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Why does AChat Censor some Profile, Forum and Chat Messages?

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    Congratulations Tight Holmes 😉
    I don’t believe the whores are using this forum. But probably the true members don’t use this combination so it’s not necessary to publish it.


    Why Does Achat Censor Some Profile Messages?

    AS i browse users, sometimes i see the simeple message “I Love AChat”.
    Now that i know, i realize thats what Achat shows when they censor a users real message.

    The user posts a message like “Hi, I have pics for A$, contact me” and achat censors it to “I Love AChat” without letting the user know.

    I always message them and explain, and they are able to fix it to work. What a pain in the ass just because some developer thinks this is a good feature.

    Cummon people, this is an ADULT site. If you want to censor something, at least tell the user you did.


    “I love AChat” filter work-around

    Okay, I was reading some posts and I read one about the “I Love AChat” filter they’ve been doing to our profiles IN CLIENT!

    I put the “in client” part because if you come to the website and search for the person and read their profile here, IT SHOWS THEIR REAL DESCRIPTION. Yes, I realize it is a lot of work, but if you really want to know what they are trying to say, it helps.


    I don't care about the people having “I Love AChat” in their description since they are just whoring themselves out.


    It's not true that all with “I love Achat” in their profiles are whores, I am far from a whore as I loath the asking for cash for sex thing however i have my banners removed many times and I'm unsure why because there was no mention of A dollars or gifts. I think Achat needs to let us know exactly what we can and cannot write on avatars


    agreed x2


    Sounds weird anyways…AChat lose money that way…let ppl do their thing.
    Well I havent any pics for sale…had a bad expiriance by share some (got crappy pics back)…So I’ll pass if ppl ask for sharing.

    Yep..its Adult game Im told 😉


    I'd say its a try to stop a little of the whoring that is going on. I for one don't like all the whoring, I don't really see why I would bother selling myself for A$.


    Welcome Doc,

    as far as we can guess, the censoring was introduced to at least dam the whoring. Though it doesn't help much. Unbfortunately the A-team is not very big on communicating with the community. I can give you a list of examples (my favorite being the arrival and disappearance of the general chat function) For instance, every self-respecting game has a nerwsletter, anouncing coming features, updates, etc. This game doesn't. That alone baffles me really. I'd like to get a preview of the coming update, and when it is coming. Instead of being surprised by the update bar suddenly appearing, with a surprise release. Why not flaunt with the newest creation?
    Sorry, am in a venting mood today appareantly. Just want this game to grow up and  become better.


    There have been threads about this in the past. If you want to read what they really wrote without asking them, do a search and click on their picture. It will show their unedited post instead of “I Love AChat”….it's tedious, but I find it easier than having people call me names for saying their banner doesn't show up correctly (and some do get down right nasty).


    Vent away Tight,… they could use your insight.

    I've noticed a significant drop of players in my time period. The fact that a few of my playmates have totally disappeared and moved on makes me ponder the value of continuing…

    I tend attribute the drop from the development teams inability to catch the potential here. Though recent poses have shown remarkable improvements,..the basics ie: clothing options they continually roll out are lacking.  Here again, if more women spoke up and voiced the disapproval perhaps they would listen,… I know I am not enough of a metro  man to like what they have offered.

    Janine Dee

    I know I'm not coming back until (unless?) they make it worth my time in FF(F), and I don't even say that in anger. It's just common sense.


    Links in profile

    Hi everyone 🙂

    I’m wondering if web links in the profile description are allowed.

    I heard links are replaced by something like “I love AChat”. 😛

    What about AChat dedicated blog links?

    Wanted to explain how I “play” AChat on a blog, tell my connection shedule, organize some games, show pictures and stuff, and improve the AChat experience in that way.
    Two lines in City/Country/Description is kinda short for all of this.

    (English isn’t my native language, don’t hesitate to correct my mistakes.)



    Hi Glane and welcome!

    This is something we have talk, if i'm not remember it bad but not sure….so, now i don't know why link in profile are not allowed, but for sure i know there are other words that were replaced by “I love AChat”

    Your idea about the blog for AChat is nice, but…..i ask to my self: why don't try to put your idea here in this forum to grown the AChat experience directly!? had you ever think about it!? If you want to try, you are welcome and it will be a pleasure for us reading what you have in mind!


    Some words are forbidden and if you use them they are replaced with “I love AChat”. Links belong to these forbidden words but I can't tell you the reason. Probably they want to avoid to post links to competitiors.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 57 total)
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