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False virus detection

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    First of all we would like to emphasize:
    AChat is clean, doesn't contain any viruses. AChat will be continuously checked using 6 major antivirus softwares.

    Unfortunately most of the antivirus softwares use heuristic virus detection, which tries to find unknown viruses by analysing the exe files without checking the real behaviour of them.
    These heuristic algorithms can easily make mistakes and cause false positive detections.
    If we meet a false detection we contact the vendor of the antivirus software, and start the clarification process. Unfortunately this process can last longer, and menwhile different actions are required on the computer running the problematic antivirus software.

    Known false detetions:

    Norton antivirus makes false detection using the Sonar component. The achat .exe file will be deleted when you try to run AChat.

    • Solution 1: open the quarantine, and restore the quarantined achat.exe. Here the achat.exe file can be marked as trusted software component to avoid repeated deletion.
    • Solution 2: disable the Sonar component and re-install AChat
    • [/list]


    the newest download file doesnt start the version updater properly and just popps up with an error message saying mcaffee deleted it or something. I dont have mcaffee. I've managed to open the achat folder and run the version updater from there, which I have been doing for a couple of months now.
    But what gives with the error message?


    Ok, guys, I work on PCs all the time, and fix them, install software, build new systems and such.

    The ONLY antivirus and firewall and spyware programs out there that actually works, are TREND MICRO.
    If you want the 2nd best, go with these from

    1. AVG FREE Antivirus, run in Basic Protection installation. Works perfect, catches trojans that Norton and McCaffee dont. Runs Continuously, cannot be disabled once installed. You never need to disable ANY antivirus software, regardless of what your program states. Ever.
    2. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall – my hacker friends cant get through it in 6 hrs. I can get throu McCaffee and Norton in 15 mins. Runs Continuously, if its not, start it manually. Keep it up folks. It will save your PC's life, and your personal info.
    3. AdAware AE – It's free, just dont go with the full suite. This is only needed about once every 3 months or so. Keep it uninstalled till you need to run it.

    If you use the FREE programs above, Achat will never have a problem. DO NOT USE ANYTHING ELSE, or it will block Achat, corrupt your system, and install Viruses.

    Any other PC Cleanup or Tune UP software is a JOKE, and does nothing for you. Trust me. I stopped using them about 7 years ago.
    Also, for those of you using AIM or AOL ANYTHING, PLEASE STOP! AOL is a VIRUS.


    The last update of AVG blocks AChat, but you can allow it in the adjustment.


    I use AVG, never had a problem with it. It's a good program, free, works well and isn't too obtrusive…unlike Norton which seems to have days where it blocks damn near everything 


    Yes; Achat is clean I've testing Achat's Setup and Achat itself with all my virus software, Not one Virus.

    If you get a virus detected then its your virus software.


    or it was transmitted via unprotected virtual sex

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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