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Contest 3: That moment when I exploded full of lust and desire

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    This is the 3rd part of the “That moment when…” contest

    We would like to dedicate this contest to one of our late members  jcm0824.  He was very much a beloved member of the game and forum and always enjoyed our contests. He bequeathed his remaining A$ credit to our forum contests to use for prizes. God bless you James and RIP.
    We think he would have enjoyed this special contest series and approved of the content, idea and the fun of taking part.  He loved stories and naughty pics so this seemed a nice and fitting way to remember him. He was a great guy and everyone liked him.  Enjoy reading as much as taking part. Good Luck Everyone.

    The two previous contests in the series can be found here :

    Contest 1

    Adult Game AChat > Organizations & Events > Contest > Contest. 1 The moment that you felt flattered was when…,4146.0.html

    1.  A$ 1,500  –  Iamincharge
    2.  A$ 1,000  –  ItsAmy123
    3.  A$   500  –   Jeff66

    Contest 2 can be found here.

    Adult Game AChat > Organizations & Events > Contest > Contest 2. The moment that was hottest or steamiest was when…,4277.0.html

    1 A$ 1,500  –  GsCougar
    2 A$ 1,000  –  Covems
    3 A$ 500  –  Vaughan   

    Now for the final part –  Contest 3: That moment when I exploded full of lust and desire ….

    The idea:
    – You room with someone
    – Afterwards, you post in this topic
    – You post the name of your partner
    – You say for how long you have been in room
    – You post one sentence or a short description: What made you exploding (what has your partner done or said to give you this hot moment)
    – If possible: Add 1 or 2 pics
    You might have noticed already: In the end, you're praising your partner – he/she can be the winner, not you

    The rules:
    – Ask your partner for permission!!!
    – You can post as many dates as you want
    – You post the name of your partner and a rose if it was a girl or shemale and a drink if it was a guy (pics of rose and drink will be added)
    – After one month, there will be a poll: Members decide about the most wonderful way to make you feel special
    – In this poll, the 5 most frequently mentioned members will be added
    – This game  is running for  month and the Poll will be afterwards
    – The winner get A$
    – Maybe the member who posted most dates gets a price too 

    So please, enjoy & take part …


    1.  I arrived home on The Aqua Pirate and immediately contacted my woman. I had missed her and had a fire in my belly only she could extinguish.
    Luckily, I found the feeling was mutual.

    She arrived at my Houseboat as excited as me.

    “Look at you”  I admired her. She had dressed up for me. I was honoured at her efforts.


    I quickly stripped her and me of our clothing, picked her up and sat her right on my cock, kissing her at the same time.
    “Now fuck me baby, show me how much you missed me”  I whispered in her ear, teasing it at the same time with my tongue.

    She fucked me, then sucked me

    Until my  alpha male took control. I picked her up, bent her over on all fours  and fucked my woman hard and fast

    We both were lost in a world of sexual heated pleasure.  I felt our orgasms build and we both cried out when the moment came and we mutually exploded with our desire and lust.

    We both sank to the floor, where I kissed her passionately.

    As we caught our breath, I pulled her to her feet.

    “Come, I want you to see how beautiful you are in this moment. See what I see”  I whispered.

    I turned to show us in my full length mirror. She gasped as I fondled her sensitive tits and creamed pussy
    “Look GsCougar, you are so beautiful.  Thank you for my welcome home baby”

    GsCougar mmmm
    [img width=100][/img]


    2.  Cloe1011 was waiting for me when  I arrived at my penthouse.
    She was naked except for some very sexy underwear,  ready and prepared for my return.
    I quickly stripped my clothes off and kissed her. Thanking her for my welcome home.

    I was impatient to taste my little sexy submissive and quickly carried her to the bed, positioned her to expose her to me and kissed her pussy, playing with her holes to ready them for when I took her. She moaned in pleasure which heightened my lusty intentions.


    I decided I wanted her bottom nice & red so spanked her sensually making her lose count on occasions.  We both chuckled.


    Soon she was marked just how I liked it and was visibly excited. I whispered, “Now I'm going to fuck your mouth, your pussy and your ass”
    She moaned in need and I was unable to wait any longer.

    I fucked her mouth

    I fucked her pussy.

    and I fucked her delightful ass

    Then in our moment we mutually exploded with lust and desire.

    Cloe1011 is my very sexy little slut and I appreciate all her efforts to welcome me home.


    [img width=100][/img]


    ;)You post the name of your partner
    – You say for how long you have been in room
    – You post one sentence or a short description: What made you exploding (what has your partner done or said to give you this hot moment)
    – If possible: Add 1 or 2 pics

    Dont worrie dear readers – this time I wont post so much things changed .
    But I wanted to post 1 for the ONE who make me smile and let me feel good.


    2hrs of pleasure  :-*
    After he playd with his toys and put his Subs in positions again, we spend the night times together.
    The heat still burns and it wont go , its getting better from day to day.

    He let me feel that he explode for me, he give me all and more.

    When I feel him Cuming in my face with all the power,that is the moment when I explode full of lust and desire,
    I squirt instantly and cum without him being in my pussy.
    He got my whole body under control and his orgasm make me reach my peek.

    After that first exploding, a extended time of good fucking remaining and the pleasure run me from one peek to another until I collapse in his arms.
    He makes my soul and body fly.


    my man is back home

    with love for Vaughan   :-*


    4. BobbieSux kindly invited NSNBJR & myself to join  her at her log house.

    When we arrived, she greeted us in true Achat fashion

    She made us both feel very welcome



    until we ALL roared in joy and exploded in the moment of lust and desire.

    Thank you BobbieSux & NSNBJR for a wonderful time.

    [img width=100][/img]   


    5. JenniSucker spotted me in Winter Wonderland and approached me. She hadn't seen me in awhile and wished to give me her usual greeting. Those who know her, know she is hard to resist.

    She striped us both down and got to work on her speciality. She loves the action in public view.


    I was soon appreciating all her efforts and moaning and groaning and then some more …

    Then, even she could take it no longer and brutally sat astride me, taking my cock inside of her in one mind blowing coupling. She was so tight and turned on, as was I.

    Of course, I fucked my sexy lil slut until the moment we both exploded with our lust & desire, right there, in the Winter Wonderland for all to see and here.

    Amazing Public Sex. Thank You JenniSucker
                                        [img width=100][/img]


    6.  HoneyWants was intrigued and curious by what is would be like to room a Dominant male.  I chuckled and offered her the opportunity of an invite.
    She accepted with graceful enthusiasm & I was soon teasing that inner slut out into the open.
    She shut her eyes and moaned and groaned as I spoke of wicked thoughts to her.

    She rode me beautifully before I growled & decided to take her against the wall.


    I fucked her hard much to her delight and mine

    The the moment came and we were lost in the sparks and heights of lust and desire. I gripped her throat to enhance the thrill and we both screamed & roared.

    Thank you HoneyWants.
             [img width=100][/img]


    7.  TiaLuna was feeling naughty and in the mood to be an exhibitionist. She was walking round with her breasts out, swinging free and teasing SirRocknDano and I as we stood there.

    We commented on her beautiful tits and soon it was clear she was in a very naughty mood and wished to sample a room with the both of us. Of course we were only too happy to oblige such a sexy lil slut and we were soon in my bar, after hours to enjoy her.

    Tialuna was very obliging and was soom on her kneees ready to worship our two big male cocks,

    We were both delighted to see she had a very hairy minge and was an excellent cock sucker.  She was a true sexy lil whore and was soon wet herself from sucking our cocks.
    We played with her pussy untill she begged to be used and fucked.

    I lay down and let her pussy sink onto my dick. She was hot, tight and extremely wet.
    SirRocknDano fed his cock into her mouth and then we both hit a steady rhythm, using our sexy lil fuck toy until we were all lost in our sexual haze.


    The moment came and we all yelled out in our rush of release.

    An Amazing Lady & an Awesome room
    TiaLuna &   SirRocknDano
    [img width=100][/img] 


    Looks more like The adventures of V!!!! Lmao


    LOL Ana yes  Go V … GO

    Very good pics and histories 


    very interesting what goes on in our community  😮 


    Yes, certainly is. 

    I hope some others have a go at entering this contest. 
    I may have posted most of them so far ..  but don't forget, its me nominating my partners for a chance to win.

    It is fun to enter but you must ask permission from your partner(s) before posting.
    If anyone wants to enter but isn't sure how, me or GsCougar – my Spouse – will show you if you want.

    Good Luck to all.


    9. Stone

    It was a full Moon as i drove down the lake road. I had Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd playing on the truck CD player.

    Home, home again
    I like to be here when I can

    When I come home cold and tired
    It's good to warm my bones beside the fire


    Things heated it up quickly



    Reaching the edge of no return, i arrived at THAT MOMENT I EXPLODED FULL OF LUST AND DESIRE


    Far away, across the field
    The tolling of the iron bell
    Calls the faithful to their knees
    To hear the softly spoken magic spell

    Stone my amazing spouse and lover

    [img width=100][/img] 

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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