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Achat 55 Word Writing Contest. Halloween Stories & Poems 2020

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    15 The Cast Iron Gate

    Pushing open the cast Iron gate he whispered, “Sshhhh,”
    This place was eerie at the best of times, however the eve of Halloween made it exceptionally so.
    He grinned as he pressed his finger to her soft moist lips, took hold of her hand and quickly pulled her inside.
    Enchanted and enticed she didn't resist.


    16.  It.     

    Standing at my flatmate’s graveside, tearful. I drop the rose onto her coffin. She said something evil haunted her. She wanted help, took medication, had therapy, felt ridiculed and alone. It had tortured her to take her own life. I should have listened, been there. When I got home, it was on her bed, laughing.


    17.  Love Haunts  

    Once he was her life and she his. He drifted away. He let go as she held tight.
    Now, as she hiked through massive green hills, she saw him behind every tree, drinking from a stream and disappearing as she neared.
    The cup remained atop a rock, and she knew love lived even in death.


    18.   “Halloween Love”
    “I lay, unmoving on the table. My eyes are closed. He's there, watching me. Gods! I feel his hands touching me, caressing me, appraising me. It's so exciting. He then slides his “knife” into me and my eyes open. Lost in ecstasy, a smile appears on my face. He's made me, I am his Pumpkin.”


    19. Into the Abyss

    There once was a woman covered in blood. She shivered and wept as she looked upon her husband's severed head. It was resting on a table, next to a kitchen knife. “That's what you get my darling,” she said. “For trying to control me.” And his eyes kept looking passed her, looking into the abyss.


    20. . 'A' Trick and Treat

    “What's wrong?”
    “Met a girl yesterday.”
    “Gave me a present too.”
    (drops pants)
    “WTF IS THAT?”
    “The present.”
    “A Hello Kitty shaped cock?”
    “She named it 'Hello Weenie'.”
    “Was your wife's idea.”
    “Hers is 'Hollow Kitty'.”
    “Do you need a hug?”
    “Fuck you!”
    “Not till Halloween. Sorry bro.”


    21. The Unheeded Warning   

    They circled each other, wands drawn and fired their electrifying magic. Both jumped, un-humanly high. Their wizard capes billowing and dramatic, evading the others powerful spells and explosions.
    “Must Stop!”  The Mothman’s whisperings prophesied oncoming doom.
    They ignored the mysterious creature and repeated their war dance on top of Mount Vesuvius, near Pompei in 79AD.


    22. Our Girls     

    The Army marched. Invading the foreign land,
    Burning crops and farm houses, taking spoils at hand.
    Blacksmiths, farmers, villagers with no sword could not stand against them.
    A peaceful people of a peaceful land
    Then at dusk the witches stood upon the hill, a score
    Daughters of the land
    Screams, then silence at peaceful dawn.


    23. Halloween Origins

    Right depends on sides
    History by the victors
    Fiction infects fact
    For every Villain slain
    Someone’s Hero dies
    Which will go to Hell?
    Mystical Healers…
    An egotistical Church
    One would not survive
    The rest… “History”
    The church has its All Saints day
    All the Healers burned
    But NOT forgotten…
    Witches get their Retribution
    Ev’ry Halloween


    Results of Halloween 55 Word Writing Contest
    1. A$1,500  746    12. Nevermore by Lady Andrea
    2. A$1,000  722    7. Horny Li'l Devil by Zuzannah
    3. A$500  660  3. Asmodus’s Birth by Merlin35

    4. 644  14. Witches Corner by JessiCapri
    5. 640  23. Halloween Origins by Kaitlyn1989
    6. 638  22. Our Girls by Lady Andrea
    7. 634  18. “Halloween Love” by Anatheme
    8. 622  11. ALL HALLOW'S by Soniaslut

    9.  592  5. Her Monster by JessiCapri
    10. 586  10. Revenge by Jayc
    11. 576  1. Trolling for Treats ~ a Halloween Haiku by Kaitlyn1989
    12. 572  17. Love Haunts by JessiCapri 
    13. 554  16. It by Stone
    14. 552  8. Taken by Vaughan                                                                 
    15. 548  13. Moonlight Magic by Vaughan 
    16. 524  9. The Long Halloween by Amethyst

    17. 496  6. Cold Justice by kelly220022
    18. 492  15. The Cast Iron Gate by Amethyst
    19. 490  4. Perspective by Tift 
    19. 490  19. Into the Abyss by kelly220022
    21. 482  2. The Creaky floor by Amethyst
    22. 442  20. 'A' Trick and Treat by Tych0
    23. 430  21. The Unheeded Warning by Vaughan

    The prizes have been awarded to the winning accounts.
    Well Done &  Congratulations to the winners.
    Special thanks to our judges and to all the writers and poets who entered.
    We hope you will enter the next one, to be announced shortly.

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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