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FF Pose Review Request. 23. 69 with Dildos.

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    Janine Dee

    69 With Dildos


    Available in the shop for $150. Please vote in the poll and share any thoughts you may have.

    F1-On Top
    Grab Tit (Own)
    Massage Breast (Partners)
    Lick Dick
    Deep Throat
    Lick Cockhead

    F2-On Bottom
    Lift Hip
    Deep Throat
    Legs Up
    Knees Up
    Slap Ass
    Finger in Asshole
    Shake Head

    Ridiculous, period. I bought it because I wanted ALL the FF, but even saying I voted with my A$ leaves me feeling foolish for buying this pose.

    Janine Dee

    I have to wonder if I pissed off the Development Team, because it's either a case of “Hah! It's a new position, but it's a FF position BASED ON COCK!” and they literally hope I choke on it.

    That or they just really, REALLY like cock.

    I mean seriously! If I thought it would help I would be tempted to say I want the A$150 I spent to see what this position was like.

    It looks like they came out with a SS position that works the same, but after two months without a single implement, and the one two months ago ALSO being about sucking a strap on!

    AChat HAS turned into a damn sausage fest, and if you don't have a taste for it you are shit outta luck!


    Serious obsession with an Plastic oral fixation,..think they missed the boat completely on this pose.It really does reek as nothing more than an obligatory nod to the FF crowd,..they definitely are not in the minds of their customers needs at that moment.

    Janine Dee

    Of course the fact it will almost certainly be another month or more before another FF implement doesn't help.

    The way it's going that one will ALSO focus on their love of cock.

    I would like to think that even the Het Set users would say that a man can satisfy a woman without his penis ever appearing. Yeah he might need it before he's satisfied, but this seeming NEED for a cock to be present shows a serious lack of understanding of sexuality from the programmers of a sexually based game.

    I'm sorry, I'm still pissed, one of the moves for the woman on top is a hand job… seriously, you grab the FAKE shaft and stroke it up and down! They didn't half ass it, the quarter assed it at best!


    It's perfectly suited for she-males, but Janine's right, give the girls some true girl on girl action.

    Janine Dee

    Oh it is absolutely suited for the shemales, far, FAR better suited then it is for FF… which is where I'm going with this rant.


    Mmm its a pure SS pose which would be good for FS if the strapon was removed, as it is now I won't be able to do what I want while 69:ing with a girl.

    For FF I can't see any use of this pose either, whats the fun of sucking each others strapon when you've got a pussy?

    Seems like this was actually a SS pose which they made FS and FF aswell just for the heck of it. I would like it if they made an good FS 69 pose from this though… I liked the FS pose of Lucky Licker.

    Janine Dee

    That's the biggest thing. It felt like an afterthought. The hand job was the biggest clue to me. In the Woman with Woman thread I had a discussion over the virtues of sucking on strap ons, and she seemed to love the visual if nothing else, but the hand… that feels like a command that was made for flesh and blood and just carried over.


    I think this oral stimulation dildos won't bring to anybody pleasure. Useless pose


    That was my thought for FF and its kinda one way for a 69 FS pose. Its more fun when I can make my partner loose her focus for a while when 69:ing, atleast I can with another shemale.

    I can understand that some like seeing their lover sucking a dildo, but if I was the sucker I would feel quite lost at what to do as its just rubber. I might do a better work if I knew the dildo I was sucking was a double ended type and using my hand on it would make some sense then.

    It seems far more possible that more FF poses will drop in from now on as most work has been put into making SS and 3somes for Shemales possible, except the dresses and FM poses ofcourse. Well this one is primary an SS pose (should have been put on the page as such) and in some cases it works for FS too, but if I was part of the development team I would rather release the pose for FF aswell as it might bring some money… even if it is bad for it.

    Janine Dee

    The problem is that might have been their train of thought for the LAST FF position as well since that too was a strap on that also came out as a FS.

    Which would say that it's been well over two months since they made a truly FF position.

    That makes it more insulting rather then less.

    Their mission statement at this point seems to be  “Cocks and clothes.”

    What also gets to me is my regular assumption that the other person isn't stupid, but to make that assumption now I have to assume they were willing (or intending) to release an insult veiled as a position.


    I would've liked if the pose was modified for FS and FF, but I don't know how the FF pose would be any different than the 69 FF pose… I don't know of the options.

    Things are kinda centered around cocks lately I guess, there isn't much for anal play either and I love to have mine played with.


    This brings me back to the FM position handjob with anal stimulation. I bought it cause it was the only position the girl could care for your little friend. I didn't like the dildo in my ass and tried not to think about

    This is the question I have: Why is the dildo a “must have” in these positions? I don't see any sense in it. If I had to decide, I would give all (or almost) of the positions without dildo and one of the actions could be the dildo use.

    Janine Dee

    I remember having a similar discussion over the dildo in the spanking position.

    Which just continues to support the idea that the Development Team loves cock and assumes that a position can't be truly enjoyed unless it's there. The dildo being the next best thing in their eyes.


    I think the dildo is added as a visual stimulation, for the ones that need it. I think they are falic-minded and like the idea of a girl sucking on something long & hard when a cock is not available. In that case, they might have chosen for an icecream or lollypop. In the spanking pose for instance, the dildo has no addition to the pose itself. Doesn't turn me on or off to see my partner suck on a lifeless thing.
    As for the pose Lover mentioned, handjob with anal attention, the attention should be optional not manditory. In contrary to Lover's preferences, I do like a dildo used on me and it is one of the reasons I bought the position. The dildo should be an option in (almost)  all poses.
    For the girls: I fully understand this positions is not what you've been waiting for. They got it completely wrong. Maybe the A-tea, should consider strengthening their team with a woman or listen to the suggestion made, better

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 61 total)
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