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    Hello !

    I keep reading about a B-shop.
    Any link to watch and access ?



    Hi Bullrun,
    Hope this explains it for you.

    The A-Shop is Achat’s shop in the Game known as the Achat Mall and the Achat Shop on the Web. This sells poses, clothes and accessories for the game.

    Shop – AChat sex chat game – Build up your Hero

    The B-Shop is the shop in the Achat Mall (in game shop) and in Achat’s Web Shop (usually identified on the pop up pic in news releases & by members name on the poses) that sells Member’s pose creations that are not quite the quality of the A-Shop.
    These poses can be found easily in the Achat Mall, Scenes (poses) ; Box 10 – B-Shop
    See below.

    If members create poses that reach a certain high quality, Achat will sell them in the A-Shop along side their own poses.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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