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Avatar overlaying over avatar silhouette

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    As a result of the most recent client updates, I’m experiencing a problem with avatars viewing. Whichever way the Detail View Distance is set, both avatars and their silhouette are displayed, at whatever distance they are.

    Actually, when I’m near an avatar, I don’t view its silhouette, but both on the medium distance and at a greater distance I experience the previously described problem, whereas before only the avatar’s silhouette was displayed.

    Would there be a way to fix this problem or will I have to wait for a future update that fixes it?


    Hi Amarok78,
    Welcome to Achats Forum.
    I hope you stay, look around and post more on other topics and sections that may interest you.

    I have reported your issue to Achat Support along with another issue I had with my partner in Winter.
    Hopefully it will be resolved soon.

    Here’s what I wrote:

    Hi Achat,
    There seems to be an issue with the camera and also with viewing silhouettes.
    Please see this topic.

    Avatar overlaying over avatar silhouette

    There also seems an issue with the camera in the public rooms.
    When i clicked on sex invite and my partner accepted in Winter, our camera catapulted the other end of the room.
    Please can you check this out too.

    When I get an answer I will of course update this topic.
    If the problem gets resolved in the meantime, would you also update this topic.


    Welcome @Amarok78! Yes something strange going on. @Vaughan I hope they respond and correct quickly.


    Please contact the support with screenshot!


    I’m in Winter now.

    And there is no trouble at all. I’m dancing with someone and nothing is wrong.

    Okies, I do now. When you reduce the view distance a Silhouette is shown. I understand now. And not just us but others that are in poses.


    I’ve done some screenshots and sent them to support. Today. 15th Jan.

    I might have gone a little to much over the top with the report, but hey, better to much info when reporting issues.


    I’m not going to post them here as there are four screenshots and they are quite big and only one pic per post.

    But I have sent support the links.


    Thanks Zuz for your help and Tom for answering.

    I’ll post the pic, so anyone who is curious can see the issue.


    It’s been fixed. Well when you’re just standing it is, I don’t know when you’re in a pose, but guessing it has.

    Thanks Devs and Amarok for reporting.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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