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Crashing and losing days

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    Recently when I have played, I have had to purchase 3 more days multiple times. Each time I log on, I lose my premium status (replaced with “…” in the box).

    Even worse, today when I logged on, I cannot have sex with anyone. Even using the robot feature results in an immediate crash when I choose a pose. Any help?


    I sympathise to what is happening. Nothing is more frustrating than having an app that doesn’t work while all the others do.

    I’m premium for the year and also have noticed the “…” next to my Premium status, but it hasn’t stopped me from changing clothes etc. I’ve just logged in, Premium membership and Level took a second to show up, sometimes it’s slower, much slower.

    Achat could have had problems with their server at the time you were purchasing Premium. Best thing is to contact them via the link at the top of the page. “Support” and explain to them fully what happened. Hopefully they will look at your account and see your purchases.

    Warning though. Support hasn’t been quick in responding.

    As to the crashing, your Achat client might / could have been corrupted when it was updating perhaps ? If this happened to me, and it never has to be honest, I would do a complete uninstallation of Achat, making sure that everything concerning Achat is wiped. And then re-install.

    I’ve just gone into Achat and used the robot, (Robot Boy) and everything is fine today. I was able to change poses and use the actions with no trouble. Try it again, see what happens. Have you just tried to restart your P.C and try it again ? I know, but sometimes it does work.

    Not knowing your P.C, could the problem be on your end ? Are you using a VPN ? If I use my VPN it does just log out after a short time. Are you using antivirus software ? Have you enabled your firewall to allow Achat to run ?

    Sorry, I’m not much help I know. Just the old generic answers of uninstall and re-install and contact support. Hopefully someone else might be able to help more.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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