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    Clothes editor
    I have a request. Can someone explain to me how to design clothes? Tell me what program to use etc.


    My first project. I’ve been fighting all night 🙂


    Hey Adamsss,
    That’s a great first try. I’m sure your designs will soon be in the shops.
    Please link up with some of the other designers who will no doubt give your tips and an idea how long it takes for an outfit from creation to the shop takes.
    I think its currently about 5 months.
    Good Luck in your endeavours.


    Adamsss I have been on AChat for years and have never even attempted. Good on you! Love the length! Not all women want what belongs to their man displayed for all. So thank you ever so much and look forward to seeing it in the shop!


    Thank you very much. It’s not easy but “for those who want nothing difficult” I just don’t know where I can download such files as are in “earn a living” on the main page

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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