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Author Topic: Bad girl, good pleasure.  (Read 200 times)
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« on: March 02, 2019, 07:32:04 PM »

NAME: Kkat (or Kira)
SEX: Female
AGE: 21
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual.

Tan skin, blue eyes, midnight hair and a fit, smooth body. I usually wear metal/goth attire. I'm shaven down below and sport tattoos on my arm, lower belly and ankle. I have long, black nails that I love to gently running across the skin of my lovers, and I cannot promise that I don't bite!

My little demon horns are a warning that I'm possibly trouble! I have a sharp wit. Be prepared for that if you talk to me!

(I only speak English)

AVAILABLE TIMES/DAYS (indicate time zone please): Any days of the week, usually during midnight U.S. PST to about 4am PST. Occasionally you will find me online from 2pm to 5pm PST. (I don't play every day, but still several times a week.)


MEN. I love sex and don't need a long list of mundane questions to prepare me for it. If I am online, I am looking for sex! Please be direct, be kind and have a sense of humor. If you can do that even to the slightest degree, you will make me want to fuck you.

Despite my looks, I can be rather vanilla. Don't mistake that for boring though because if you like what I like, I can rock your world.

I love riding men. Bouncing, sliding and grinding on their cock. I'm very assertive and love sitting or laying a man down and fucking him stupid. I have a fetish for bareback sex, pregnancy risk and causing men to lose control and blow their seed into me. I want to make my lovers moan and feel good! I get off by making my lover get off.   

Due to my fetishes, I'm not too fond of receiving prolonged oral. I do willingly give oral though, usually to get a guy nice and hard to prepare for vaginal sex.

I'm not too fond of anal but will do it for a bit. I can be a Dom girl, but only act that out if I know my lover likes that. However, I also occasionally like a man to just take me, grab me, bend me over and fuck me from behind, or pin me against a wall and fuck me.

So, I will grant my lover some leeway in being assertive with me, but I typically don't like being dominated.

I'm a little more sadist than I am masochist. But I'm not heavy into SM. If you want pain, I can slap, bite, scratch and pinch you all you want *giggles*. But I'm not too fond of pain myself except for the lovely mild pain of sticking a hard cock in my unprepared pussy.

I will gladly fuck men of any age, but I especially like older men. If you're over forty and want to fuck a feisty, young, bad girl, contact me! I will even gladly fuck men much older than that. And god, I love fucking married men too. I will be your secret mistress.

I am very capable of role play, but it's a lot of work for me, so I am not always willing. However, some of my favorite RP involves seduction and temptation of married men or lonely men.

And one last thing, I do -not- like when men tell me to orgasm or beg me to do it. You don't make a woman orgasm by begging or commanding. I don't squirt. But I will climax if I am pleased with the sex. That usually happens when I am pleasing my lover. Maybe that seems odd, but I am just really turned on by pleasing others.   


Likes: Kindness, humor, bareback sex, riding cock, pregnancy risk, occasional quickies, being dominating/assertive, occasionally causing mild pain, older men, married men, occasionally being taken and fucked from behind, and that feeling I get when my pussy relentlessly slides up and down a cock as the man desperately tries to hold his load but finally unleashes all of it into me...

Dislikes: mundane questions about how my day is going, receiving excessive oral, too much anal, being dominated, being asked/told to cum/squirt/orgasm, and please don't cut yourself open and offer me blood...   

Note: I like men of all races!

Extra note: A$ are appreciated, but never required!
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« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2019, 06:17:16 AM »

Welcome to the Forum and Achat  KKat...

Hope you going to enjoy like most of us do, we all all tipes of people here, so believe me there will never be a dull moment.

Looks like you here for all the right reasons so just sit back and have FUN.


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