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Achat Beta release. 21/11/22 Now merged into Achat Game.

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    Hi Tharvan

    Welcome to forum.

    The information we get is gleaned from members here.
    Achat unfortunately is not very forthcoming with information on what works, how and what to expect in the future.

    As far as we know so far:

    Old Achat & Achat Beta have merged now so members logged on to the Achat game should be able to communicate with each other and receive offline messages.
    These two merged formats (The old Achat and Achat Beta) are now Achat game.

    Members status is the same as before, those online are shown with a Green Dot, those in a room (public or private) are shown with a Yellow dot and offline members are shown with red dot.
    If you use the members search facility in the game, ensure the name is spelt correctly as it is spell sensitive and check the offline box so you don’t get a false reading.

    You will see in the search lists that members maybe logged into Achat Next and Achat Mobile.
    As far as I am aware, these are the members who cannot communicate on the Achat Game.

    It seems these are different formats or platforms so
    Achat (game) players can communicate with other Achat (game) players
    Achat Next players may be able to communicate with other Achat Next Players.
    Achat Mobile players may be able to communicate with other Achat Mobile players

    But the communications do not cross over at the moment. This may change in the future.

    If any members know any different, please let us know your findings here.


    I Accepted a cold from a guest using a mobile app out of curiosity, myself and the naked cold play where frozen in that pose that you can sometimes find by clicking just below the bottom pose in a location, arms to the side slightly raised, when I moved the camera it was kinda weird the seen was duplicated in top of each other according the the changing camera angle, if it happens to anyone reading think about taking a photo perhaps. One thing is it’s nice to see some positive progress from Achat, and the fact that location load quickly confirms Achat comment to me about the loading if locations being based in a new protocol when I complained about my loading issues.


    stuff is really starting to annoy – I just talked to a number of people in the chat and ALL were green in the beginning and turned red after hitting the enter button – it really seems the game does not work anymore – maybe the developers merged the several stuff to quickly or anything else – I am here now for over 10 years but I guess its time to leave the game


    Hi Tharven,

    I think this maybe be an old glitch. There seems to be a delay in the players change of status showing in the search section.

    Please report it with pics if you can to Achat Support at the top of this page, top right before “Shop”
    I have also sent a ticket in to make Achat aware of the false reading of Members status in the lists.

    @ Michelle, the pose you describe in a room – Avi standing upright with arms out – is usually the default pose and occurs when one of the partners has not received an upgrade and the other has.
    The one with the new pose, I believe, sees the new pose working and the one who hasn’t received the pose upgrade, defaults to that stance.

    It seems the person who invited you was on a different upgrade to you hence the default pose kicking in.
    The extra mirror scene is a new one, I haven’t experience yet.


    I found you need to uninstall all versions of Achat original and the beta version you have, if you then download the merged version 1.2GB file size you get the advantages of higher resolution screen loading locations fast, movement in locations etc but able to now see everyone in all versions, still I wouldn’t recommend accepting colds from men on Mobile and Next ….it’s just plain weird if you do but at least they can’t interfere with your person lol


    haha @Michelle989 that does sound strange! However, I don’t suggest accepting colds under any circumstance as to me it would be a totally strange experience any way.


    Hi all,

    I have had an update from Achat about the glitch/status delay of members showing green when in fact they should show as Red – Off line or Yellow – Busy.
    Achat are aware of it and in the process of trying to fix it.

    we are sorry, we are working on the problem already.
    AChat support”



    A Strange thing happened yesterday while I was stood in Amsterdam, suddenly I was transported to my freshly decorated Christmas apartment with nearby friends in tow, have you ever seen, being stuck in your apartment with 3 men and a shemale, so thankful no one mentioned gangbang lol

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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