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    The previous song of J-Lo made me want to listen to this classic:

    Kaoma – Lambada


    I'm loving this thread.  I really enjoy listening to all the different music each of us listen to.  And Covems…. no… I didn't expect that, you are full of surprises, one of the many things I love about you… you big oaf.

    Right now… this is playing in my home.


    Great old song mooncalf

    Olly Murs “Dir Darlin'”


    Wow, Nat, I really didn't expect that. An unsquare dance sometime would be nice

    Meanwhile beautiful one, hopefully you like this, from friend of the family…


    heard this toe tapper on the way home last night


    Chilling to this right now

    Pink Floyd  Dark side of the moon


    Love this, always puts me in a good mood

    The Charlie Daniels Band – The Devil Went Down To Georgia


    @jayc – loved it
    @tangoracer – fabulous
    @terric – thank you, thank you, thank you! Oh so good, brings back memories of sitting outside by the fire under a starry sky listening to me da' playing Padraig Stevens “Rashers & Sausages”. Pity there are only 30 second snatches on the net.

    @brandy.. continuing with the violin theme…

    …here is what I am listening to now, another one from my dad's collection. I listen to them to remind me that if I don't practise I will never be even half as good. Martin, I am told, was at his best after he had downed several pints.


    Goran Bregovic in Montreal.
    You can skip over the intro., if you really want to, and go to 5:05 and feel free to leave whenever as it is 1.5 hours long.
    However, if you watch nothing else, watch from 28:25 to 33:45 (“te kuravle” – Serbian for “the whores”).
    I went to see them with Angela, my step-sister, and a couple of guys. You might spot us in the audience at 25 mins. It began a fascination for everything Balkan.
    I fell in love with the girl that you see at 28:37 and 29:28 and 31:00 and 32:35 and, oh, oh, oh 1:16:09 … lol! which really pissed off the boy I was with.


    Thanks Concerto, been a while since I listened to Bregoviç.

    and for a friday, this melody puts one in mood:


    Listening to this

    I have no idea what she's saying… but I think I like it.

    Listening to this

    I have no idea what she's saying… but I think I like it.

    It's a love song from Lara Fabian
    Si tu m'aimes
    If you love me

    Trying to translate:

    I feel I know
    When you've hurt the other end of the earth
    When you cry for hours on my heart heart
    I could scream swear
    Even though I do not see anything where I am
    I feel your pain

    When I see me without your hands without your arms
    I can not breathe
    And so often I hear the song of the wind
    Who comes to take me back to your Landes
    Under your sky Ireland
    Leave my life without notice
    I would, if you love me

    Even if I'm wrong all is stronger
    That reason, it's stronger than your name
    I repeat that I write
    Constantly on the screens of my life
    And I hope that each of the lights
    I see lead me to your body
    I leave everything if you love me

    I know I'm not mistaken n'me
    There somewhere off
    You still think of me
    You kept me in your arms
    A place, a debate
    Tell me softly that you love me you love me

    I feel you still think of me
    I know you kept me your arms
    Tell me that you love me


    Thanks Nat,

    love this song

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 4,047 total)
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