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FF. Pose Review Request. 93. The Milkmaid.

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    FF. Pose Review Request. 93. The Milkmaid.
    Released Sat 2 Sept 2023.

    PRICE: 299A$
    This pose can be found in “Scenes” of the in-game Achat shopping Mall, FF Section. Box 8. Using Hands or Dildo.
    Perhaps a member of the FF Community can confirm the location of this pose in the Achat Mall FF sex scenes. Box 8. Using Hands or Dildo is a guestimate.

    This is a general request for someone in the FF community to review this pose please when they get a suitable opportunity and post it in this topic.
    It’s fairly simple to do.

    1. As you “Play” the game and find a willing partner, please list the actions on the both sides.
    2. Please identify if there is a “Change Role” button or do both partners have to own the pose to swap positions?
    3. Then write a short paragraph of 1 to 6 sentences about what you like about the pose, what you don’t and if it can be improved.
    4. Let your (un/identified) partner do the same kind of review that you have and post with yours.
    5. Both give it a star rating. If it differs with your partner, rate it the lowest star.
    6. Identify if a good buy for our lesbian members.

    There are examples of MF pose reviews in the Woman with man in AChat section of Forum by Vaughan & JessiCapri to give you an idea of what to do. Its good fun.

    1 Star. – No. Hate it. Don’t bother – its rubbish.
    2 Stars. – Yes. Didn’t like it much. Will buy it if I have A$ to waste.
    3 Stars. – Yes. Liked it. Will use this occasionally but other poses need collecting first.
    4 Stars. – Yes. Really liked it. Will use regular. A good add to my collection.
    5 Stars. – Yes. Excellent. A must have. Will use this often.


    Ok, I’ll take the bull by the horns on this one….

    Really? What is the fucking point of wanking a dildo… or am I missing something here? and A$299 as well.

    Come on, you girls. Say something, review it. Complain.
    Do something otherwise you deserve to get these pathetic poses, that frankly are being made for ease and to say look… we do make lesbian poses!!!

    Achat, I really do think you need to do better for our gay members. If you cant, why not release the maps so our members can make their own, worthwhile poses.

    This should be released for MM, not FF. They haven’t had a pose release since Sat 30 Nov 2013, nearly 10 years ago!

    I cant even buy it, but I’m voting 1 on this one. I’d be ashamed to release this one for FF.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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