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    Figured I might as well start my own thread of stories and like Momma A I am a big fan of visual aids.


    Here's a snippet some of these will be true stories of a wild youth, some episodes of experiences in fantasy/room experiences here (Names changed to protect the guilty) and some pure fiction…

    All will carry a tad of embellishment, a good story should have that.

    Have fun sorting reality from fiction.

    A post note….my writing is not for the faint of heart  of anal retentive grammar police. They are created quick and fast, sometimes in a short span simply to be shared and enjoyed. So take your redlining pencils and place them where the sun don't shine, cause I don't care.


    The empty streets of Amsterdam on New Years Eve caused my mind to wander,

    It flows where it usually goes …memories of her.

    She was wrapped in a sheet with her post coitus glow. I couldn't help but notice the intensity of her eyes following me as I rise from her arms to dress.

    “I need to go to work luv.” I rose from the bed and begin to slip my pants on.

    She seductively wets those kissable lips “Babe, really? Call in sick and come back to bed”

    I roll my eyes. The girl is insatiable sometime. We had already spent a night wrapped in the wildness of passion which had earmarked our relationship and had spent the better part of 10 minutes in discussion of my going to work.

    I sighed and replied, “Nope as tempted as I am.. I need to go.”

    I leaned down intent to giving her a swift goodbye kiss. She has other ideas…regarding kisses.

    It takes willpower to disengage from those lips. Yet she is persistent in her need. I strain back against a clinging grip. As I sit aside her I reach down to pull on my boots. Immediately I feel her tight breasts pressing against my back. I feel her soft plump lips kissing my shoulder and fingernails nails stroking along my side. I close my eyes and momentarily lose my self to nibbling,…the kisses,.. teasing those sweet sensitive spots she knows.

    Reason of obligation which my mind tells me to follow is fading under the buckle of the physical need.

    With a heavy sigh I mutter “I gotta go.”


    I untangle myself from her searching for and finding and my rumpled shirt tossed haphazardly aside onto the florrin the heat of last nights passion.

    The woman is persistent…she slips from the bed, following me. Her hand unzipping me as she reaches in to touch my growing bulge still persistent on working those sweet spots.

    My breath hard now…crap,  my cock also hard now… I stand at at that edge trembling. Two heads are at war…the head of logic in my brain and the seeping head of my cock.

    I feel her now, pressing again those hardened nipples against me as she stands on tiptoes and those lips…gwad those lips… kiss and tug on that trigger spot.

    A whisper….”Please….”

    Fuck it…There's a point where discussion is irrelevant. I breach any sense of self control,  twisting about to grab her arm and push her to the wall with the bed sheet pooling at her feet.

    There's no foreplay. I take what I want….

    Wordless…Swift … hard…I take what is mine. My fat shaft drives immediately into her tight pussy and pummels her slick channel to fulfill my selfish need.

    She was already in that heightened state, when I acted, immediate and in stern authority of the moment  it was enough … orgasms come to her. They hit her in crashing waves as my hips churn and fingers tighten my grip on her petite body.

    I cum with a grunt and hold  her tight to the wall as my reality slowly comes back into focus.

    I am now late for work.

    I pull that withering cock from her drenched hole feeling her sag under buckling knees. Orgasms still sweep her and I ease her spasm racked  body to the floor,…feeling indifference to her naked state.

    Stepping away I begin to stuff my package back inside my pants and zip up. Reaching for the door, I pause,  casting a quick glance to her and noted she still curled against the wall.  Somehow in her dazed condition she has gathered the sheet to her. Her eyes still glossed in recovery unfocused.

    I am not even certain she had heard my farewell “Have a great day princess.”

    Yet, even now behind schedule,  I could not hold any resentment towards her for putting me in the predicament of being late to work.

    After all,…

    She did say “Please.”


    Button Down Jeans

    I reined the Tennasee Walker in, taking a moment to remove my baseball cap off and wipe the brow sweat away,…and to admire the view ahead.

    Kelli sat on Rain, the offspring of the mare I rode that day.  Kelli was an eyeful of a beauty whose passion and sexual adventurous side had caught my attention. For months she surprised me at every turn with impulsive behavior, sexually and personally, …a wild free spirit which which had fused her life with mine.

    Scantily clad that early summer morning in nothing but a  white tank top and terry cloth shorts, Kelli’s legs dangled to the side of the mount she rode bareback. She seldom wore boots, even this day astride a horse she opted for flip flops. She looked back at me beaming that gorgeous smile of hers, her soft voice stroking that sexual aura which could manipulate any man.

    “Get the gate.”

    Her words broke my trance of affirmation of her tight little body.We had arrived at the property line of her parents ranch to a gate into a neighbors ranch, giving us access to a larger cattle ranch and miles of new and undiscovered trails in the backcountry of Northern California. It was my first visit there and she eagerly wanted to share the roots of her background with me on this trip.

    I swung out of the saddle and gathered Misty's reins leading her past Kelli and Rain to the gate. As I passed Kelli I felt her snatch my baseball cap off my.head

    I halted and glanced up at her exclaiming  “Hey!”

    She looked down at me as she bundled her long black hair and weaved it  through the cap.

    “It’s getting hot and the suns in my eyes.” she replied with a mischievous smile.

    I gave a grunting replied,..” Don't give me that shit, you’re wearing sunglasses.”

    “And I look good in them don’t I?”

    She did,..and now sitting there straight with my cap on and that satisfied little smirk on her face, those dark lenses were hiding sparkling eyes, I gave a sigh of resignation I wasn’t going to win if I argued  the point.

    I moved to the gate and raised the chain leading Misty and myself thru and to the side to allow Kelli and Rain to pass uninhibited. Kelli nudged Rain into a slow trot and urged her into a canter as soon as they passed.

    I muttered “Jesus…”, shaking my head as I realized she had left me in her dust.  I closed the gate, rehooked the chain and swung myself back into the saddle, prodding Misty into a gallop to catch up.

    I had to slow her down a couple times as trails branched away and I had to read the hoof prints in the dirt to decipher Rain’s trail. After a few minutes we  found Kelli and Rain standing by a narrow river edge, Rain drinking  lazily and relaxed.

    Kelli glanced back “What took you so long?”

    I prodded Misty alongside her and Rain, “Well I don’t exactly know where we are  ahead..going babe.”

    Kelli pointed ahead “There,” she replied, “.. that hill. I figured you’d like to get a lay of the land and the view up there is amazing.”

    My eyes followed her direction to  the low rising hill nearby. It would take a bit to ride up there, but we both wanted a chance to share a common bond. An easy going horseback ride together would strengthen that.

    Yet, My eyes drifted to the water before us. The early summer rain had swollen the creek into a fast flow. The creek, typically narrow,  at the moment might provide a bit of a challenge. The opposite bank had a manageable access point, but it was quite narrow.

    I cast my eyes downstream where the river widened . “Kelli, there’s  bound to be a better ford , than this.”

    “I’ve been riding these trails for 15 years babe,…we can do this.”

    “Kelli,…” I let my words trail off unspoken. I had meant to advise her to move upstream to account for the water flow, but the seasoned rider she was,   it was an unnecessary suggestion. Kelli nudged Rain to move upstream before turning again into the flow of water.

    “You coming?” she shouted at me.

    “After you cross.” I shouted back. I settled back to watch knowing unlike Rain, Misty would be dealing with the added weight of the saddle and tack when swimming across. The back of my mind had pretty well settled on moving downstream where the flow was shallower.

    Misty sidestepped in the water, her nervous behavior perhaps an indicator of what was to follow. As Rain moved into deeper water, Kelli slide from her back hanging on to her mount with a fist of mane and her reins and sidestroked beside the horse into the quick flow.

    They almost made it. Rain nearly gained a foothold at the edge of the rise leading up, but the flow carried her a shade too far. Where she did gain a foothold it was slick and steep and I watched as Kelli attempting to slide back atop was caught off guard. Rains foothold collapsed under her and I watched speechless as the horse buckled down and slid off the bank falling to the side as they both went under the water.

    My heart leapt to my throat, and I stiffened in terror. Kelli was an experienced swimmer, but the danger of being trapped under Rain,…being kicked,..knocked senseless….a wave of fear swept over me briefly until I saw Kelli’s head pop free of the water's surface. She trashed briefly in the water.

    I muttered a quick oath and swung Misty about, spurring her on into a gallup as and raced us down the creekbed.

    Sweeping glances back I breathed a little relief as I eyed her stroking now back across the swift river flow. I gave us distance before reining Misty into the water. WIth a huge splash we entered the creek at the widening creek.  I kept prodding Misty forward as she found her footing and waded chest high into the flow while I kept an eye on Kelli bobbing in the flow,now stroking in determined strokes towards us.

    I had judged right, the water depth was manageable, and Misty kept her footing against the flow as we settled there a doable intersection point. As she was carried in the current, Kelli paused her strokes, bobbed there until the distance between us narrowed and she swam angling in to us.Reaching out  our hand latched tight and I pulled her in. She gripped the saddle's pommel . It had to be an adrenaline rush of the moment for me to hook under her arms and pluck her up put of the water and slide her across my lap. She slid a leg around me and settled on my lap face to face..

    “Jesus babe,..” I muttered, “ are you okay?”

    She sputtered a wave of profanity, Then looked up at me, her disheveled dark hair plastered to her face, and the white tank top soaked sticking tight to hug her petite body. Her sunglasses were gone, and too my hat. My eyes didn’t meet hers they drifted lower locked to her breasts and the jut of her nipples poking against the shearness of the fabric.

    She paused  her  slew of epitaphs and murmured her annoyance.,..“Christ,…Eyes up here cowboy.”

    For a moment I sat  embarrassed, and tried to deflect the moment reaching up to pluck river weed from her  hair.  “You never answered my question,..are you all right.”

    She sighed and leaned against my chest. “I am fine, Just my pride is bruised.”

    “Good,”, I prodded Misty back to shore and felt Kelli wrap her arms about me and  give me a hug.

    “Thanks babe.”


    “Rescuing me.”, she reached up cupping my face and gave me a quick soft kiss.

    I grunted, stoically replying teasingly. “ You can swim, …I was looking for my hat. You were just passing by.”

    She punched me in the shoulder, muttering “Bastard.”

    “Yeah,… still….” I paused and glanced upstream as I nudged Misty the final step out of the river . Rain stood on the river bank shaking herself of the water. She casted a look back at us, then turned and trotted off back down the trail towards the gate. From all appearances Rain seemed fine and unhurt from the fall.

    “I liked that hat.” I continued. “And there goes your ride by the way”

    Kelli twisted her attention to the disappearing horse and broke into another wave of epitaphs of profanity. She began to move, pulling her leg back from me. I cupped her leg and halted her.

    “What do you think you’re doing.?”

    “Turning around,…I don’t like riding backwards.”

    “Whoa girl,..” I meant to stop Kelli, MIsty also responded pulling up.

    I looked down into Kelli’s eyes and  continued, “You just want the reins.”

    She gave me a sharp glare at my denial. “I know the way back.” She spoke flatly

    I laughed, “I can sort that out myself, you’ve lost enough horses for the day I don’t care to walk back.”

    I nudged Misty back into motion into a slow trot back to the trailhead. Kelli's eyes studied me for a moment and  her demur, chnaged.

    “I don’t enjoy riding backwards,..”

    “You just want the reins,…it ain’t happening. Enjoy the intimacy of the moment.”

    “I get motion sickness…”

    I cut her off, “Find something to distract yourself then., if you take the reins then I’’ll just end up  end up playing with your tits.”

    I turned Misty back onto the trail and we headed back.

    She quipped lightly, “Is that a  bad thing?”


    Part 2 Button down Jeans

    I chuckled at her reply. And  didn’t answer

    Kelli leaned in kissing my neck in soft light brushes sliding her arms up to wrap around my neck. I closed my eyes to the delicate touches along that sensitive zone. I reigned Misty back to a gentle stride, as I looked down at Kelli. One hand drifted lower and she began to unbutton my cotton shirt and slide it aside, her fingernails began drifting lightly over my exposed chest as she lightly stroked my flesh with her nails.

    “You’re wiley charms aren’t going to work girl. I am well on to your game.”

    She lifted her lips to mine, dragging against mine in a slow sensual kiss  murmuring,, “ I am distracting myself.”

    She broke her kiss and continued

    “I can make it worth your while.”

    Her hand dropped down, the small fingers dipping under the waistband of my pants. I felt them burrow down and reach to stroke against my cock.She  shifted towards me, pulling herself in a better position to tease along my chin with delicate licks,…and the soft scrapping of her teeth,…working ever closer to my trigger point as fingers wrapped around my shaft and shifted it lay within my jean.


    That was a difficult denial I gave. I felt my blood pooling into my loins,  as her hand began polishing my crown and upper shaft and I couldn’t help but respond to her urging.. A shiver took me as I exhaled and tried to refocus on my balance of us in the saddle feeling the press of my jeans waistband against the swollen head which now peaked above my beltline.. With her feet locking around my hips she rolled her loins over my lap,. Pressing herself against the growing  bulk of my manhood.

    Her eyes drifted down between us as she began to roll against my stiffening shaft balancing herself carefully as she used my shaft, obviously becoming distracted from her initial efforts to influence me.

    Again she reached down, this time fingers unzipping my levis and pushing my underwear down. I reined Misty in finding my own excitement intensified as Kelli took control.  With reins in hand I gripped the saddles pommel and  pressed in the stirrups to lift myself as she worked to free my engorged shaft from its confines. For the most part our efforts met limited success. Seated in the saddle the levis were stretched such that although freed as I reseated my scrotum rested against the ragged teeth of the zipper.

    Her lust had grown, lost in her excitement she I heard her murmur  “Fuck…” as she pressed her crotch against my full shaft and looked up to me. Cupping the back of my neck and pulled me into another deep,  passionate kiss as she reseated herself against my fullness.

    I tightened my  grip on the saddle horn nesting her slightly as I spurred Misty into motion. Kelli gasped in that kiss in reaction to that sudden bounce under the horse's gait. Kelli found her balance and rhythm, didn’t take long for her squirms on my lap to find a cadence of movement with that of the horse.

    She clung to me,…lips tugging on my neck and climbing higher to my ear as she lifted up.

    “Baby slow down…”

    I reined Misty  back and Kelli lowered herself,  slipping back  off to reach down. I felt her legs release me and her feet shift onto the saddle lifting herself up.  Steadying herself I felt her let go of her grip on me and balance herself delicately,..a rush of excitement hit me as I watched her reach between her legs and slide the crotch of her shorts aside,.. Her eyes met mine as she gripped my crown and led it to her slick wet lips.

    I trembled there,..distracted by the need to focus on maintaining balance and control of Misty,…my heart quickening in the moment of knowing I was in Kelli's total control. I could read it in her eyes as she glanced up at me, a coy measure of self confidence and desire taking hold there as she pressed me into the moist warm folds of her sex,…eyes closing as she lost herself into that initial penetration.

    Kelli rolled her hips, her tightness yielding as she dug her slipped her feet down and dug her heel into my calves and pressing my cock  deeper,…lifting herself as she grabbed my hair and shoulder she positioned herself over my my throbbing mass. As our eyes met and I recognized that determined look of lust in her eyes I gripped the saddlehorn tighter as she  pushed herself down, rocking as my length penetrated deeper and deeper under her play.

    Her weight pushed against me, and I felt the pinch of my scrotum onto the metal of my zipper. With her rolling weight settled there and I flinched under the pain of those teeth raking against my sensitive spots. A flurry of obsenties escaped me as I felt the pain assault me,…but I was pinned under her, fixated by the her actions, the feel of her sheathed so deep, impulsive,…even knowing the consequential pain I spurred Misty forward as Kelli entwined herself, clinging there as the horses motion bounced her on my mass.

    I can’t say it lasted long,…the painful scrap of metal on my scrotum started to build as skin raw by the metal grating began to burn. I continued to hold tight to the saddlehorn,  mesmerized by the feeling of being buried into her soaked heat,…the feel of her fucking,…of her using me in the moment…trying to focus on control of the mount as I was riden. Her slim hips began rolling in an ernst fuck of me.

    Kelli moaned,…she clung to me. Her lips close to my ears and I heard every delicious whimper and groan of soft  cries of pleasure in the moment as she fucked me,..her vaginal walls clenching and releasing as she bit down on my shoulder muffling her sounds a.
    nd hips churned on me. Misty slowed,…and Kelli reaching her peak leaned back, interlacing her fingers behind my neck as her hips rolled harder and faster grinding down onto me in that final effort to breach the edge of her orgasm.

    I felt a mix wave of ecstasy…conflicted between the Kelli’s use of me and the  total pain with the hard rake of those metal teeth against my balls. As she rolled hard and gasped in sudden movement she pulled herself to me. She kissed me hard biting my lip as the wave of her release took hold. She shivered hard in that kiss and I felt her quiver and release in a  gasp.

    It took a moment for me to realize Misty had stopped. We had returned to the gate and the mare stood quiet…as Kelli sat still impaled up on me savoring her receding aftershocks.

    I didn’t say a word,…I gave her that quiet moment to regroup before as I shifted under her lifting my hips slightly under her to continue  and find my own efforts for release. Kelli released her teethy grip and kissed my neck.

    “Thanks for the fuck cowboy.”  She murmured and pushed herself back with a satisfied grin.

    I began to protest but her weight grated my scrotum against my zipper as she slid back.. I yelped in shock, and Kelli slipped away sliding down off the saddle.

    “Wait  a minute..” .I protested…

    Kelli laughed,…”I got mine…” she looked up at me while she rearranged her shorts, cocked her head giving  me a concerned look. “I can see my parents' house from here, and they could see us. “ She paused, then asked concerningly…” You ok?”

    “You were fucking grating my balls like it was  on a cheese grater….jesus girl.” I lifted myself and peered down at the inflamed skin of my scrotum worn away …”christ..”

    “I’ll get you some udder balm when we get back to the barn.”

    I scoffed at her remark…my eyes still looking down noting my shaft glistening in her moisture.
    I was hurting…I was still hard…unsatisfied and horny.

    I heard her remark,…”I’ll get the gate and save you the pain…this time.” adding as she giggled

    “Fuck this…”  Not thinking right…. I swung my leg up and over impulsively dropped quick from the saddle and immediately regretted it. Pants unzipped dropped binding my movement in my dismount, and I gasped at a sudden sharp pain and lost by balance. I fell unceremoniously to the ground landing in a face first heap.

    Horses spooked, scattering in the moment as I hugged the ground in white flash of pain.

    Kelli broke into laughter further humiliating me in the moment. Still snickering as she controlled herself to a point “Oh my God,….babe,…that was soooo….”

    She stopped her words mid sentence as I slowly lifted myself up, my eyes  meeting her the humour in her eyes.

    She knew the look. She backed up raising a hand.

    “Babe, lets go home and I promise to personally tend to your wounds.” She turned slightly from me retreating  towards the gate

    I muttered lowly,…”Oh this is so not done.”

    I crawled  back to my feet. One hand gripping the unhinged pants as my cock still swollen dangled and waved in a partial erection as I moved. I must have been a sight, stalking her half undressed, soiled by the fall into the dirt with that dangling cock.

    She glanced back giggling then saw the look of determination in my eyes. Her mood hardly changed even when she recognized the signs. I began walking towards her clutching my pants  and  she turned to me raising a hand to stop me.

    Kelli broke into laughter as she backed up. “You realize how ridiculous you look?”

    I didn’t answer, but kept narrowing the space between us, backing her against the metal fence.

    I heard her mutter,…”Oh my god.,…” still laughing at me as I cornered her.

    “Babe,…” Kelli attempted to dodge my advances.dipping and darting to the side. I reached out and hooked her waist as she dipped by. Hoisting her off her feet while she kicked and protested she laughed,…twisted to me and started punching my chest. “Fucking let go of me…”

    I answered in absolute.


    I twisted about to the fence and set her down against it pressing in as  I  leaned to kiss her,  even as her fists hit my chest in protest. My kiss settled deeper as I reached up and found her wrists as she squirmed there in the moment lifting them to pin them against the top rail of the metal post.

    Restrained there , that deep kiss of our lips moving now together quelled her fight. I felt the tension pass and released her wrists as she fed into the passion of the moment. She reached up, wrapping her arms about my neck, cupping the back of my head as she moved in her lips in response in growing heat kissing me back. Pushing her hips to me she broke that kiss, her dark eyes looking up at me as her quickened breaths betrayed her need.

    Our eyes locked and I muttered low, “Say no and I’ll stop”

    She shook her head in disagreement, “Gwad, just  fuck me…” she muttered and twisted herself  around against the gate.

    I muttered,…”Was there any other decision here.” I bent and hooked my finger into her shorts and underwear, pulling them down completely. Kelli kicked them free then spread her legs shoving her tight buttocks back towards me as she arched  and hooked her arms around the top rail.

    There was almost a plea of need in her eyes as I hunched down and fed my cock back into her. As I penetrated her grip tightened to the rail steadying herself as I latched tight to  her hips and began a slow thrust. She didn’t hold back, moaning loudly.

    Once in I reached up and gripped the rail myself and began a quickened rain of shallow thrusts on her. She wanted more,She looked back expectantly as i felt her lift a leg and hook it to a lower rail offering deeper penetration. I took it.

    My cock burrowed into her,…punching quickly as plunged into that sweet tightness and felt her pussy sucking on my bulk as I sawed into her. The gate rattled as our actions intensified and we fucked there. Her hips bucking under my thrusts, fully engulfed my balls slapped under her. There was pain, but pain mired under the heat and excitement of the moment.

    And this time….

    This time…

    My release was not denied.

    I dropped my hands to her waist as I reached my peak,…grinding hard as I hunched over her petite frame. Groaning as my cock pulsed  inside her and spilled my seed into her depths.She came after me…a hard shudder as she clung to the fence.

    I heard her mutter an astonished  “Fuck.” as we stood there afterwards panting.I kissed her neck,…and earlobe….muttered lowly “I got mine.”

    She trembled at my words, letting her breaths settle before replying “Mmhmm…that was hot baby.”

    I murmured lowly in agreement still panting hard.. Kelli ease forward disengaging and knelt there as she lowered down to pick up her shorts and underwear. She paused for a moment and I felt her fingers cup my scrotum and lift.Glancing down I could see her assessing the damage down there.


    “What love?”

    We seriously need to go into town and switch you to button down 501’s” I don’t want this happening again.

    Even though I winced at her touch,…I smiled.

    I liked the thought of a next time.


    Part One:

    The flashing neon light of the roadhouse washed the stars aside. I took a moment to close my eyes and adjust to the night vision. Taking slow deep breaths I could  taste the delicious aroma of charcoaled meat in the air, a lingering hint of wine,…and suddenly the sweet scent of her perfume. Slender fingers entwined with mine and I felt the soft brush of plump lips brush against my cheek.

    The soft melody of her whisper made me smile

    “Hey you..”

    I opened my eyes and looked down into Amy’s beaming eyes sparkling with life. She was gorgeous this night even though dressed in a simple summer dress which hugged her tight lithe frame.

    “Hey you,…” I replied, then leaned in to give her a gentle kiss. Her arms reached up and crossed behind my neck as the kiss lingered long and slowly settled into a prolonged caress of lips and tongues locked into sensual foreplay.

    I heard her murmur a “mmmm” as she eased herself away and looked up as her fingers twisted and teased the hair at the back of my neck.

    “I think I am ready to head back to the cabin for a nightcap and dessert.”

    “Oh you are?” I replied, looking down into those mischievous eyes, “I would have thought you quite filled after a meal like that? You have room for dessert? “

    She gave me a coy smirk

    It was quite clear the atmosphere of my favorite rural  roadhouse, with its high backed booths, low lighting and candlelight had worked its magic. The private, quiet intimacy  of sharing a meal of prime rib, prawns, and a couple of bottles of wine had set the mood for the night.

    “I’ll take that as meaning a more,…filling type of a desert?”

    She lifted to her tip toes and gave me a soft kiss. “Take me home cowboy, you’ll find out”

    I let my mind wander into the endless possibilities, Murmuring a low “Mmmm” as she eased away and took my hand and led me off to find my truck.

    We crossed the road into the dimly lit overflow parking area. The place was a popular local establishment, and had been packed by the time we had arrived. We had been forced to park in the backside of the dirt lot across the street, far back near the edge of the ringing forest  where a single lamp hung strung between trees to illuminate the area.

    Hand in hand we walked her other hand clasping to my elbow as we strolled through the lot, huddled tight in slow intimacy. The amorous mood led me to consider taking a slower backroad home, one that would wind us to the ridgeline where a pecul;iar little turnoff gave a spectacular view of the valley in the low moon light. One never knew where such a romantic  little viewpoint could lead to. My mind flirted briefly with the prospect of a heated passionate episode.

    As we rounded the truck I let go of her hand and unlocked the passenger door, fully intending to take advantage of her tight short little sundress hiking up as she climbed up into the cab of the old Chevy Silverado.

    I turned about, Amy stood a few feet away, her eyes glued to the car parked next to us.

    “What year is this corvette?”

    I glanced at the car parked in that last spot before the forest. The sleek black lines of the corvette were unmistakable. The elongated design indicated a classic.

    I pondered her question, “Mmmmm,….76’ perhaps”

    Amy reached out with her hand, fingertips glancing along the trunks as if erotically caressing it.  She turned from me,  her legs crossing as she walked in seductive flow continuing that light touch along the lines of the machine.

    As she moved around the rear of the car I sighed, closed the truck door and went off to follow her.

    As I rounded the trunk of the car she glanced up and asked me, “Have I ever told you about my boyfriend James?

    I shook my head no.

    She moved along the far side of the car, and my annoyance had turned into a curiosity. There was a curious sexual vibe to the moment. Evident in her movement and fixation. She was on a roll and continued talking. I followed rounding the trunk to join her on the far side. Crossing my arms I leaned against the corvette watching her intently as she continued her story.

    “He had a vette' just like this…1976,”  She bent down as she reached the passenger door and  tried to peer through the windows to look inside.


    “I dated James a couple years after my breakup. We met at a bar, had a good time and he offered to take drive me home afterwards in his vette', I couldn't refuse “

    *I remarked, “Cause it was a corvette?”

    Amy giggled, and I added “I am guessing you didn't make it home.”

    “Mmm, would that shock you.”

    I had to chuckle, “Most women love these classics, something very sexy about a vette’,…like an aphrodisiac.”

    Amy was still bent over in her intent to look inside, her little butt hunched out as in her postured struggle to look inside. I pushed off from the car and moved behind her, bent over our hips close to together as aI briefly joined her in a vain effort.

    “You won’t see much inside,…just too dark here babe.”

    I patted her butt and straightened up as I stepped back. Amy gave up and straightened herself stepping back against me. My arms instinctively wrapped around her little  body and she snuggled herself against me.

    “So tell me more.” I asked.

    Amy confessed that the corvette and speed of the ride had turned her on. A memory which still had some effect because I felt her moving her hips against me as she recounted a rather brief  hot steamy summer romance.

    “So…” I had to ask the question that was on my mind, “Did you fuck him inside the car?”

    Amy laughed, stated it was too cramped, but admitted she had given him a blow job in it. I pressed for the details of that… and she shared her story…all the while rubbing her butt against my crotch. Her movements began to work her magic. My hand drifted up cupping her breast as she gyrated there. With a little gasp she shifted harder against me. Her little body rubbing against me simply escalated my arousal,… and her too. After a while she reached back and I felt her delicate s fingers rubbing my bulge with her hands.

    When she was finished I asked her again. “So he never fucked you in the car?

    “No, answered that already.”

    “That you did,…Obviously you get turned on by these machines,…so….. did he fuck you against it?”

    She  laughed, “Oh god no,… he was far too particular about keeping it neat and shiny. I Thought he was going to lose it when he ejaculated over the leather seats.”

    I  muttered, “Fool,..If this was my car I would have had you well fucked before you even got into it.”

    The suggested imagery caught her attention. She trembled against me…”Oh?” she seeme to linger her thoughts on my words,…”You'd fuck me good and hard?


    She reached back and gripped my hip, rolling her hips intently as I heard that distinct change in her tone, “How hard babe? “

    I let one hand dip down to her crotch and began massaging against her mons as the other cupped and kneaded her breast. Shoving  my engorged bulk against her I whispered slowly into her ear.

    “I'd fuck that tight little hole so hard you'd be senseless from the orgasms.”

    I could feel that little shiver she'd get when I spoke words that made those little flutters of excitement twitch inside her.  She paused,… and then then disentangled herself from my grip. Briefly she turned and backed from me to the side of the corvette. She licked her lips as her own hand dipped between her legs. She turned slowly, eyes never breaking from mine as she slowly,…seductively lifted up the back of her dress to expose me to her tight little ass. That look on her face,…her biting her lip as he rolled there was a  come hither look I knew so well.


    part Two

    I was already rock hard from her play,…nobody was in the lot,…it was fairly dark. My truck obscured  us from most of the lot view. So I stepped forward close to her and reached down pushing her panties to the side. I rolled a finger into her….god she was soaked….she was in that state
    I felt Amy stiffen as my finger penetrated her. Her slick slit pooled at upon the probe of my fingers. Her excitement had already nearly peaked and she began to move whimpering when I worked that finger into her. I could hear her whisper her little plea.

    “Oh god,..fuck me now..Fucking use me.”

    I needed no encouragement, I unbuckled my belt and ripped the buttons of my 501’s open, releasing my raging hard on and stepping up behind her.

    I kicked her legs apart, gripped the back of her neck and pressed her down over the hood….

    I grabbed that big thick cock of mine and rolled  it against her dripping wet slit as I heard her continued begging whimpers….then pushed myself in.

    She came almost immediately as my cock burrowed into her.

    Amy’s hands struggled for a grip, her arms outstretched clawing at the metal hood nails raking across the metal fruitless in finding a grip. She pressed up arching in there in that orgasm while I began my flurry of fast and furious thrusts. My hand slipped from her neck and gripped her hair, holding her in that arched position as I felt her juices running down my shaft,..that tight fit, a snug little pussy contracting on my bulk as my fat cock began to race through her.

    I slipped into a zone of self absorption in the act, oblivious to everything but our wild momentary union. I am not certain how many orgasms she had in that brief period, but I swear she was nearly screaming and sobbing continuously as I pounded against her little body.

    We couldn't have fucked for long before I heard voices which broke the intoxicating moment. I glanced up and saw a group crossing the street to find their car in the lot. The rush of near discovery hit me. I grinded hard into Amy, holding still as I felt a wave of contractions ripple on my bulk. As it passed I pulled back quickly and pulled her up,…weak kneed she crumbled down to her knees, behind the car.

    Her reaction caught me totally off guard. Immediately she twisted down there and latched on to my cock and started wildly sucking her juices off me.  I gripped the hood of the corvette while she slobbered over my dick, licking along that shaft and began to work over my bulbous head with her tongue. I shuddered in pleasure as her mouth wrapped over me and took me into her mouth. She reached around and gripped my buttocks digging her nails into the muscular flesh as she suddenly deepthroated my cock.  I almost lost it feeling my cock slide down into her throat.

    Luckily there was that distraction of the small group that were talking and bidding their goodnights.

    I just stood there, Amy at my feet,  ramming down on my cock feeding on my meat feverishly while I  watched the group disperse to their cars. Repeatedly she took me, gagging and slobbering, gasping as she pulled back and collected her breath as drool flowed heavily from her mouth. Again and again she jammed my cock down her throat and dug her nails deeper into my buttcheeks. She was locked into her wild lust for the moment and it was contagious.

    As soon as I saw our detractors pulling out of the lot I began to disentangle myself from Amy.  There was a momentary pause of protest as I pulled her off my cock, but she stood up quickly. Amy grabbed my hair and pulled me down into a deep wild kiss biting my lip hard as I gripped her hips and lifted her to the hood.

    She released the kiss briefly looking at me lustfully as I pressed her legs apart and reached down to her soaked pussy eager to feed her pussy to my cock again.  Her hands dipped to my shirt and I was caught off guard as she suddenly ripped my shirt open sending buttons flying everywhere .  Again she grabbed my hair and yanked my lips into a hard passionate kiss as one hand raked her fingernails across my pecs.

    I shook there,…lost in my inferno of desire.

    I wanted her….I needed her.

    Impatient as she kissed me, I gave up my fumbling probe and gripped her panties and  ripped them apart. As Amy wrapped her legs about me I gripped my thick member and led it back to her heated need.  Gripping a hip I set her back upon me and pushed into her. Amy shuddered hard as I re-entered. As my hips began churning, she released her kiss and clung tight.

    Then I drilled her



    In no time Amy was screaming again in an orgasm … a fucking hard orgasm as I felt her dig her nails into my pec and her teeth biting hard on my shoulder. Sheathed again fully into her snug fit I could feel  her little pussy cum on me, once,…twice then breaking into in a chain…those contractions, a warmth of liquid flushing about me,  and waves of spasms milking me as my thrusts were pounding her,…they set me off quick.
    Anchoring my stance  I set myself and ground hard and deep into her. I pinned her there, impaled on my bulk as I finished,  churning my length into her in a flurry of quick short thrusts until I  flooded her in a wildly hard orgasm of my own, blanking out from the intensity as my release pulsed repeatedly in a wave of pulses.

    I pulled out of her…watched as her pussy dripped of our cum. Amy started to move off the hood and I told her to wait.

    She looked at me confused,…still dazed from her orgasms.

    I pulled her up into a sitting position…and said…

    “Squeeze it out baby”

    She gave me a little smirk,…then obliged. I stood there watching, my eyes darting between hers and that sweet slit as she deposited a pool of juices on the hood of the corvette.

    Our eyes locked, and I smiled adding “Nicely done Princess.”

    I reached out and scooped her off the hood and set her wobbly legged on the ground.
    She muttered “God, I am such a mess” as she looked down at her dress. Slavia drenched,  it clung to her bosom, her perky nipples jutting against the light fabric. Her hair was disheveled, mascara smeared and I was no better. My shirt flapped buttonless, My pants were wet from the flush of buried squirts from her that had overflowed down. I pulled my pants up and rebuttoned the soaked crotch,  then  took the torn and tattered shirt off and offered it to her to use to clean herself up with.

    As she cleaned herself I glanced briefly at my right pec and eyed the deep scratches that wept lightly of blood.

    Still in a giddy state of a high I muttered “Gwad,…luv, that was…”

    I was lost for an adequate word.

    Amy glanced up with that mischievous smirk. Handing me the soiled short she offered,


    She rose tiptoed to give me a quick kiss, and tugged lightly on my lip which I suddenly realized was swollen and bloody

    In that  adrenaline filled post coitus high we laughed and gathered ourselves moving quickly to the truck. I helped her in and reached behind the bench seat and grabbed a blanket stored there for her. Then scooted around to the drivers side and clambered into the cab.

    With  Amy tight at my side in the truck I fired up the engine and we rumbled out of  that parking lot, hoping to get clear before anyone connected us to that pool of cum puddled on the hood of the corvette.

    Once on the highway the truck roared as I gassed it and we headed off into the night. Amy snuggled tight to me and I felt her fingers eventually drift up and begin playing with the curls of my hair as the other lingered on my thigh. She seemed quite preoccupied in thought as we drove away lost into our own private thoughts.

    After a few minutes I felt her lips brush softly on my earlobe and the seductive whisper of her voice.

    “So tell me cowboy,…”

    “Have you ever fucked anyone in this truck?”


    She follows me into  the barn and I turn about and close the barn door behind her.

    My eyes eat her up in her daisy dukes and crop top with those firm mounds peeking under the tight bow of her top.

    “Princess, for a city girl you wear that outfit well.” I push her against the barn door and kiss her hard. My hands roaming,..groping as she moans into my kiss and the slow seductive run of my hands over her tight little body.I am grinding her against the door,…my excitement build. My lust flames.

    I abandon her body and reach down,…ripping the buttons open on my 501's and press her down  to her knees. Her eyes are lite with desire as she sees that throbbing mass of cock before her. Hungrily she grips it , wraps her lips about my crown and teases me mercilessly with the run of her silken  tongue along the rim of my broad cap.

    She works lower lifting my cock to allow her lips and tongue to slide along that pulsing shaft,… lips again kissing, sucking and nibbling …caressing as she works down and up along the length shaft.  Again she suck and tugs along the rim  and  pulls the crown between her plump lips. I cup the back of her neck as she opens her mouth and sinks slowly onto my shaft….drooling fiercely as my cock slips and slide along the bed of her tongue and works into her throat.

    I close my eyes and lose myself to her…She yields her throat to me.

    She pulls back and murmurs…”Gwad I need you babe”

    My soul echoes her words.

    “Princess,…I fucking want you”

    I grip her hair and pull her up, twist her about  across a wheelbarrow and push her cross it. The swift decisive force excited her. She glances back with a begging look in her eyes. as I yank her shorts down and slap that firm ass once.

    “You fucking beautiful sexy woman.” I murmur.

    Gripping my cock, I  dip my hips and lead that soaked crown to her tight puckered rosette.  I press….sinking in slow into her ass  as I feel her tightness grip upon me and her body shiver in delight,.. the quick rush of her excitement flushes upon me as I roll in push myself deeper and reach down to grip her hair.

    “Mine luv,…fucking… mine.” I slam in sending her to the edge with my claim. The words and force filled thrusts pushing her body and mind over the edge as I plough her ass.


    I fuck that sweet lil body hard.

    Her orgasms root and she arches hard… shaking on my cock as her juices flush from her cunt and soak my testicles.

    I keep fucking…keep telling her words she already knows and breathes…

    “Princess….you are mine.”

    And I hear her murmur that sweet confirmation as she arches and cums hard again



    Nice stories, Bear 

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