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Free 3D Virtual Sex Games

Exciting 3D Virtual Sex – Developed by AChat for adults only

What is it? We hope we need not to explain sex, but the word virtual is a bit more difficult. We guess the answer: something, what does not really exist, what cannot be touched. Or a bit more specific: something, what will be created by a computer, and displayed on a screen in 3D (and that is why 3D is there).

But then what kind of sex can be created by a computer? Why do we need this kind of virtual sex, when there is the beautiful joy of real sex? The answer is very easy. If you can have satisfying real sex any time, you don’t need this. But there are so many situations, when the real sex is out of reach.

Our partner is away, or we do not have one at all. There is no place or enough time. Or we are just sitting in the office in front of the computer. It is unnecessary to deny, we don’t forget sex even there. In these cases there is the 3D virtual sex for us, created by modern computers.

AChat’s 3D virtual sex hot scene 14
This kind of sex sometimes can give even more than real sex. The virtual character of us or our partner appearing on the screen does not have to be similar to us. Beautiful shaped tits, perfect waist, sexy legs, or athletic body, everything is possible. Thanks to the 3D visualization all these beautiful things can be looked from a freely chosen distance and angle.

Our sexual power can also have a new dimension. We can try any sexual poses, we are not bounded by our real abilities. As man our cock can stand hard hours long, as women we can captivate as many admirer as we wish.
We can step over our physical boundaries, but what is even more important, we can easily step over our psychic boundaries. In the real life we often try to match the expectations our partner, and to cover our secret desires. There is no need to do that here, everything is created by our imagination, and everything fits even our most secret needs.

In 3D virtual sex our fantasy can be unbounded. Even better, in AChat you’ll find free virtual sex!

Play hot Virtual Sex Games
Are you ready to play virtual sex games? If your partner is sitting next to you, and is kissing your ear, then you are lucky and you will not need it. Any other cases, enter the exciting world of this kind of sex games! How? It is easy.

As first you can re-create yourself as you always wanted to look like. Forget the problems you face when you look in the mirror. You don’t have to make compromises, your virtual body can be simply perfect. Your brown curly hair can be changed with a simple click to blond or black straight layered style, and you get the long desired tempting dark brown eyes also. Or do you prefer the light blue color? Not problem at all.

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Doing sports? Great thing, but not needed here to have a perfect body. You can get tanned skin in a second, and if you wish your tits will better shaped than those of Lara Croft without plastic surgery, and your ass will look like two rubber balls.

Always wanted to have a sexy tattoo on your belly? You can get it in the virtual sex game without pain, and it can be even changed or removed if you get tired of it.

And your clothing? You can choose from the best styles, and although your virtual cupboard is full, it will not take any place in your room. There are no limits.

But the most exciting fact is, that you can play the virtual sex scenes. On the top or below, behind or front of your partner, is it anal or oral, you can be the perfect lover, even if you have not tried that pose in the real life. Just try and enjoy!

Do you need even more? If you are not satisfied with the computer-simulated partner, you can find real partners in the virtual world of AChat, and you can enjoy together the possibilities. Online virtual sex games like AChat provide this new feature!

The best adult relaxing: Free Virtual Sex

Sitting in front of a computer it is a good possibility to try some naughty free virtual sex. There are lot of places, where mainly flash games and simple animations can be reached, but it is not easy to find something really valuable among the ads and modest creations. Fortunately there is a program, which can satisfy all our expectations, this is AChat.

The high quality 3D graphics requires a program to be installed (this is AChat itself), but this program is freely downloadable. It contains only the required graphical elements, no ads or other disappointing surprises. It is recommended to install the full version, because it offers much more possibilities and fun, even if it take a few minutes to download.

What kind of free virtual sex, 3D virtual sex can we expect after installing AChat?

The first step is the registration, where we get our user name to login into the online community. After logging in we can create our free virtual character. We can try everything freely: small or big tits, white or black skin, or a sexy tattoo or make up is what we need. We can save our sexual preferences. This one is very important, because that is the base of finding our ideal sexual partner.

After creating our character we can try to find our partner. The partner search works freely, and uses our sexual preferences. We can see the virtual character of the found partners on the screen, and can start conversation with them immediately. Although this part is similar to a chat program, it offers much more, because the number of reachable partners is not limited at all, and we can see the 3D introduction of the selected partner while we are chatting.

Lot of interesting and exciting possibilities. Creating our virtual character, finding partners and chatting with them, and all that is fully free.

But the most exciting part of the program comes only now. We can invite our selected partner into an intimate room, where not only the chat but also the real sex action is possible! Just a click on the icons, and if our partners agree, the naughty fun, the hot fuck in a sexy pose can start. You can enjoy the freedom of the camera movement, and the sex action is still free, although is already limited to a few sex poses. Need more? No problem, you can be also premium member for as low as $9.95/month (or $4/month with the yearly plan), what is still much cheaper than other virtual sex games.

How is it possible, that AChat offers so much fun for free, as free virtual sex? Of course the creators hope, that you will like what you see, and become a premium member to enjoy all variations of virtual sex AChat can provide for you.

Few words about virtual sex in general

Text-based cyber-sex and phone sex has been in practice for decades. These were perhaps the first kinds of this type of sex ever known to the world. Nowadays it can also be performed via online applications in virtual worlds like AChat.

The advantage of computer graphics generated character is that it ensures an instant satisfaction via a collective sexy experience. The end result is interactive porn, where the user controls the virtual functions of her/his sexual avatar.

People tell their sexual desires freely in that virtual environment, which might not be the case in real. Maybe this kind of sex provides an opportunity to open doors that were previously closed.

Virtual sex creates a virtual experience where you and the dream partner of your choice can come together. The new technology makes it possible that what you are watching and controlling, becomes life-like sex in the virtual reality.
Cyber-sex in virtual reality presents less of a threat to the development and maintenance of real relationships. Users create their own virtual character, or select a virtual partner from a range of pre-designed avatars, then define a profile personality, interests for their virtual character. This kind of anonymity may provide encouragement to seek out new sex partners. One of the biggest benefits will be to avoid spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Also if you need to learn some more sex positions, go ahead and test the many sex poses in AChat. Other than in the case of video based virtual sex sites, where there are only a set number of actions to view, in AChat there are endless action combinations.

There are several gorgeous virtual girls and boys online in the AChat system you can choose from, just waiting to fulfill your wildest fantasies. Get into your own AChat virtual sex scene to become part of this unbelievable adult action!