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Account hacked – what to do now

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    As at least two, perhaps more accounts have been hacked, I suggest everyone should do:

    – Check your own account
    – Make sure your anti-virus is up-to-date
    – Make a scan of your system (make sure, no trojaner, virus, malware is on your system)
    – Change your current password, use a combination of letters (small & capital), numbers and characters

    If your account is hacked, report to support at once
    Check if your money was stolen too
    Tell your friends/lovers/spouses and post here too


    Thank you lover for stating this. I was looking for topic that would give answers but I could not find one.
    This is so wrong what kind of monster would go around steeling other peoples names lives. it make me sick to my stomach
    I will post a link to my topic about my hack experience,2430.0.html


    Actually we didn't have a topic. I remember long time ago (3 years?) we have had this troubles with a few accounts, then it was good again. Last year we had one account probably hacked. Now at least two in one day, hopefully no more members are affected.


    I'd suggest also to don't let AChat remember the passowrd until the security hole I've reported will not be fixed.,2441.0.html

    If they stolen your password probably the options are 3:

    1. Your password was too easy to guess
    2. Another account of some other site is been hacked
    3. You have a malware in your PC

    The point 1 is obvious, choose a better password!
    The point 2 can be also fixed, just use different passwords for different accounts.
    The point 3 can be easilly attenuated with my advice below.

    For learn how to choose a good password please watch this video:


    The obvious addition to this is make your password unique to this site!

    Do not reuse it in non-AChat sites. that includes member created websites.


    Just to clarify: We mods can sometimes help but never will ask for your password. Also support never will do it. So be careful, if someone is calling himself mod/support-team, asking for your password.


    oh you need my password lover well type in needfuckednow and there you go. lol and no that is NOT my password so don't try folks or you will just be denied.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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