his voice and breath at my forehead, his body leaned over me. He lifted my chin and looked at me with those chocolate eyes. “Take my cock, Rosa.”

“Here?” I looked left and right but it was just dark corners. No one was around.

Then his big hand was on my cheek and he kissed me again. I felt his lips part and his tongue swiped across mine until I opened up and let him in. My inhibition dissolved and my fingers reached for that meat before me. It felt hot my hands and I could feel it already start to grow, to harden and pulse. Nick broke the kiss and leaned into me, breathing into my ear.

“Stroke it, babee.” He said it like a Chicano would.

I stroked him. I felt him swell and fill my hands. My back pressed to the wall I moved along his shaft and put my face to his chest. His cock pointed at my belly and rose higher as I got more out of his pants. In the darkness I could barely see it, but I felt it. A man’s cock, hard and throbbing. No words, he wrapped his arms around my head and his elbows pushed down on my shoulders. I dropped right there onto my heels, not wanting my knees on the dirty concrete, but I dropped like he wanted.

His manhood was there now. In my face as well as my hands. I looked at it and admired it and then I looked up at him. I watched his eyes as I gave it my first lick, along the foreskin and then across the head. I watched his smile as I kissed the bulbous head and licked the underside where the foreskin had been.

“That’s so good, chica.” he encouraged me.

I smiled at that and took him in. but my eyes always looking up, staring back into his eyes as his thick cock filled my mouth. My bright red lips stretched around the shaft, I sucked him and then pulled off with a playful “pop”, only to take him back in my wet mouth. He was fully hard now and excited. I felt him grab my head. I wore no wig. The shoulder length shiny dark brown tresses were mine. He held my hair and forced more cock down my throat. I felt the head slip down and I gloried in the feel of it, felt the strength of it and the taste.

Nick began to fuck my mouth. I had both hands on his knees to keep me steady. My back was to the sheet metal wall, but he bucked into me and grunted his pleasure.

“Oooo, suck me chica. Make this man cum, baby. Make me fill that sweet mouth.” he spoke the words and they put fire in me. He gave me his passion and I wanted to return it. “Be my baby and eat my cum, chica.” That last one he said sweetly. Nick was playing me like a piano. He knew what keys to push.

I reached up and grabbed the base. I jerked it and kept it from lodging in my throat. I was loving this cock but I loved breathing too. My eyes smiled at him and we finally broke eye contact when Tall Nick threw his head back. He stopped bucking and let me work him, let me suck and stroke him, my hand slipping up and down his wet shaft and my tongue and lips tickling the head. He held my head tight and I knew it was coming. I took him deep, to the back of my throat and felt him swell and then the jerk. His dick blasted into my mouth, filling me with seed. I didn’t swallow. I let it fill my cheeks I let his cock baste in its own juices as he started trying to push it deeper into my mouth. I didn’t swallow until he was done and looking down at me. I had kept it all inside and my makeup was still perfect.

Footsteps were coming up the stairs. We were in the shadowed corner of the platform but could still be seen. Suddenly I came to my senses. If Rosa was caught being dirty in public by a cop it would be Carlos that would have to explain it. Quickly I grabbed my bag next to me and stood straight up and swallowed the last of that cum.

“I need to go!” I said hurriedly and brushed past tall Nick who tried to grab my hand. “I need to go!”

I streaked past the corner and down the steps, nearly colliding into an old guy just trying to go home. What Nick did I don’t know. Reaching street level I didn’t run but I walked as fast as I could until I was back at my apartment and out of breath. My knees were weak and my heart was pounding and when I started to calm down I replayed the scene in my head. Nick was hot and he was liking me, and he kept calling me chica. I dropped down with my back at my door and rubbed my little hard dick through my panties.

- continued -
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« Reply #16 on: April 30, 2017, 02:06:23 PM »

9. Deflowered Rosa.  Part 2   by  Lady_Andrea. (Momma_Andrea)

Two days later I’m at home and get a phone call. It was Nick on the other end. “How does he know who I am? Why does he have my number?” my thoughts were racing. “He called me Carlos. He knows who I am.”

“Hello?” I said trying to make my voice a deeper timbre.

“Hello Rosa” Nick said sweetly.

“There’s no Rosa here.” I said back quickly. “I live alone” I tried to make my voice angry.

“Ah, don’t be that way, Ro-sa.” he drew the name out. “I want to see you again, chica.”

I put the phone to my chest and rolled my eyes to heaven. “What have I done?”  I was scared, but he wanted me, and deep inside I wanted him.

“What do you want?” I nearly whispered even though I lived alone in this one room place.

“Are you dressed, baby?” He asked.

I was wearing pants and a tight T-shirt, but I knew what he meant, was I a girl. “No” I squeaked out.

“Get dressed for me, chica.” Nick said as if we were lovers forever. “Put on something sexy and come see me, baby. We got interrupted.” Nick paused. “You know you’re hot, Rosa. I want to feel that ass.”

He gave me the attention I craved and spoke like a needful lover. “Where are you?” My voice was higher. I had slipped into Rosa for him. He gave me his address. “I need an hour.” I said sweetly.

“I’ll be waiting, chica.” and he hung up.

I didn’t wear the school girl outfit from before. It was cute but it wasn’t sexy. I wanted to feel hot and to know I made Nick hot. I chose black and red. A red long sleeved blouse that tied in front right where my cleavage would be... if I had any boobies, with a black leather mini-skirt that laced up the sides. A red thong would top it off nicely, with the edges of it seen through the skirts laces. I pulled out black pumps with red bottoms that were just for this outfit. I didn’t have many ladies things but what I had I chose with care.

A daylight walk wasn’t my favorite, but it was just two blocks down the street and around the corner. Nick, with just sweats on, let me into a small apartment above a music store. He was all smiles and already had hands on me. The living room was empty except for two adjacent couches. The cloth was torn on some of the armrests and the one had a sheet tucked over the cushions.

“Nice place.” I started the conversation and dropped my little book bag by the door.

“It’s my buddy’s,” Nick confessed. “He lets me crash here when things get loco at home.”

Nick pressed closer to me and grabbed me by the hips. I played shy and looked down at his bare abs as he scooped my ass cheeks in his big hands.

“You were so hot, chica, the other night, but we got interrupted.”

“You want more?” I asked coyly, barely looking up through my dark eyelashes.

He smiled and I felt his fists squeeze my cheeks, “Oh yeah, I wanna feel this ass.”

This tall muscled man took me to a couch and sat me on it. He stood before me and I could already see a bulge in his sweats. He pushed them down slowly, trying to tease, and his long mulatto cock sprung out at me. I giggled at its entrance and smiled up at him. The light was much better here and saw the lust in his eyes as I kissed it softly. My lips went down its length but again my eyes stayed on his. I kissed Nick to his curly haired balls and then licked the underside.

“Mmm, chica, you know how to please, baby.” His encouragement stoked my own fires and filled me with the need to please.

I took him in now and let it slide to the back of my mouth. I put my hands on his muscled hard ass and worked my lips to take him all in, wetting that cock and making it hard for my ride. Nick put his fingers in my long dark brown hair, his palm at my scalp as I began to move up and down his rod. I could feel his excitement and his need as he began to pump his hand and his groin, helping himself to my red lipped fuckhole.

“You know I want to FUCK you, right?” He looked down at me with that smooth smile and I nodded and “Mm,hmm”ed around his cock. “No interruptions this time, sweet chica.”

“I got lube in my bag.” I supplied as I took his cock out of my mouth.

Nick came back with the tube with me still on the couch. “Turn ‘round, baby. Let’s see that ass.

I got up and put my knees on the edge of the cushion. I leaned into the back rest as I looked back at him. I felt his fingers run along the thong that couldn’t cover my shaved little scrotum. I felt his digits run between my crack and then under my short leather skirt. Nick pulled the pink material down and then off my smooth legs. He rubbed my naked hole now and even let his fingers trail to my tight sack. I felt the glob of cold gel as he plopped it onto my little hole and then a single invading finger.

“You are TIGHT, chica.” He said with some surprize.

“Grease me good, baby, I’ll stretch.” I assured him.

I felt Nick press a second finger in my ass. I moaned loudly to let him know I was good. I reached back to hold open my cheeks and he was already running his mushroom cock head along my crack. I felt the coolness of a little more lube and then a hard press into my tight ring. I grunted into the couch cushion as I felt the head invade me. That rigid tool worked slowly down my canal. I tried to push back as I bit the dirty couch material. I wasn’t virgin, but I never had big long cock. Finally I felt his nuts rest against mine. I felt the heat of his loins pressed to my ass. Slowly he began to work it, to pull that cock from me till just the head was lodged inside and slowly pressed it back in. My own dick dangled between my legs and was hardening on its own from the fuck.

I was in heaven. My hips were gripped by a sexy dark latin man with a good cock, and he was riding me slow but strong. I was giving soft little mews on each deep stroke, and had a free hand rubbing my smooth balls and dick. Each thrust was a soft shove of joy. My eyes were half closed but looking towards him as I took his meat. He kept calling me “chica” and rubbing on my ass. I was a girl. Right then I was HIS girl, and then the front door swung open…

My eyes popped open wide as two latinos popped into the apartment, one short and the other tall like Nick. But both looked pure hispanic, if a puerto rican could be.

“What the fuck, Nick?” The taller one called out as the shorter one shut the door. “Is this the little puto boy you were talking about?”

With that I tried to get up and pull myself off Nick’s cock, but He gripped my waist and wouldn’t let me go. I Felt him lean his weight into me and on top of me.

“This is Ro-ssa. She is a smokin’ piece of ass.” Nick responded, again elongating my name. “Be nice to her, she might be nice to you, bato.” Nick reached up and gripped my hair, pulling my head back, the first he was rough with me. “That’s Manny, chica. You are on his couch.” Nick was still deep up my ass and seemed he had no plans of letting me go.

“You are fucking on my couch…” Manny rubbed his chin as if in thought. “should be a couch tax. Lock the door, Angel” Manny said to his friend that was just taller than me and then moved to sit on the cushion next to us. He put the back of his fingers along my smooth face and then ran them along my pouty red lips. He smiled up at Nick who started to move again inside me. “She does have whore lips, good for cocksucking.”

I wanted to leave, but I was impaled on cock and held in place. I watched as olive skinned Manny undid his trousers and pulled out his still soft cock. He reached up to my head as Nick let go.

“Suck it, little puto.” He was vulgar, unlike Nick. “Suck it like a bitch.” He pulled me down.

I wrapped a hand around its base to hold it up to my lips. I mouthed just the skin still around the uncircumcised head, letting my lips tickle it slowly so that it would come out on its own. As it grew I took more of Manny into my mouth. I felt him lengthen and could feel the pulse at its core as it filled with blood. He was small when I started but his dick was now thicker on my tongue.

“Good girl” Nick praised as he still softly pumped my ass.

“Fuck him harder!” Manny complained, “I wanna feel this bitch moan on my cock.”

I sucked now on the semi hard shaft and let Nick’s rocking move my mouth on Manny. I sucked it like a hungry babe on a tit, my tongue moved along it and my cheeks went in and out. I nursed on Man cock and any thoughts of leaving were gone. Manny pulled my head down making my face tight to his groin. His cock was at the back of my throat and still getting thicker. I could smell the deep scent in his pubes and his balls were nestled under my chin. Slowly I moved my head up with my lips tight around his shaft. I pulled them all the way to the bulbous head and around it only to slowly sink back down that shaft again.

Nick started pumping in earnest, seeing that I had a system for Manny’s dick. I felt him hold my slim hips and heard his groin smack into me. He moved his wonderful cock so deep and then nearly out. I did begin to moan around Manny’s thick manhood. My own little cocklette was hard and swinging back and forth as my little “pussy” was pounded. Those sweet balls smacking into mine. Manny still gripped my hair as I fucked him with my mouth.

“HAHA! Damn Nick!” He laughed as he bucked up from the couch. “This little bitch IS good.” He pulled my head back so I looked at him through my long eyelashes but his cockhead still in my lips. “Slurp it, little whore.” His words were sultry, but still aggressive, almost mean. Manny was using me, while Nick was “loving” me.

All this time and Angel was watching I guess. I couldn’t see him, but I felt a hand reach for my hard dangling dick. It wasn’t a reach around from Nick whose hands gripped my ass.. This hand pulled down and I could feel his forearm on my tight tummy. He played with my cock. I felt wet fingertips caress the head and tickle me. I moaned deeply around Manny and ground back into Nick, whose thick cock was splitting my little hole.

Manny was using my head like a doll, yanking on my hair and moving my mouth up and down his dick. Spittle dribbled down to his balls and I made sloppy gagging noises as he face fucked me. Nick was bucking into me, fucking my hot hole. I was getting both ends used, and treated like a slut, and loving it. I felt smacks to my ass and yanks on my cock. The three of us were rutting like dogs in heat, wanting our lusts fulfilled. Nick’s cock was feeling sooo good and almost at the right spot. I tried to arch my back to make it rub my prostate harder, but Manny would have none of that, and pulled my head right back to his knob.

“Haha, you ain’t going nowhere, puta.” He bucked his hips for maximum effect. “Not till you drain my balls, you little slut.”

Their cocks pistoned at both ends, shoving deep into my love holes. My own dick dribbled precum as my prostate absorbed the lovin’. I worked my tongue along the back of Manny’s cock as I shoved it in and out of my mouth. I wanted him to cum. I wanted to taste it and feel it slip down my throat. With my ass rocking back and forth I slurped nastily, hungrily on that dick. My hand held its base and pumped to coax the nut out. And finally I was rewarded. My cheeks puffed out from the force of the blast. Young hot cum flooded my mouth in jets and pulses. I kept going up and down quickly just on the head, with my fist pumping that dark tanned shaft. Manny was jerking underneath me and calling me vulgar names in spanish as I emptied his load into my warm wet mouth.

The spectacle must have been to much for Nick, who was slamming like a freight train into my ass. I felt his final lunge, and I gripped him tight with my sphincter as his powerful Man load dumped into me as well. It was hot and deep in me now. I felt it slip along my passage as he slowly pulled out.

“You want some of this, Angel?” I heard Nick say.

“Yeah” came his soft voice. “Roll her over.” This was the most Angel spoke so far.

Manny pushed me away and that helped me roll to my back.  I felt hands lift my ass, getting me just to the edge of the couch. I looked down as Angel pushed my knees back almost to my ears. I could see his average sized cock, not thick or long like Nick, but it was raging hard and pointing to the sky. My asshole must have been so open and so lubed by Nick that Angel just slipped right up in like into a soft hot pussy. He shoved forward, good and tight, till my ass nestled into his groin. I liked the curve of his cock. It was getting that spot that Nick wasn’t hitting hard enough before.

And Angel started pumping… and whispering to me. His eyes were locked on mine and his hands were at my thigh and on my own cock, gripping me and stroking me slowly. The way he pumped his hips drove that upturned banana of his right across my spot. I strained to hear his words. I had to concentrate on him and watch the movement of his mouth. I think he did it on purpose, but I heard him as he rocked me into that old couch.

“Feel me in you, chica?” He breathed “Your soft sweet flower open for me.” This was in spanish and it was sexing me to my core.

Angel’s free hand came across my hard nipples through my blouse. He played with them slowly but with force, with confidence. “Mmm, your hot little body, mine to take, Rosa.” His voice still soft. “Yours to give, my little flower.” Angel only spoke spanish, but I only had one thing to say to him and he would understand.

“Ay papi” I moaned with satisfaction, but still NEED. “Cojeme duro!”

Angel smiled and pumped me harder, my dick and my ass. I held my legs back with my arms inside my thighs. I watched his eyes as we rutted together, panted together. I felt each thrust across my prostate. Precum was dribbling out my dickhead. I clenched my asshole as best I could. I wanted to cum, but I wanted to cum with him. My eyes pleaded as he grunted his exertions

“Dame esa leche! ven conmigo” I groaned.

I watched him bite his lip. I begged him to cum but he was holding back as if to impress me, to show his stamina, but all I wanted was his cum. My ass was lifting with each thrust, my body was begging for his seed.  “Papiii…” I pleaded one last time in a whiney needful voice.

Angel reached up and gripped my hair and pulled our faces closer. His hips bucked hard and the room was full of the staccato sound of his groin smacking my ass. I stared into his eyes until the last.

“ROSA!” He threw his head back and came.

His cock exploded its seed inside me, filling me with his warmth. I cried out my own cum. My dick blasted between us and splashed juice on both of us, making our bellies wet with cream. I came in spasms and jerks and could feel his manhood inside me doing the same.  Even though I had pleasured all of them, in that moment it was just me and Angel. My body milking his organ and basking in his attentions.

Finally he pulled it out and got up. Not even Nick offered me a hand up from the couch, but Angel did. I straightened my skirt, but my blouse was a mess with some of my own cum. Luckily I had worn a jacket. Now we all felt awkward, well I did. We had all just fucked or sucked but we weren’t talking. Angel saw me to the door and actually stepped out with me.

“Adiós pequeña flor” he said to me, handing me his number as he kissed my cheek, just before I turned down the steps.

Angel only speaks spanish and mine is kind of poor, but a man hands you his number and calls you a “little flower”, you go talk to your abuela and get better.

The End.
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10. Her Birthday Treat.  Part 1  by Minni91.

Kaydence climbed in her little Ford Fiesta in candy red, her mum had helped her pay for it 3years prior for her birthday. It was the last thing her mum had bought for her before she passed away. Kaydence had not grieved for her mum properly, she had got stuck into her university degree and ended up with a 2:1 in Criminology and Law. She had successfully applied and had been given a position in a small law firm and had been working there for the last six months.

The last three weeks, she had been given more responsibilities at the law firm and this particular day had just had her run off her feet. She was ready for her weekend, excited for whatever the plans were. She rested her head against the steering wheel and closed her eyes for a few seconds, just to gather her thoughts. Her phone beeped with a message, a smile rose across her face she knew exactly who it was from. Conan.

He had been her Dom for the last nine months. They spent most weekends together unless he had business to attend to overseas, or she had been given permission to have a weekend off. However, this particular weekend she was looking forward to spending it with him.

It was her birthday the following day and Conan had promised her a surprise to last the whole weekend.

She looked at the message, “Wear that little black number I always like, with the low cut in the back.”

Kaydence knew exactly which dress he was referring to, it was the first dress she wore when she first met him; it seemed to have been a hit. She knew exactly which panties to wear with the dress too.

“Meet me at Sakana Pan Asian at 8.30pm.”  The message continued.

Having got home from her busy day at work, and the mayhem of the tea time rush hour traffic, Kaydence so wanted to have a long hot soak in the bath. However, time was against her so she opted for a hot steamy shower. She scrubbed her entire body from the hard week, washing away her worries and starting to relax and be excited for her surprise weekend.

Turning the shower nozzle to boiling hot to warm her small bathroom up, Kaydence set to work stripping out of her everyday work suit. She removed her 4inch standard black high heels, those were a killer on the ankles and so not comfy. The skirt was an old faithful of hers; whenever she felt bloated it was her go-to skirt. Removing the bobby pins from her up-do, she quickly twisted her hair into a bun and tied it up. She had just washed her hair that morning and didn’t want the hassle of having to dry and restyle it. She knew Conan loved her mousy brown hair, flowing down her back in the messy waves she could never manage.

Sliding her hands down around her neck and stretching her head backwards, she melted into the touches. Removing her beige blouse and undoing her bra, she felt free but so alone.
Remembering the time Conan had visited her at her home during the week. He had wrapped his strong arms around her from behind, having her stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror and watch his hands explore her body. His manly hands wrapped around each of her breasts. Now she wasn’t small in the breast department being a comfortable DD size, but they looked small in Conan’s hands. One hand having reached down between her legs to feel her juices already flowing, circling her bud slowly. His breathe on her neck, she leaned her head back onto his shoulder. Soft moans and pants came from her, feeling like an over-sensitive bundle of knots.

Kaydence nearly fell backwards having got lost in her thoughts, so wishing Conan was there with her now to relive the moment.

The bathroom was all steamy from her hot shower. Kaydence wrapped a towel around her dripping wet, curvy body and started to pat herself dry.

She remembered that Conan loved the smell of the coconut moisturiser she used.
Having dried, Kaydence got the expensive tub of coconut cream out of the cabinet and started to massage it into herself. She smiled and remembered the one time she had visited Conan, on one of their weekends together. He had asked her to bring the cream with her. His hands massaged all over her, rubbing and caressing the moisturiser into her while she was tied spread eagled on the table.

Once her skin felt all silky smooth again, Kaydence turned her attention to her make-up. She knew Conan wasn’t a fan of a lot of make-up. So she put on a smoky black eye shadow and a little blush for her cheeks, only bothering with a clear lip gloss that had a light shimmer to it.

She slipped into the little black number, with the low V cut in the back. She fastened her favourite back chain around her neck. It was a fine gold chain with a red ruby dangling in the middle of her back. The dress also had a built in support bra, which Kaydence loved as she hated having to wear a bra most of the time.

Kaydence could already feel her pussy starting to tingle, knowing that no matter what happened this weekend, she would love every minute of it. Tying her collar around her neck, the one she wore every weekend with Conan, she felt naked without it sometimes during the week.  So on occasions she would wear it during the week. She un-did the bun on her head and let her waves fall down around her shoulders and with a little finger combing they fell naturally, having needed very little maintenance for a change.

She slipped into the small purple lace panties and slid the silky smooth stockings up her legs. She put on the high heels that brought her 5ft6 inch frame slightly closer to Conan’s 6ft2 height. Now Kaydence was ready to head out.

Climbing into the back of the taxi, their vehicle joined the busy traffic on the way into the city. With it being a Friday night, more traffic was on the road, which was to be expected. People were off out on the town, meeting friends and generally enjoying that their working week was over.

The taxi ride wouldn’t be a long journey, but knowing who was at the other end of the journey, Kaydence was nervous about what Conan had planned for her.
The radio was playing, and one of the songs from her favourite film started to play ‘right kind of wrong’ – Coyote Ugly. The song seemed fitting towards Conan, he was so right for her but also so wrong in many ways. She had strong feelings for him but knew that she was just his submissive, contracted into a relationship that was structured to his liking.

Pulling up outside the restaurant, Conan stepped forward from under the doorway shelter. He opened the rear door for Kaydence, giving her a hand out of the taxi.

He threw a £10 note at the driver and said, “Keep the change” over his shoulder.

He led Kaydence towards the glass entry way into the restaurant. Having stopped short of the doors, Conan turned Kaydence around to face the busy road and whispered in her ear.

“If you look across the road and to your left, there is a luxury hotel room that has our name on it for the weekend. Once we are in that room, the door will be locked, phones will be switched off and you, my little one will have a weekend to remember.”

Kaydence turned her head to look into Conan’s penetrative blue eyes and gave a soft smile, before averting her eyes. She was embarrassed to show the heat flushing her cheeks. Conan put his arm around her shoulders and guided her through the double doors and into the lift that would take them up to the restaurant floor. They were the only two occupants of the lift.

Conan pressed the button for the 3rd floor and then placed his hand under her dress and pulled at her panties. He whispered a promise in her ear, “These won’t be staying on long.”

With a small gasp, Kaydence was already feeling that fire in her belly. It was starting to roar and the blush in her cheek turned even rosier.

Inside the restaurant, it was fairly busy, however not rowdy. Conan fitted in with the crowd in his pinstriped navy blue suit. Kaydence always did like when he dressed up smartly. His muscles tightened around the material of his suit, his broad shoulders, gave him a very masculine frame. He looked every bit the dominant man she knew he was. Kaydence felt like a fragile kitten in the jaws of a beast when in his alpha male presence!

The waiter gave Conan a small smile when he said who he was and slowly guided them to the open plan restaurant and into the far corner. They were seated with floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over the purple haze of the evening skyline. The waiter started to pull out a chair for Kaydence but before she could even take a step, Conan sent the waiter away and stepped forward to pull the chair out for her instead. She gave a small smile before taking the few short steps and sat down while noticing a single red rose on her table setting. How thoughtful and romantic of him!

After finding out that Conan had paid extra to have the seats in the corner of the restaurant with the best view out of those stunning windows, Conan ordered a bottle of the restaurants finest White Wine and the Oysters for a starter.

Kaydence had never had Oysters before and was quite intrigued when Conan tipped her head back slightly and told her, “Open your mouth and swallow. No chewing.”

She obliged and felt the oyster slip down her throat. It felt very similar to another feeling, a sexual feeling she craved often. As much as Conan hadn’t physically touched her, she felt very aroused from him feeding her.

They shared the rest of the 11 oysters between them, before Conan ordered their main meals.

Having finished up their main meals, waiting for the waiter to remove their plates, Conan smiled over at Kaydence and whispered an order loud enough for her to hear, “Remove your panties, right here, right now.”

Without hesitation reaching under the table she slid her fingers under her lace panties and tugged them down her legs slowly.

The panties now removed, Kaydence offered them boldly across the table to Conan, but with a smirk on his face said “Put them on my plate”.

With a confused look on her face and starting to feel embarrassed, holding her panties for everyone to see, she quickly dropped them onto his plate. Just as the waiter arrived and saw what had just unfolded in front of him. He removed the plates and her panties from the table and made a quick retreat back into the kitchen.

Picking up his phone, Conan smiled at a message that had just arrived.
Conan asked, “Would you like to order dessert?”

Still feeling very embarrassed from what has just happened Kaydence quickly shook her head and looked away.

“Good, we need to be leaving now, as I plan to feast on you this evening.” 

Calling over the waiter, Conan told him to charge the meal to his card. Swiftly sliding out from his chair, he gave Kaydence his hand and escorted her back to the lift.

A couple in front of them climbed into the lift and made room for Conan and Kaydence but Conan swiftly shook his head and uttered. “Thank you but we will wait for the next one.”

Within a couple of minutes the lift had returned and they climbed aboard, not allowing for anyone else to enter.

Conan pressed the button for the ground floor then turned to Kaydence and commanded, “Lift your dress and turn around slowly, I want to see what my dessert looks like tonight.”
Kaydence hoped that the CCTV wasn’t in use. She tentatively lifted her dress up around her waist and started to turn around for Conan to inspect her thoroughly.

Just as Kaydence started to feel less embarrassed by what she was doing, the lift came to a stop on the ground floor and opened its doors. She was still holding her dress up to her waist exposed for all to see! 

Conan promptly left the lift with Kaydence still stood exposed and in shock. He exited through the double doors onto the main street. Kaydence quickly dropped and smoothed her dress down and rushed passed the staring people in the lobby to catch up with Conan once more.

Having caught up with him on the side of the road, he turned his head to her with a megawatt smile on his face and stated “I can’t wait to taste my sweet erotic dessert. Did it turn you on that strange people saw your pussy?”
He didn’t really expect an answer and before she could answer he powerfully grabbed her hand and led her across the road to the hotel on the left. He escorted her through the heavy wooden doors, and headed straight through the lobby to the lifts and pressed the call button.

Being the only two people waiting, they entered the roomy lift and waited for the doors to close. However as the doors started to close, a hand reached out and stopped the doors from closing. Without even a glance or word the man stepped into the lift, making his way to stand behind Kaydence.
She moved closer to Conan hoping for some contact after the teasing from him in the restaurant and lift. The doors reset and closed again. Suddenly, Kaydence felt a hand reach under her dress and roughly grope her peach shaped ass.

Although after a thoughtful imagination that it was Conan claiming his dessert for the evening, she quickly realised the hand didn’t belong to Conan after all. She looked around quickly and into the eyes of the mystery man. She found it was his hand touching her! She looked across to Conan and saw him smirking. He was watching what was happening with interest.

Conan started chuckling “You remember Carter, from the club. He one of your birthday gifts for the night!”

As the realisation dawned on Kaydence’s face, she eyed Carter from head to toe. He was tall, 6ft4 with a broad chested. She had looked into those eyes before. From the club -9months ago -when she had first met Conan. Both men had been involved in a scene on the main stage with a young female. They had both caught her attention, although Conan seemed to be the one that won her over with his warm and inviting dominant stares.

Conan pressed the button for the 19th floor and gave a small nod towards Carter who reached between Kaydence’s legs and tapped her thigh. It was the silent command to spread her legs. She quickly obeyed and took a deep breathe in anticipation for the next 30 seconds of the lift ride.
Carter ran two fingers straight up her thigh and deep into the very moist wet lips of her sex. Gasping loudly, Kaydence reached out to Conan for help with her balance, to keep her up straight while Carter removed and re-entered her with his fingers. Feeling her orgasm rush forward and on the verge of exploding, Carter removed his fingers and placed them on her lips for her to taste her own arousal. Both men watched her licking tongue, just as the lift doors opened on their floor.

- Continued -
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10. Her Birthday treat.  Part 2  by Minni91.

The doors of the lift opened up onto a vast corridor with only a handful of doors off from it. The two men exited the lift and headed towards the furthest door on the right, leaving Kaydence to rearrange herself, yet again. She followed behind them into the room that she would be held up in for the next 48hours.

Kaydence felt very nervous. She wasn’t sure what was about to happen but she was secretly excited and thrilled. She felt her juices run from her core and as she was not wearing any panties, there was no barrier to halt her flow. Her juices started to trickle down the inside of her thighs.

Conan walked towards her, with that sultry look in his eye; he knew exactly what he wanted from her - her faith in him to give her the right amount of dominance as well as the right amount of pleasure.

Reaching forward with one hand, Conan touched Kaydence’s flushed cheek, knowing she was aroused but nervous.  He gave her a powerful stare that showed his dominance, and knew it worked when Kaydence relaxed into his hand and gave a soft smile, before she adverted her eyes downwards.
Conan side stepped around her to become flush with her back and pulled her tight against him. He let her feel his arousal grind against her ass cheeks. He slid his hands down her neck onto her shoulders, gave her a little rub and squeeze of confidence before he slid his hands underneath the dress shoulder covers. He pushed them off her shoulders and watched it fall to the ground. Not wearing a bra due to low back on the dress, Kaydence was now stood in the flesh, wearing only one small item of clothing - her collar. The two very dominant men stared at her, making her body heat up and she started to flush.

A small gasp left Kaydence but it sounded more like a moan. Her eyes rooted on Carter, who was leaning against the wall, watching what was happening in front of him. She could see his arousal strained against his trousers. She was turned on by her exposure and seeing Carter’s arousal.  She felt Conan’s hands roam across her shoulders. She was so desperate to feel both pairs of hands on her, it made her moan and go weak in the knees.

Conan whispered in her ear “Happy Birthday Baby Girl, now relax and let us take care of you.”
Carter walked towards her. She licked her lips. That dominant look in his deep brown eyes made her tingle between her legs. Reaching out with one hand, Carter used his thumb and forefinger to squeeze one of Kaydence’s already pebble-like nipples. In reaction, she backed up from the sensation and pressed against Conan. She hears a low rumble from his chest and felt his arousal. It throbbed against her peach shaped ass.

Conan reached around her curvy figure, slid his hand down over her flat stomach and continued down to feel out for her swollen throbbing clit. He spread her intimate lips and used just one finger to circle her clit. Kaydence filled with exquisite sensations and moaned out in desire, trembling all over, from the hand fondling her breast to the one caressing her swollen mound.

As Conan sensed Kaydence’s willingness, he ordered her down onto her knees and to remove each of their belts.

Her fingers trembling, she fumbled at Conan’s buckle, unable to undo it quick enough, she looked back up to Conan for that reassurance she knew he could give her.

Taking a deep breathe, she rubbed the palm of her hand against him feeling him grow through his trousers before finally managing to undo the buckle.

Pulling his belt free from around his waist, she held it up for him to take. Before turning her attention to Carter’s belt, fumbling around to undo his belt, repeating the motion she held it up for him to take from her.

As Kaydence was doing as she was ordered, Conan and Carter took off their jackets and shirts.

Licking her lips Kaydence raised her head to look for the next command.
With a small nod from Conan, she knew he was telling her to release his cock from its confinement and then also to do the same for Carter.

Seeing both cocks’ bob in front of her face, she reached out with her tongue tentatively to lick the bead of pre-cum just peeking out from Conan’s cock.

Reaching with one hand to grasp hold of Carter’s cock and start to jerk it from root to tip while paying oral attention to Conan’s cock.

Sliding her mouth up and down his cock, her tongue cupping the underneath of it, Kaydence hollowed out her cheeks and sucked hard.
Using her hand she mimicked her mouth actions with her hand around Carters cock.

Feeling a hand on the back of her head, thrusting her harder onto his cock, Kaydence relaxed into his movements, allowing for his cock to slide further down her throat.

Just as Kaydence was starting to relax into the motion she felt her head being yanked backwards and directed onto Carters cock.

With one firm hand being replaced on her head, Kaydence was thrust hard onto the cock, forcing it down her throat, making her gag. She hadn’t realised how much half an inch longer, would affect her gag reflex.

Wanting to mimic what she was doing, Kaydence reached out for Conan’s cock, only for him to push her hand away, and with his own hand started to roam his fingers over her back, slowly making his way further south.
Reaching her peachy ass, he rubbed around and reached between her cheeks and explored further down and around, finding her wet and pulsing.

“That’s a good girl. I do love when you are always ready for me.” He slid his middle finger deep into her core, parting her swollen lips with his thumb he reached for her clit and started to circle it slowly.
Kaydence started to moan around Carters cock, increasing her tempo and sucking harder. Carter started to jerk against her, pulling her harder against his cock.

Until Conan stopped what he was doing and moved away, Kaydence pulled away from Carter to look for Conan who was stood just out of reaching distance. Carter walked in front of her towards the bed and lay on his back with his feet firmly on the ground, his trouser discarded as he’d moved across the room.

Conan reached for Kaydence to pull her up off the floor, and directed her to the end of the bed and with a firm hand between her shoulder blades he bent her over Carter, her head in line with his bobbing cock. Conan stroked up the inside of her leg, reaching closer to her warm and wet core, Kaydence instinctively took a side step to open her legs and give Conan better access.

Slipping just a single finger between her swollen lips Conan spread her juices around, while his other hand still firmly placed between her shoulder blades, pushed her closer to Carters cock.
As her lips surrounded Carters throbbing cock, Kaydence let out a yelp. Conan had thrust his hard shaft into her, hitting her cervix hard.
With the hard thrusts now penetrating her throbbing core, Kaydence got into a rhythm sucking Carters cock matching the hard thrusts from Conan.

Conan instinctively felt Kaydence pulsing hard around his cock, knowing she was on the build up to an orgasm, he pulled out and crouched down behind her, his head now in line with her core seeing it rush with colour and grasping for the cock that was there only moments ago to bring her to orgasm.
With a firm tongue, Conan licked straight through her swollen lips and up onto her tight little button, lubricating it with her own juices. Running his tongue back down between her swollen lips, Conan slipped his tongue deep into her core, and used the tip of his thumb to circle the tight button of her ass and slowly started to break the barrier into her depths of pleasure.

With his tongue seeking out the spot deep within her that would bring her to orgasm, with his spare hand he reach under her to find her clit and with his little finger he circle’s it in time to his tongue thrusting into her, feeling Kaydence relax letting his thumb slide through her tight button more, he started to move all three in time, bringing her closer to an orgasm.

Feeling Conan’s fingers and tongue working in sync with each other in her most sensitive area, Kaydence started to speed up her thrusts around Carters cock, with one hand on the bed to keep her steady and the other hand stroking up Carter’s leg getting closer to his cock, reaching for his cock she wrapped her small nimble fingers around the base of his cock and started to match her mouth thrust with her hand thrusts. Moaning loudly as she started to feel her orgasm breaking through her body getting to the point of no return.

“Cum for me, Baby Girl,” Conan told her.

Those words threw her body into a rippling orgasm that had her squeezing her hand tightly around the base of Carters cock, her scream is muffled around his cock that was now being pushed to the back of her throat.

Conan removed his thumb from her tight button as he felt Kaydence start the build up to her orgasm, giving all his focus to her pleasure seed wanting her to squirt and feed him her juices.
Circling her clit faster and harder Conan murmured again, “Cum for me, Baby Girl.”

He knew those words would push her over the edge and he pushed his tongue deeper within her juicy folds, feeling her body tensing tightly as it pushed her over the edge and squirted hard into his waiting mouth.

Slowing down his movements bringing her down from her orgasm Conan started to spread her juices around her core and up onto her tight little button. Letting her know that he would soon be entering her there, she thrust her hips back onto his mouth enjoying the feel of him using his tongue on her anal button.

Conan buried his thumb deep within her ass again, pushing a little harder into her, making Kaydence climb onto the bed a knee on either side of Carter, straddling him. Conan removed his thumb from her ass and guided her to sit on Carters aching cock. Getting the first feel of Carters cock stroking her juicy swollen clit before sinking deep within her core, Kaydence couldn’t help the moan of pleasure that left her breathless, until Conan climbed on the bed himself and pushed her down over Carter using his cock to tease her little button, Kaydence realised just what Conan was wanting to do and she started to tense up, not ready for two cocks buried deep within her, she had started to feel nervous.

Carter started to notice how tense she was becoming around his cock and started to slow his movements down within her, to try and reignite the fire within her, using his hands to stroke her arms and massage her back, giving her some of the control she needed to get a grip on her feelings.

Once she started to relax enough, Conan had massaged some lube onto his hardened cock and was now attempting to slowly try and break through the barrier at her bottom with his thick cock, easing himself into her while holding her hips still, moving only when Carter was on the outward motion.

Kaydence tried to relax and enjoy the friction of the two cocks working in tangent to each other. She started to relax when she felt the fire in her belly start to reignite. Her panting and moaning became heavier and louder, she noticed both men had started to bury themselves deeper within her and their thrusts became simultaneous, their own breathes became heavier and less controlled.

She started to contract around Carters cock, squeezing his cock within her, the suction gave him less room to move, which gave Conan more room to move and he thrust hard into her bringing her to orgasm, making her squirt hard around Carters cock and contract around Conan’s cock.

Pulling out from her back passage, Conan lifted Kaydence off Carter and pulled her to the soft throw rug with him and slid his cock into her core to feel her warmth. Carter moved off the bed to stand just before Kaydence, she saw his cock bobbing in front of her and licked her lips, seeing her cum glistering on him, wanting to taste herself she opened her mouth and he willingly slid his cock into her mouth. Conan started to move within her, thrusting up hard into her, knowing he could make her squirt again.

It was long before she was moaning and sucking hard on Carters cock as Conan’s thrusts had become frantic, she exploded hard around Conan’s cock.

Grinding herself on Conan’s hips to extract the orgasm from her, Kaydence hollowed out her cheeks and started to suck hard on Carters cock, swallowing his cock right to the root, taking it deep into her throat, gagging on his length but enjoying the feel of him in her mouth, tasting the first bead of pre-cum.

Suddenly Carter pulled himself out of her mouth, so he didn’t cum in her mouth.
He picked Kaydence up off Conan, spun her around so her back was up against his front and ran his hand around her waist and into the folds of her dripping core. Allowing Conan to stand up, turn to face Kaydence with a hand buried deep between her legs, her face a picture of orgasmic bliss, he stepped forward and grabbed one of Kaydence’s legs and wrapped it around his waist, giving Carter more room to bury his hand even deeper, kissing her passionately, his tongue dancing with her, swallowing her moans.

Removing his hand from between her legs, Carter lifted her other leg and wrapped it around Conan’s waist, wrapping her arms around Conan, she lifted herself up enough so that Conan’s cock was just sat at her entrance, waiting to be sunk on to. Carter grasped her hips and slowly sunk her onto Conan’s cock and then began to massage her peachy ass before running his finger between her peachy ass cheeks and entered her not so tight button, making sure she was ready to be entered again.

Kaydence was ready to have two cocks within her again; she had started to enjoy the fullness feeling within her. She lifted her hips enough in invitation to Carter, telling him she was ready for his cock to slide within her and after a little drop of lube, he was positioned at her button and she sunk herself onto both cocks. The men worked together to lift and lower Kaydence onto their aching cocks, Carter wrapped one arm around her chest and massaged her heavy filled breast while Conan’s mouth sucked the other breast.

Kaydence could feel her third orgasm start to burn low in her belly, her legs tightened around Conan, her head flopped back onto Carters shoulder not sure what to do with her arms, she just let them flop to her side and enjoy the excitement that was flowing through her body. She felt the stress from the week just flow out of her body, her body starting to float on cloud nine, the place that she knew Conan could take her. She closed her eyes and gave her body over to the dominant men now who were bringing her to her next explosive orgasm.

As she felt her body start to shudder, she let out a screech and let her body convulse around the cocks that were now slamming into her harder than she had felt it in a long time. Her orgasm rippled through her body and before she could recover from her orgasm. Conan pulled out of her and his cum squirted all up her body even reaching her chin. Carter wrenched out of her ass and Kaydence slumped down to her knees, Carter rushed around her front and stood over her, grabbing his hard cock and pumped it into her mouth until his head fell back and his hot cum squirted down Kaydence’s throat, she swallowed it all.

Conan grouched down behind Kaydence and kissed her neck lightly and whispered in her ear, “Go into the bathroom and have a hot shower, I’ll join you shortly.”

Kaydence looked up in Conan’s eyes and gave a small smile, while in the corner of her eye she caught Carter had started to get dressed.
“Thank you Carter, it was nice seeing you again,” she murmured over to him as she sashayed into the bathroom.

Conan joined her in the bathroom after what she assumed would have been a quick conversation with Carter as he left. Conan wanted to help wash her down and lathered up the 5* sponge and washed her entire body from head to toe in a sensual yet controlled manner, once he had finished cleansing her body and his own he slapped her peachy ass swiftly and left the shower.

“Hurry now, the night is still young and I have many more birthday surprises for you over the weekend.” He wrapped a towel around his waist and left the room.

Kaydence stood there for a minute wondering what Conan had up his sleeve for her next, she didn’t want to wait much longer and hopped out of the shower, wrapped her hair in a towel while roughly using another towel to dry herself off with. Finally, she wrapped the towel around herself took a breath and opened the bathroom door.

“Happy Birthday babe” Conan sat on the edge of the bed naked, while he held a soft brown leather paddle in his right hand and his leather belt from earlier in his left hand.

She smiled happily and went towards him, thinking, “Oh! Another special birthday treat.”
He was spoiling her and she was loving every minute of it.

The End.
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11. The Farmer’s Dream.  By  GsCougar.

John Applecoat was 58 years old. He felt alone when his wife died over 2 years ago. Unfortunately life had not gifted him with kids. So he sat there alone with a huge cattle farm of over 1,500.00 Acres in middle of Montana. It was time to put it up for sale and go for his Dream.
A good friend helped him to set up the advert:

Property Description: A beautiful sprawling 6 bedroom Detached home with outhouses. It has upstairs shower, bath and attic rooms. Downstairs living room, lounge, kitchen, wet room and a cultivated garden.

Wildlife: Moose, Elk, Whitetail & Mule Deer, Pheasant, Hungarian Partridge, Mountain Grouse, Cougar, Coyote, Fox, Bobcat, Song Birds and more.

Fishing: Phenomenal Brook Trout fishing on Highwood and South Gap Creek

Other features: This exclusive property has it all.  Income producing farm and grazing land and trophy big game hunting opportunities.  There is an abundance of water and power throughout the property.  There are also 4 grain bins (2 with 2400 bushel storage; 1 w/ 3300 bushel storage; 1 w/ 1000 bushel storage) corral panels, barn and out buildings.  It is a turn-key Montana cattle ranch with all the benefits of a hunting mountain paradise. The property is in a high precipitation area and receives an average of over 20” of annual rainfall.

Income: Can run 150 cow/calf pairs and produces 3 ton/acre of high quality hay annually.
Total of 1,572.00 Acres at the Foothills of the Highwood Mountains.

That would be enough to live comfortable for the rest of his life.

In early 2016 it was time to pack. He had sold his property for the asking price and was owner of a fat bank account now.

He smiled and said good bye to the place that was for many years home for him and his beloved Lucy.
Oh yes Lucy. She was the hottest girl he had ever seen when he laid eyes on her. He remembered like it was just yesterday.

It was the Game of the Montana Grizzlies football team in October in the Bobcat Stadium. He missed most of the game because his eyes had been glued on her throughout.

He was a very handsome young stud then, so his charm and good manners took no time at all to enchant and capture the girl of his dreams. Only 6 months later, he had married her.

The life with her was like an adventure every day. She was his fantasy woman. Sexy, funny, independent, submissive and his best friend when he needed her.

So in 2015 it was no wonder that his world crashed when she died.

But she left with a smile, thanking him for her best 30 years and telling him, "John, go for your Dream, live it for me too. I know you will always love me as I love you. But go Darling, be happy."

He wiped some tears from his eyes. Talking to himself, "YES MY LOVE, I will go for my dream!"

His journey took him over Spokane to Seattle. A long way but he had that time to work on his plan.

He and Lucy had a "special" sex life. And John wanted to open up a House, a Club where men could be pampered and happy and girls learned how to be a pleasuring diamond just as his Lucy was to him for all those years.

Seattle was definitely a better location for that than his farm in mid Montana.

John found a great place. A Beach House that sat directly at the Shore. It was perfect for him.
It had a Mediterranean flair with a beautiful terrace, where his guests could enjoy the view over the water and have an outdoor feeling with the specially grown flowers and climbing plants. It was just great. The style with those rough sand stones and the pillars that held the roof up was the perfect surrounding for the Men’s Club.

Within a month all his wishes were converted to a real good looking and welcoming house.
There were separate rooms for special meetings, a bigger reception room for the guests and the "classroom" was his favourite room of all.

Oh yes, he was an “old-kinky-still-horny-and-still-getting-hard-Montana-Stallion” and it was time for his cock to get in action again!

John went through the rooms again. He checked the impression of each and every single room. He wanted the rooms to be relaxing, and clean, and sensuous. He wanted every visitor to feel the experience of his club and to leave wanting more so they would return, again and again. He was perfectly satisfied that his rooms achieved that goal.

The rooms theme ran from romantic and sweet up to dominating and obedient. He wanted to cater for all tastes. He wanted his guests to have a place to linger and enjoy and strive to receive and give pleasure in the best club ever.

He particularly liked the "Blue Room." On the two opposite sides of walls was a large mirror, very much like a dance studio. The guests could watch their own moves as well as others who were also in the room. He loved that idea!

He caught sight of his own reflection and chuckled. He liked what he saw and thought he wasn’t bad for his age.

He was a mature man, 6.2" tall with a broad chest. His hair had some lines of grey at the sides but that just made him distinguished and gave him character. He looked like a mix between "John Wayne" and "Sean Connery!" He raised his eyebrows and spoke to his reflection, "Well Fucker, you are still a handsome stud with plenty of lead in your pencil!"

He had posted an ad on the Internet in the AChat Forum. That was a sexy 3 D fuck chat and he invited open-minded guests to the Open Day on the next weekend.  It read:

“Hello  Friends,
Are you open minded, friendly, willing to try new things and enjoy sex?
Would you be interested in joining an exclusive Adult Club – “The Black Ribbon.”
If the answer is yes, to any of the above, you are cordially invited to our open day.
Come see us, look around and enjoy a complimentary glass of wine or fruit juice and a cup cake of your choice.
I hope to see you soon."

The advert was friendly, fun, colourful and intriguing.
Many sent him acceptance notes that they would be happy to attend his open day and others enquired how to join his exclusive club.


On the Open day, there was a nice mix of people from all works of life. All had one thing in common. They enjoyed sex and wanted to learn more, or experience more partners. He was offering just what they were looking for and needed.

In the reception room there was a nice buffet and a good catering crew who were serving the guests with drinks and finger foods.

John had made little brochures advertising what the house would offer in the future.
Like a good host, he mingled with guests and joined the different little groups for short talks to answer any queries they may have, to show the rooms and how they worked and to assure them that his club was very discreet and protective of his clients and customers.

It was a great opening party and very successful. He was sure in the next few days his classes would be booked out.

A group from Vancouver caught his attention and asked him to give them a tour through all the rooms. There were three guys aged between 35 and 50 with three very attractive and hot looking women. In addition to the 3 couples, there were another two women who were younger and eager to learn.

John looked around and all the other guest seemed to be happy and enjoying the party. The catering team and his helpers were there to assist if need be, so he was free and quite excited to show this eager group the rooms.

They started with the "Silk Room" where there were BIG COSY PILLOWS which invited guests to lay down to cuddle and kiss and enjoy the sweet moments of getting closer and romantic.

Then they went over to the "Red Room" where dominant males bring the best out of their submissive woman.
They ended in the "Blue Room" where the walls of mirrors made it look like there were many people present and that it was twice as large as it really was.

During the tour, the guys told him their names and introduced their ladies to John.
Bob,49 years, was the oldest of them; Larry, 39 years and Jim,37 years were all close friends. They smiled when they introduced their ladies as their close and willing Submissives : Holly and Rachel.

The two younger women with them were sisters, 20 and 23 years old and looking for information on the obedience classes. They wanted to learn how to please and sexually pleasure a man right.

The lights in this room could be dimmed down depending on the mood.

While John was showing Larry and Jim what large variety of toys there were in that room, where they were kept and how they were sterilised, Bob’s Lady - Carmen - was playing with the light switch and dimmers. She suddenly switched it off and the place fell into darkness.

For a short moment, John thought it was an electricity failure. But then in the darkness, he heard a command. He heard Carmen's voice "telling" her man, “Go down on your knees and kiss me.”

John knew instantly then that "she" was the cause of the darkness. It was a deliberate act.

Larry and Jim grabbed their submissives, Holly and Rachel, and John could hear the belt buckles, briefs and trousers being downed. The women giggled and the men commanded them to kneel down and get their cocks ready and hard.
After a few short minutes, Carmen turned the light up from pitch black to dim. It was just enough, like candle light, to see what was going on.

John looked in the mirror. He saw Carmen leant back on the wall with Bob kneeling in front of her and burying his face in her sexy cunt. She had her eyes half shut and moaned, obviously enjoying this special treat.

One of her hand’s had hold of Bob's tie and she pulled him closer while her other hand ran through his hair.

He noticed that Larry and Jim had switched their girls over but both looked like they knew what to do with their mouth on their cocks. They were groping, moaning and starting to have a hot four-some tangle, enjoying the delights of each others bodies.

John smiled, “Yes this was what he had in mind with this room. He wanted people to lose themselves in lust and enjoy themselves.”

He lifted his head and looked at the sisters. Both were looking at him with sparkling, wide eyes. They had never been in such a situation before. Both looked to John like they were waiting for him.

John waved his hand and both of the women came to him. Larry and Jim looked up with interest then carried on with the pleasure of their ladies.

John took both of the young women in his arms, one right, one left. He turned so they faced the mirror, then he started to undress them.

He looked in the mirror and he loved the impression on the girl's faces.

He asked them for their names. Lucille was 20 and Emily was 23. They were natural submissives. Both were eager and ready to be formed and shaped into the perfect sex toy for their men. They wanted to feel the sexual yearning and fire of the deepest lust and devotion. They wanted to pleasure and please their men.

For today though, and with all what was going on around him, John only wanted to do one thing. He smiled as he looked in the mirror, watching his hands intimately grope these girls over and under their clothes. He wanted to "fuck these girls like a maniac!"

He felt a burning in his sides, looking in the mirror at their reflection. Both young women were now semi naked and his hands glided over their bodies. He lifted and squeezed their titties and cupped and rubbed their pussies. They writhed under his touch, enjoying his old experienced hands arousing them.

Carmen was busy with her man. It seemed Bob was the devoted one in their relationship and his moaning was transporting both to a higher plane, both enjoying the treatment he was giving and receiving.

Larry and Jim swapped and fondled their two women. It seemed it was not the first time they had been involved in group sex. They seemed to know each other intimately and how to tease and please each other.

John commanded Emily to kneel down and start sucking on his already stiff cock. He pushed his cock full in her mouth.

Lucille ended up under his arm, much like a little kid who gets ready for a spanking for being naughty. Her ass was facing the mirror. She was bent double with her face behind him.
She gasped a bit for suddenly finding herself in this position. John told her, “SHHHUSHH quiet or it will hurt.”

He let his hand glide over that sweet ass of hers.
OMG, he hasn't had such a peach ass for years! He stopped for a moment to rub her butt. What a vision it was in the mirror.

He grabbed down on to Emily's Hair. His big hand grabbed the back of her head and pulled her closer.
He rammed his cock deep into her mouth. She whimpered.
“Hush and suck I know you can do that.” He told her.  Emily listened and started to perform a good blow job.

He patted her head," Good girl, keep sucking." And then his attention moved to the other young woman. He slapped Lucille's ass.

More and more slaps followed to make it nice and hot and red. Each slap was followed with a weak whimper from Lucille.

John spat on his finger and drilled it into Lucille's Pussy. She moaned high and loud.
Time to give Emily a break. He pulled Emily up, grabbed her hair and pulled her closer to give her a long kiss. He opened up her mouth with his tongue, searching for hers and played and twisted and tasted his desire for both of them.

He whispered in her ear, “Go and hold your sister's titties and squeeze them for me I will fuck her now.”
He left Emily and pulled Lucille in front of him. He slapped her playfully and made her bend over double, presenting her nice red ass to him.

His cock was throbbing already. Emily had done a damn good sucking and he almost was ready to cum in her mouth and make her swallow all his goody cream.
But instead, he wanted to drive in that young pussy and fuck her sister selfish and hard and cum and fill her up.

He spread Lucille's checks aimed and pushed his big cock with one stroke in, deep and fast. She was dripping wet so her tight wet walls were just waiting to be stretched.

Lucille's 20 year old pussy took him easily. She felt great on his 58 year old cock. He pulled her arms back to arch her back and jut her breasts out while her sister pulled and massaged her tits for him.
John could hold back no more. In the mirror, he watched and felt a little pride that he was an older man and was fucking with two hot younger woman.
He saw and heard that the other group had been having plenty of action too and saw that they all were near to climax.

He took full advantage of Lucille’s sweet pussy. He had no plan to let her cum this time but he wanted to light the fire in her. He wanted her to feel used like a good fuck toy.
So he fucked her, just holding her in place for pleasure, just for him.
He looked in Emily's face and saw her heat in there glowing. She needed to get a feeling of his cock too.
When he felt that Lucille was ready to climax, he stopped.

He slapped her butt, pulled her back, "Not now little girl, not now, I´ll tell you when."
He pulled his cock out and told her to kneel down and watch.
With a fast snap, he pulled Emily closer, turned her around, bend her over and without any hesitation spread her hole and speared her pussy hard.

She moaned like a bitch in heat and he knew she was craving to cum.
John was close, it took him only a few strokes into that hot pussy of hers and he felt a great run through his body.

His side cramped and at the moment his cock unloaded the stream of seed into Emily's tight pussy, it made him catch his breath for a moment.
He felt how his cock jerked inside and her pussy instantly clenched to draw the last drops from him. She was begging, "Please fuck me more I want to cum!"

John drilled her with playful short thrusts before he withdrew his cock from her.
Both girls looked delightfully heated, red-faced and craving for more. Just the way John liked them.
A glance at the mirror and he saw that the other 3 men and 1 woman were also happy with their results in their little group. They had that happy climaxed out smiles.
Only Emily and Lucille were left heated, needy and horny as hell.

John kissed the girls. They responded, hoping to be fucked and bought to orgasm.
"No, no, no. Patience my dears!” John chuckled at them. “What you two say? It's Saturday now. How about we start training tomorrow? I might let you cum then!" He smiled because he knew the answer. They both were eager to learn more from him.
Both said with a begging tone, "Yes please. Teach us. We will stay the weekend. We want more!"

John smiled satisfied. That was more than he had expected from the opening party.
He had 2 girls to train over the weekend and 3 happy couples for sure.
He told them he will send the servant in with some more fresh drinks and they should take their time to relax.

To his new students, he said, "Rest up. Maybe I will start tonight with you!"
He dressed, made sure his clothes were smoothed and back to normal and left the "blue room" to re-join the end of the party and say his goodbyes to the other guests. He was sure he would see many of them in his classes in the future.

He grabbed a glass and walked into the classroom where a portrait of Lucy was hung. She was sitting in the picture smiling down at him.

He toasted to her:" Darling, my dream came true. Lucille is just like you was. Thanks for sending her to me. I will always will love you. Cheers my darling."

The End.
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« Reply #20 on: July 01, 2017, 09:46:56 AM »

The Public vote was closed on the deadline yesterday and will determine the outcome of the PUBLIC JUDGE SCORING.

Result of Public vote.   58 votes were cast.

The Story.                          Votes         Postion      Points.
1. The Invitation.                    10                 (2)             50
2. A Wolves Sweet Butt.           8                  (3)             45
3. Hangover Remedy.               7                  (4)             40
4. Take Five.                           2                  (7)             25
5. The Anniversary Gift.           2                  (7)             25
6. A Night With Two Friends     11                 (1)             55
7. Cab-Ride.                           1                 (10)             10
8. Tormented. (Free Verse)      1                 (10)             10
9. Deflowered Rosa.                7                 (4)              40
10. Her Birthday Treat.            7                 (4)              40
11. The Farmer's Dream.         2                 (7)              25

Total Voters: 58

Points are awarded thus :

1st place = 55 points ;  2 = 50 ;  3 = 45 ; 4 = 40 ; 5 = 35 ; 6 = 30 ; 7 = 25 ; 8 = 20 ; 9 = 15 ; 10 = 10 ; 11= 5.

This will be added to the other Judges scores and the winners  announced  ASAP.

Thank you to all the writers for taking part, all the judges for forwarding me their ranking lists and to all the Forum members who took the time to read and vote.

Good Luck to all the contestants.

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The JUDGES Results  listed  2 to 26.
28 is the PUBLIC JUDGE  (Decided from the public vote)

The Judges have been given a number by the Contest Manager when they were thanked for their ranking list for the stories.
It corresponds to the number above.
They will remain anonymous in public unless they wish to identify themselves in the Erotic Story Contest 13. O.T. Topic. See below for directions:

Forum Home Page > Organizations & Events > Contests > Erotic Story Contest 13. O.T.,4435.30.html

Some of the Judges may post and are willing to be identified. Others are not.
Some who do identify themselves may be willing to give feedback by Forum PM (Private Messaging), if authors should request it.
Feedback will not be posted in public.

Thank you each & everyone sincerely for your help in this judging process. Without you and all your efforts, this contest would not have been successful.
Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.

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« Reply #22 on: July 01, 2017, 09:51:39 AM »

Achat has been notified and prizes & submission awards will be awarded to accounts as soon as practicable.
Thank you to ALL who took part in the process, from writers, to advertisers & readers & voters and to our Judges.
Well done to the winners & all who were involved.
Without you, this Erotic Story Contest would not be possible.
Thank you each and every one.

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« Reply #23 on: July 05, 2017, 03:34:09 PM »

The prizes and submission awards have now been awarded to contestants accounts in Erotic Contest 13 - Group Sex. Thank you for taking part. Congratulations once again to the winners and well done to all who entered. You are our published Achat writers, Yay. Smiley

   Story Postion.                              Author           Points    Prize / Reward.
1.   3. Hangover Remedy.               -  Jayc          -   1015    - A$12,000
2.   2. A Wolves Sweet Butt.           – Brandybee  -  1005    - A$8,000
3.   6. A Night With Two Friends.    – Tangoracer    -  970    - A$5,000

4.   1. The Invitation.                      – Vaughan      -  965  -  A$1,500

5.   9. Deflowered Rosa.                  - Lady_Andrea -  810  -  A$1,000
6.   5. The Anniversary Gift.             – Marniejo      -  800   - A$1,000
7.   10. Her Birthday Treat.              – Minni91       -  755  -  A$1,000
8.    4. Take Five.                            – Sexilicious    -  720   -  A$1,000
9.    7. Cab-Ride.                              - Pandorra      -  690  -  A$1,000
10.  11. The Farmer's Dream.            - GsCougar     -   685   - A$1,000

11.   8. Tormented. (Free Verse)       - Skydance       - 590   - A$1,200

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