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    If you all remember a couple years back Tumbler removed all stored “Porn” pictures and videos stored on their platform.

    IMGUR has announced they will be doing the same Next month (May 15, 2023).

    If you wish to save your stored pics you must find a new home for them or download them to your own device/s.

    Vaughan and I are currently looking for a new storage site. If you have any suggestions please let us know. I have screenshot the message posted by Imgure and share the first page with you here.


    Ok Thanks Jessi.

    But, The links to here are all going to disappear right.

    And at the mo we can’t edit old posts on here, so some of our Threads, my Masks thread and maybe some of my pics on my wall might disappear, making it all look very ugly. So really, this is going ruin a lot of threads.

    Do we have to delete them ourselves or will they do it ??


    Yay Back at last!

    Hi Zuz & Thank you to Jess for looking after Forum for me.

    As far as I know and understand it, Imgur will delete offending pics that contain the breaches of their new rules, so any elicit pics where you used IMGUR to host, then the pic will disappear from the posts here in forum.
    This is going to be a catastrophe as me, Jess and others have used IMGUR for years in hidden albums.

    I haven’t checked yet still getting my Net back, but I was also having the same issues as you for editing posts, so all we can do is try and find another site for future posts and hope that we can save the pics which will be deleted by IMGUR.
    Whether we can save previous topics and posts will be up to Achat. But as you can imagine that will leave a lot of work for 1 Moderator with no proper tools.

    Time will tell, I guess.


    HI V. *Huge Hugsssssssss* oooopsie Sorry Jessi hehehe.

    You can now edit posts again without getting that error message but, after a certain time you can’t, the option isn’t there. So, hopefully you can at least do your stuff as a Moderator and delete posts that are affected, like you could before.

    This could really mean deleting entire threads, but what can we do ???


    LOL Hugs back.

    I have messaged Achat with this:

    URGENT. Mass Forum Deletion of pics.

    Hi Achat,
    Mass Forum Deletion of pics as IMGUR is changing its rules on porn and explicit pics.

    Please see this topic as a matter of urgency. (Link to this topic given)

    Loads of our forum topics are at risk of spoiling and deletion.
    Can you give everyone permission to edit their own posts without a time limit at least until after the IMGUR date of rule changes in regard to pornography and elicit pics.
    Can we also have our forum tools back to assist us too
    At least it will give us chance to save our pics and topics, and to try and find a new host site and then edit our posts.

    As Always, I will update this topic with any answers.


    I’ve just had a quick looksie at some image hosting sites that are friendly to this sort of thing, at the mo this one is mentioned

    Some of the others aren’t free, but I think this one is.

    I’ve just created an account there, I have no time to really have a looksie at it, but registering is simple. Just a user name, an E-Mail address and a password is needed. An E-Mail will be sent for verification, so look in Spam if not in your E-Mails.

    Just one Problem. I really don’t know how this sort of thing works, but as to how long the images are kept the answer is below

    The storage period of your images on our server is unlimited. However, if your image has not been accessed for more than 1 year, it will be deleted from our server.

    Now, this is sort of confusing. If no one sees a particular image on this forum, will it disappear? Or as soon as this forum is loaded it loads up the images, so ImageVenue assumes it’s been viewed. A bit confused, LOL.

    Oh and nice one V for sending that message to AChat, *hugssss*. All we need now is the option to edit old posts.


    So, has anyone else looked for another hosting site.

    I’ve had another quick looksie and the best ones are paid sites.


    So, has anyone else looked for another hosting site ?

    I’ve had another quick looksie and the best ones are paid sites.

    But, I have found another one.


    But, I cannot find anything about it been a Adult friendly site. So, I think we are in a bit of trouble here in finding a new site. Thing is, all this might be a waste of time if Achat doesn’t allow us to edit old posts.


    From Alice210,

    Try to upload the pictures here, it also allows adult pictures


    Thank you Alice for the suggestion.
    I have looked at the site and it does accept explicit pics. It is also free to use after you register with your game details. Its easy to use too.
    I will probably continue to use IMGUR for non explicit pics, as I have used it for years and like how the albums work.
    However my porn pics have now found a new home with imgbox. I have tested in forum and they show great.



    Any reply from Achat about editing older posts ??

    I’ve just sent a message to Achat regarding this as well.


    No, nothing yet. Thanks for writing in too.
    I have asked about returning the forum tools and editing posts with no time limits for all forum members.
    When I get an answer, I will update this topic.


    Remember everyone. Yesterday was the start of Imgur’s purge. (15th May).

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