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    Erotic Story Contest Rules.   

    I am proud to announce a new Erotic Story Contest. For anyone to enter, judge or enjoy reading. Starring  the theme of the contest:     AS VOTED FOR BY FORUM MEMBERS

    Something from AChat must be incorporated in to each story, to emphasise the connection with the game, and to recognise the Achat Gods  for sponsoring the contest. As before, there will be an entry period with a deadline, and then a voting period with a deadline as well. 

    For anyone who’d like to enter  THE EROTIC STORY CONTEST ‘s  HERE,  IN  FORUM , please take note of the following notifications:

    The writers retain total copyright of their stories if published on Achat,  and if Achat wish to use them in anyway, then they will seek permission of the prospective author for use of their story whether in part or in whole.


    1. Please do not break regulations or laws when submitting your story.  Refer to Achat's Terms of Service –

    Forum Home Page > Announcements > Posting rules  > Achats Terms of Service. ( T.O.S. ),2470.0.html

    No under – age  ( 18yrs + please )  or bestiality stories.  Fantasy / Enchanted stories will be acceptable.

    2. In the story, the central theme and something from Achat must be incorporated. The theme VOTED FOR BY MEMBER’S MUST BE INCLUDED ,   the link to Achat must be based on a room, background or outfit, and  easily & recognisably described. THEREFORE DESCRIPTION HERE IS ESSENTIAL.  It is not enough to just include one or more of the sexual poses.

    3. The length of the story must not exceed 2 posts. 1 post allows 20,000 characters. That includes spaces as well.  Approx 6,500 – 7,000 words, is the upper limit per story. 

    4. Only one story per contestant.

    5.  The story has to be original, that is written by yourself or joint co-writers and not copied from elsewhere.  It must not have been published elsewhere previously, either here or on another site. 
    For those who do publish stories on other sites, please could I ask you to refrain from publishing your contest stories until voting is concluded and winners and authors are announced in the contest it is part of.  It will protect the integrity of the voting process and from disqualifying the story in question.

    6. To submit your entry, please PM ( Personal Message in Forum )  your story to the Contest Manager:  Brandybee.  When the story has been received, you will receive a message confirming the entry. Posting a story on Forum  by yourself, WILL disqualify you from the contest.  Once your story has been posted to the Contest Manager – it cannot be changed or altered in any way – this is your Contest entry in its entirety.

    7. Due to fairness of voting, contestants should not unduly influence  voters, in any way,  in their decision to vote for their favourite story ,  or to disclose they are the author of their story prior to votes  being cast…  Thank you. This could result in your story being disqualified.

    Please use the following lay-out to submit your story

    [Subject] (to be inserted into the PM Subject Line above)
    “Erotic Story Contest ( Relevent number eg  4 ) –  ” TITLE OF VOTED THEME” eg – “ FIRST TIME


    [HEADER] = Title of your story.

    Pages: Number of pages of your story (A4 or US)

    Words: Number of words, without Title

    Characters (with Spaces): Number of characters & spaces

    Included Components: (Whatever option from Achat is chosen, please describe here. Please ensure that the chosen Achat connection is described in great detail in your story, so that readers will be able to identify it easily ).

    Please also describe briefly the story's theme ” THE VOTED THEME ”  eg  “First Time”  experience included in your story.

    color=red]BODY[/color (The story submission – to be posted as is by the Contest Manager)

    [FOOTER] = Writer's Name & Date of Submission.  Please also include your choice of prize you would wish to receive –  The relevant A$ credited to your account  OR  the relevant period of free membership.


    1st Prize =    12,000 A$ 
    2nd Prize 8,000 A$    and
    3rd Prize =   5,000 A$ 

    In addition to the above, there will be 2  CONSOLATION Prizes
    4th Place =  A$1,500
    Last Place = A$1,200

    All other contestants will receive  1,000 A$ for submitting their story.


    1st prize –   Prize money shared out  for the positions in the contest, rounded up to nearest 50A$.  Eg 2 winners share out 1st & 2nd prize ( 16,000A$ ) , Runner up to take 3rd prize ( 3,000A$) ;  3 or more winners share out 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize out ( 19.000A$ ), rounded up to nearest 50A$ after sharing . No other prizes allocated.

    2nd prize – Prize money for 2nd & 3rd places ( 9,000A$ )shared out for positions in the contest rounded up to nearest 50 A$. Eg 2 winners share out 2nd and 3rd prize (9,000A$). No lower prizes allocated.  3 or more winners share the prize money ( 9,000A$)  rounded up to the nearest 50A$ after sharing.

    3rd prize – Prize money (3,000A$) shared with a minimum prize of 1,500 A$ for each 3rd podium winner. Capped to a total of  6,000A$ where that money would be shared out between 3rd podium winners & again rounded up to the nearest 50A$.

    The Relevent  dates,  submission,  and deadlines  etc… will be notified in the relevant  Erotic Story Contest TOPIC.   

    I wish all contestants good luck, and all Forum Members, Guests and Achat Gods a lot of enjoyment when reading…

    Happy writing, reading and other things ……   hehe   


    Brandybee.  xxx    :-*


    When the end of the contest comes & winners announced, to confirm you have received your prize you have to  go into…  “Shop” ( And log in your details )  /  ” Your Profile”  /  ” Recent Purchases ”  and then scroll down….

    You will find a different boxed section that itemises all ” Funding” received from Achat Gods including subscription information, and  ” Gifts”  you have received and given.   Green are credits – Gifts / Prizes received  , Blue are debits – Gifts given.

    Your prize will show as     ” The date ”  /   ” White box with a blue  A S  inside ”   /   ” Funding ”  /  Account Funding by AS Purchase /  The prize amount in Green eg 600

    The Contest Manager will PM ( Personal Message in Forum ) the winner when their account has been awarded the Prize and you can check and confirm as above. If it is not shown for any reason and you do not receive your winnings, Please PM the Contest Manager as soon as possible.

    Other participants in the story contest will also show their A$ 600 as received in their account in this same way too.



    Clarification of Rule 4 –  Only one story per Contestant.

    I will attempt to clarify the rule in a more simple way .  If the potential authors would ask themselves these questions :-

    1 )  Is the story in the same time frame,  whether this be the time frame of the actual content of the story OR the real time that the authors are planning to write it ?   Yes  or  No

    2)  Are  you planning the guidelines of the story only, that is , the Time, the dates,  the Place, and the Location of the story ONLY , no other collusion as to the content ?     Yes  or  No

    3)  Are you acting together to build & plan the content of the story, to swap ideas, develop & then to write that finished product, whether writing it as a lone author OR together jointly ?  Yes or No

    If the answers to questions  1 and 2    is  YES  and 3  is  NO –  then  I would consider this to be two separate stand alone stories.  The story content would be different and the originality of the writers maintained.  I would  consider allowing separate story submissions and both to go forward as contestants.  However, I would look closely at both stories  to satisfy there is no other collusions &  planning. 

    If  the answers to 1 and 3  is  YES and 2  is No  ( because of the word ONLY )  –  then I would consider this to be one story and the writers working jointly together. The story and its content would be the result of the parties discussing ideas,  planning, colluding, conspiring together to ensure the finished product is written and submitted.  This would be 1 entry , any other stories written would not be allowed by the same author or authors due to the input or collusion on the original idea.  The authors would share any A$ allocated as if 1 author.

    They can either decide to publish any other stories  that have grown from the original idea in the Erotic Story section but ,  I ask this be after a winner has been announced in the contest concerned,  to maintain the integrity of the voting.
    Or  if they wish, it can be submitted as another story  by the authors concerned in a future  Erotic Story Contest, however, consider your anonymity may be compromised due to the similarities of the original story submission.  It would also, of course, have to fit in with the new contest Story Theme decided .

    Hopefully, this clarifies and satisfies any further questions that may have arisen over this Rule 4. 

    @  Momma Andrea's  scenario –  Two stories , different viewpoints from the same charachter's involved in the same encounter …  I would most likely consider this to one larger story and one entry to the contest,  as the authors would have to collude and swap ideas in order for the time line and events to run evenly and make sense.  A classic example of this would be the The Ice House Foursome with Tight, myself, Stone & Jayc –  1 story, 4 authors.

    If  there is no other collusion except, time, dates, place, location, and different encounters,  I would consider as stand alone  story submissions and entrants.
    An example of this would be ” Blu's sacrifice ” in the Ice House . This story line involving Bear, Blue & Adera  was in the same location and in the same time frame but was a completely separate story to ” The Ice House Foursome”  and no collusion except to ensure that the authors of the separate stories did not ruin each others story lines.  It is fairly obvious that Bear, Blu &  Adera did not have any input in the ” Foursome” story & vice versa.
    However,  I would look very closely at such stories to satisfy there are no other collusions evident.

    @  Hentaiboy69 –  I agree The AB&G  is an intertwining fantasy story topic & thread & as such  the posters are encouraged to interact together and work their stories together & combined, some stories require more involved planning by charachter's than others but even so,  charachter's on the sidelines  are still  involved and encouraged to become involved in encounters , to mirror post,  even if just seeing it happen.  I would class this as one large community story.
    There may be instances where I may consider stories as stand alone but it would have to satisfy the criteria set out above and again I would have to look very closely at the stories to ensure what collusion there is.

    The Erotic Fantasy Tale are stand alone stories at the moment , as it satisfies the time, date, place, & location  collusion only,  however,  that may also progress to the authors working together in the future in the same encounters and therefore a joint story effort.


    Following a couple of queries :-    Erotic Story Submission.    An  Example of the Format.

    Your story needs to be submitted to the Contest Manager by way of PM – Personal Message –  in Forum.  To publish yourself will result in disqualification.

    [Subject] (to be inserted into the PM Subject Line above the Icons)
    “Erotic Story Contest  4  –  ” First Time” 

    [HEADER] = Title of your story.    –  Tick Tock Shock

    Pages: Number of pages of your story (A4 or US)  –  9 pages

    Words: Number of words, without Title  –  4,300 words

    Characters (with Spaces): Number of characters & spaces  –    23,100

    Included Components: (Whatever option from Achat is chosen, please describe here. Please ensure that the chosen Achat connection is described in great detail in your story, so that readers will be able to identify it easily ).     
    TightFit74’s  20’s Costume,  Dark Grey suit, petrol blue shirt & handkerchief.

    Please also describe briefly the story's theme ” THE VOTED THEME ”  eg  “First Time”  experience included in your story.    First Time travelling in space.

    [BODY] (The story submission – to be posted as is by the Contest Manager)  Once upon a time ….. blah.. blah … blah ….

    [FOOTER] = Writer's Name & Date of Submission.  Please also include your choice of prize you would wish to receive –  The relevant A$ credited to your account  OR  the relevant period of free membership.         1 JUL 2013.  Brandybee.    If voted in the top 3, please could I have the relevant A$ credited to my account. Thank you.

    It is probably wiser to write your story in “ Word Document “  so that you are able to keep a copy for yourself.  This also enables you to copy and paste  your story  into the PM  Message box to the Contest Manager.

    One post allows 20,000 charachters with spaces.  If you are over,  when you try to send  to the Contest Manager,  it will tell you.

    You will then have to split your story into 2 parts.  Please make sure, your story breaks in 2 at an appropriate time in the story.  There is nothing worst that it just being broke  in the middle of a sentence because you have reached the limit.  Presentation  helps for  the reader enjoyment.

    Please identity –  “ Your title –    Part 1 “ in your first post  and    “ Your Title  – Part 2  “ in your second post.  No story should exceed 2 posts.

    To assist,  non native English speakers with translations & to prevent people losing their place as they  scroll down to read your story, consider  paragraphing and spacing after every 5 or 6 lines or so. This in effect makes blocks of words.  It makes your story  easier to read & enjoy.
    Check previous stories in the contest or in the erotic story section and you will see.

    Good Luck in the Contest.  Happy Writing. 

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