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Christmas! Christmas?… in search of the feeling of Christmas)))

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    Max Alefz

    Based on the experience of other RPGs and also “adult” RPGs… I, as a relatively new player with little experience, was expecting a pleasant and warm event during the Christmas and New Year winter holidays.
    But alas for me…

    Okay, a relatively simple idea for these warm and fuzzy holidays.
    Collect once during this period and complete one such event (quest) in AChat.
    As the simplest idea for Christmas and New Year – collect a collection of “20 winter boxes” in a winter location in random places from December 20 to January 14 and for this you will receive a warm postcard to your registration email, and 111A$ (or a random game item – an item of clothing , location, pose, piece of furniture, decor….etc.) – this will increase the attendance of the game, and bring back those who have not visited it for a long time – such a nice event.

    the dates December 20 and January 14 were chosen relatively arbitrarily.
    It’s just that people usually start preparing for Christmas and New Year’s Eve on December 20th. And on January 14 – well, for example in Russia it is the “old new year” – and all New Year and Christmas celebrations finally end.


    Sadly we get little from Achat for an organised event, it is common for the many regular Achat Users to hold events in locations, find for example the memorial service for Shezawolf, my own Wedding Service to Alberto TheCult contained in the Achat Movies channel on Achat Friends discord channel as examples of organised events. Great visionary my Russian friend

    Max Alefz

    fortunately the Internet keeps all traces… and even deleted messages on this forum.

    I hope this idea has been passed on to the developers and owners of AChat, and will be implemented next Christmas and New Year.
    This is not a desire to get “freebies and free cheese” for all players… it’s just that this quest and event in the game will significantly increase online during the winter holidays, and naturally the number of purchases of game items by AChat players.

    As reported by dear @JessiCapri – You are doing a huge and important job.
    But the fact is… that now is a different time, and completely different people come to play Achat – than 20 years ago during the dawn of the era of forums.
    Now is the time for social networks, interactive and fast support service… I hope respected developers keep up with the times and understand that now the gaming community is built and organized according to slightly different principles.


    Hi Max,

    That would have been a great idea and fun for members to find in the public rooms of Achat and alas a missed opportunity by Achat.
    Hopefully by next Christmas, something will be organised.

    I do believe Achat gave away a Christmas outfit for the ladies last year, but the men didn’t get anything.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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