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Better category organization for pose sex

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    Hello to the AChat team 🙂

    Today I’m coming to you with a proposal to reorganize the AChat pose sex categories into something clearer and more understandable.

    Because a lot of things don’t add up, such as finding Anal poses mixed with Vaginal in the same category… it would be better to sort each pose.

    All Vaginal positions, in a Vaginal category and Anal poses with an Anal category, because unfortunately every other time, during a pose change I often get anal wrong, because either the title of the pose and also watch more poses that are proposed by the creators, because well some pose, are either poorly done, or one would say a robotic pose or not at all fluid in the movement … at least that’s what we find a pity compared to AChat with my girlfriend, despite the wide choice of pose.

    This is my proposal for 2024, and I hope you’ll do something with it 🙂


    Hi Zaven,
    Welcome back to Forum. It’s good to see you bro.

    Your points and ideas are very valid & it would be a good idea if Achat could identify in the pose pic whether the base (default) pose is Anal or Vaginal.
    I am aware that often vaginal poses have an anal option action and vice versa so it would be perfect for the pose pic to identify which is which, even if just a letter of A or V in the thumbnail pic you click on to choose.

    I’ll forward to Achat Support for them to consider.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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