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Clothes creation – big big prize! 10000 a$!!!

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    Hello everyone!

    I’m Adelaid, a pose creator and enthusiastic achat player.

    I would like to see, long time actually, piece of clothes that can stay on while fucking scenes begins, and even if something like this is already available, i feel the missing of pieces like thongs pulled aside while fucking and also bras that can be pulled enough to show the breasts even if in the beginning of the room encounter they are completely covering body parts.

    Yet i’d also like open bras or string bikinis that stays on while fucking.

    I hope i’ve explained what i mean in a clear way. If someone can do that, i’ll gladly give him/her a 10k a$ prize, after an evaluation of the job done.

    I’ll gladly answer every question about what i mean and i hope someone can do the job, thanks a lot in advance!


    Hey Adelaid!! Hot idea! I am sure some of our brilliant designers are up to the challenge! Looking forward to the outcome!


    Welcome Adelaid to Forum.
    What a great and generous first post.

    I hope you make a Topic in “Artists Alley” to showcase all your pose creations and of course join in more topics in forum such as the fun and games in the “Quizz, Fav TV, Fav Music, Fav Films, Books…” section.

    Back to topic… calling all you new and old designers … here is a great contest to get your creative juices flowing.
    I wish you all good look and may the best design win.

    A$10,000 to the winner, sponsored by Adelaid… The Contest Judge and A Pose Designer of Achat.


    Maybe these fit the bill to what you are asking?
    (By the way.. if he wins… he has to share with me for putting his designs forward :P)

    Released Tuesday 15 February 2022

    Released Wed 13 April 2022


    Hello the 2 outfits I made are meant to do that but they don’t for some reason… I contacted achat if they can fix that I’ll let you know when I get a reply.


    Panties never stay on in sex poses. Your new outfits Joe are in the panties section.


    actually the Boyshorts are made from leggings png….. achat released them in the panty category.


    Well that’s their fault then.

    Lets hope they move them to the right section so you can claim the 10 K.


    Hello everyone and sorry for my late answer!

    First of all i thank Joehot for the awesome effort put in trying to satisfy my request. I spoke to another costume creator and she also said me that technical problems made almost impossible to made thongs pulled aside on one side only, because clothes have to be symmetric.

    Now i ask you something, and forgive my ignorance: starting from pants or collants, that stays on also while fucking, is it possible to obtain something like this:

    If you want see the video from the pic just look for ‘gina wild creampie’ on xhamster and you can see what i mean. The tong opens aside simmetrically and the man can fuck easily.

    I hope my request can be afforded succesfully, in case it can’t, i will surrender, i tried.

    Joehot, if you manage to do something like i suggested now, i will raise to 12.000 the prize for you. if you cannot, i will give you 3.000 anyway.


    Hi Adelaide,
    Your offers are very generous.

    I think there is an issue as Zuzannah above has identified.
    The designers could perhaps do the designs but Achat’s poses do not allow for the panties to stay on during sex.

    The panties or briefs are removed during sexual intercourse.
    I know the guy’s briefs disappear when he has a hard on.

    Some poses allow the bras to stay on and then others remove them.
    Perhaps Achat or the pose creators could think of a pose where the sex clothing can stay on or maybe Achat could create an on/off button just for sex clothes.

    I have sent a request to Achat to see if an On/Off sex clothes button is possible and if one could be created for the game.
    If or when I get an answer, I’ll update this topic.


    This recently released outfit by NikkyHot could also fit the contest criteria perhaps…
    A dress with a street clothes version and a sex clothes version.


    Hi everyone. I thank all creators for the effort, but it seems impossible to satisfy my request, as several clothes creators told me. I will give a consolation prize of 3000 a$ to joehot and 1000 to nikkyhot for their efforts, but i wanna make clear that the last set, the red dress, stays on in the exposing version during sex only for etherosexual couples. Sissies and shemales, when starts the fuck, get fully naked.
    I’m seriously bored by that. I don’t declare close thw contwst btw, i hope soon it will bwcome poaaible to have my dream fulfilled, we’ll see… Who knows.


    Hi Adelaid,
    Thank you for highlighting the problem… I think many of us were unaware of such a problem until your contest made us all aware.

    I am also disappointed that the clothes disappear… fucking in clothes can be very exciting and opens a world of hot role playing.

    Thank you for your generous offer to the two clothes creators and those who have tried to meet the requirements of the contest.

    I have opened a topic here for further discussion on the subject and to bring the issues and wants of members to Achat’s attention.

    Share your creative ideas – Game Idea. Erection fix for Shemales & Males

    Game Idea. Erection fix for Shemales and Males so lower sex clothes can be warn.


    thank you very much for your appreciation.

    .. Sissies and shemales, when starts the fuck, get fully naked ..
    unfortunately it is an imposition of the game, wanted by the devs, only they can change it.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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