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Can anyone explain how leveling up works?

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Home Forums Quick-Start Guides Can anyone explain how leveling up works?


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    If I understand correctly, you get 1 level per item bought, but is it also possible to level up passively by having sex etc?  If so, how does that work? I’ve had a few encounters, maybe 10, but my level hasn’t increased and as far as I can tell there isn’t a progress meter or anything like that?



    I think it’s a combination of various things , mate.

    Who truly understands the workings of this wonderful wacky world we choose to inahabit?

    Just pile in and have fun…don’t worry about levelling…

    there are no end of level bosses to beat or trophies to collect (unless you want to count a tally of scratches on the bedpost).
    Crack on and enjoy it, make friends and have fun.

    See you in the game, no doubt



    Out of curiosity, where can you see what level you are at. I’ve been searching but can’t find mine. 🙁


      You need to go to one of the Meeting Places, there you can see your level beside your name floating above you.


    The Level Number can be seen above your head, after your name, in public rooms.

    No one really knows for sure why Levels were bought into the game or exactly how they work. I suspect it was for monetary reasons.

    The higher the level number, it seems, the more that player is active in game play and more money is invested in the game by them.

    More experienced players can tell you the things that can rise or lower it. Most is trial and error.

    I know I have gifted, bought clothes and poses and my levels have remained the same. My spouse has done the same and her level rises.

    From this I presume you have to spend a certain amount before the level rises for men and possibly the levels are kinder to girls. Who knows!!

    The things that seem to effect the level are :

    Amount of friends, lovers, spouses. The more you have, the higher the level. As you lose / delete them, the level lowers.
    Sex in private & public also seems to rise the levels.
    Spending money in the shop buying items or A$
    Buying properties in the public rooms
    Rating sex poses
    Public likes

    Basically, the more you experience the game : spend, gift and play and are an active player, your level will rise.

    You also have the opportunity now of buying levels to feed off the need to belong and look more attractive to other players.

    Good Luck with that, if that is what you want.

    As for me, I enjoy the game the way I want to and levels be damned!


    Yeah same here concerning the importance of these levels.

    So, does it matter ? No. My opinion.

    But, the number does go up. Not every time you buy something though. I was 238 I bought a few items of clothing and now 239. Only just noticed by the way.

    Only the Devs know what this level means. You never know it might have more importance after the update. Who knows. But it might just be something to do with bragging rights. Something I’m Really not interested in.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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