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fiesty push to the bed

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    Okay so i was rooming with this person not gonna say a name. But i was doing my thing kissing her neck nibbleing it kissing her lips etc building her up. And i did the -pushes to bed and crawls on top and kisses chest- description. Okay this girl goes -resists and pushes you back- then calls me a molester and tells me i should look up men women privlages list. im like whoa okay im gonna leave your to up tight. She then blocks me…. The thing is i dont think a fiesty push to the bed dureing sex is any indication of abusiveness or molestation. Cmon she's playing a sex game if she is so scared of it then she needs to go play somewhere else. This annoys me because my friend also had the same issue with the girl. He was working her up and tried to rub her clit in description to get her wet or wetter or w/e and she got offended. So my question is what are your opinions on this matter?

    Please vote on the topic and give a reason why.


    For me it's very easy. OK and funny is what both like and accept. Some kind of sex play should be agreed before or at least asked before you want to do it.
    Just because she is playing a sex game doesn't mean she likes everything.
    I know a woman here who describes herself as sex maniac and likes almost anything – except getting a finger in her pussy. Might sound strange but so it is and of course I accepted. It was no problem cause we talked before and I knew it when we have been in room.


    She never told me anything about what was not allowed. So i do what i always do in real life and on here because i do on here as i would in real life. This is the first time iv ever had this issue. I personally don't think there's anything wrong with it period. There is a difference between a abusive molestation push and a push onto the bed. Molestation or abusive push would be more of a “shoves to the bed” not a light push to the bed to continue working a female up. What was even worse was she corrected my grammar and asked me not to use lol speak.


    Hi ya Fantastical, welcome to Forum . Hope you will take the time a check out other topics too.

    This is a difficult one to answer as every player has different views and expectations in the game.

    Some players like gentle seduction, some like a bit of top / dom play .  Others like to be outright abused.  Others like to tease and refuse. The only way to find out the others tastes is communication  and experience.

    If  your advances were unwanted,  ie she was only expecting a dance in the room perhaps, then maybe you did overstep  her boundaries.

    If  this was not the case and you were both consenting adults in the room expecting to play, maybe she could have explained herself better. Maybe she was hoping you would use more sexual pursuation, and that is the build up that is a big turn on for her …  maybe she wanted gentle seduction.

    Maybe she enjoys teasing and denying and she gets her kicks that way … who knows.

    Whatever the reason, it seems clear you both had different expectations about what was going to happen.

    It seems a shame, neither of you had the chance to discuss it and clarify the situation.  

    My advice , my friend, is clarify the situation if she ever takes you off her ignore , or put it down to experience and enjoy partners of a like mind.

    Therefore, I will be voting on  … depends on the situation  


    Brandy, i tried to clarify to her it was not a abusive push. I told her it was a light feisty push to get her where i was going to next. But she went over board with what she called me. I do not enjoy being called a molester or abusive, as i am neither iv never harmed a woman in my life, And never will. Id prefer to never talk to her again she is far from my type. And i do go easy in my seduction as i do not find a soft little push to be anything “hard, abusive, or molester like”  I am in law enforcement i know what abuse molestation looks like. It is nothing like as she describes.


    Sorry Fantastical… I forgot to welcome you in this forum.

    As you're on her ignore list now you can't talk to her. The only thing you can do is learn of this situation. Here are many people from many different countries, personal likes and cultural backgrounds, too.
    Sometimes what is “natural and logical” for us is absolutely inadmissible for another person. Keep this in mind. At least we're all here for fun but you also learn a lot about people if you're open for it.
    If you're not sure just ask next time. It's better then to have an argue and waste time with endless discussions or apologizes. You cannot always avoid it of course, but keep it as less as possible.

    There also is a little chance she (or he..who knows) just wanted to start this fight and waited for the right moment.


    Fan,  anyone who knows you here, knows you are one of the good guys. 

    Don't take it too personal, put it down to experience – a  funny war story in  your adventures here. We all have them.

      Come on , Check out  the AB& G  in the erotic stories section ,  first drink is free  and I'm sure you will find someone to dance with  soon enough & if not immediately … the bull is always a good challenge  …..  dare ya … no … double dare ya  😮



    welcome to the forum.
    I'm sorry to hear that you intentions were misunderstood. I think that everyone in the game has the experience that things did not work out as they were planned or expected. If you find yourself unable to explain your intentions to the one that was offfended, all you can do is add it to the rest of similar experiences and move one.

    Sometimes it takes a situation like this to find out what someone likes and dislikes. Since her reaction was this strong, it could have helped if she had told you about it. imo it is very important to discuss the do's and don't before going all out in a meeting.

    At least you learned who not to spend time with.. In its own way, a positive thing too.

    Hope to here more from you, and from a happy viewpoint too!


    Yeah Fan, these things happen.  I took a lot of abuse and was zapped to the ignore bin for starting a conversation with “Eva?”…  I still have trouble figuring that one out.  And I have found that once you're in the ignore bin, you're usually there forever, almost none of the ladies delete names from it.

    So to all you ladies out there… if you believe that nobody is perfect and everyone deserves a second chance, how about cleaning out your Ignore Bin every once in a while.  Okay… enough of that.

    Anyway… I found that its best to just move on.  There are plenty of very nice, beautiful ladies on this site, but you have to be patient with some, while some enjoy being aggressive.  Once in a room though, I usually ask for guidelines.  What is acceptable behavior and what isn't, because I have a tendency to be silly and joke around, and some don't like that.

    Welcome to the forum, Fantastical.  Keep posting, because this is a great place to meet great people… and Miss Brandy is right, the AChat Bar & Grill is fun and a great topic to read and post to.


    First, welcome fan.

    And second i don't think you took it to far. But i know people are easy offended, just like this morning when i did not instantly react to a boy, he got pissed and put me on ignore, he just don't realize we girls get lots of messages from boys . So do give a girl sometime to check you out.

    Ooh and Covems, i wouldn't not mind if you made jokes or acted silly, so you could visit me sometime and i could see how silly you are



    Welcome to the forum, Fantastical.

    I wouldn't take it too personal…
    Honestly I've read the most perverted things and sometimes things that offended me. I'm talking mostly of those messages you get when someone is trying to approach you.
    In room, I never let someone treat me how i don't like to be treated, and to avoid that, i try to meet my partners before get in the room and i never had a man saying certain things without me letting him know that i wanted to hear them.
    I think that every person is different, so maybe she's just like that… Not your fault, so don't punish yourself or think that you did something wrong…
    This is just my opinion..

    Ah, and if you're worried that she blocked you, maybe she will lift the block and then you can reach her and speak to her and who knows maybe you can try again…


    fantastical , for me , it depend of what you call fiesty push to the bed .

    We all know that sometimes women and men dont have the same definition of what is gentle and what is not.

    What i mean is , i yet accepted to room with men , warning them it will be only for dance . And when in room they tryed to “gently force me” to do more than a dance . And i can tell you that when a man have something in mind , he sometimes use ” soft ways ” to try to persuade us , and its really annoying .

    I hope you didnt passed 10 or more minutes saying things like : Cmon baby its just a game , lets have fun


    Seen the post, seen the replies, and am very confused…….

    Why would anyone go into the room in a sex-game and expect to “Just dance”? This isn't Sim-City for Chrissake!

    If I wasn't prepared to have virtual sex with another player, I wouldn't go into a room with them at all.

    If their behavior became upsetting to me I would tell them once and if repeated exit the room.
    I'm afraid that I don't jump into rooms until I've chatted with the person for quite some time and we've discussed our wants and expectations……
    If someone “pushed me roughly to the bed” and it wasn't what I wanted (it would be pleeeeeease!) I would tell them but I don't think I'd exit the room and put them in my ignore list……
    In fact I've never left the room because of behavior inside it, I just wouldn't room someone I wasn't happy about playing with. Being a sub by nature I like others to choose the poses, but I will suggest (did I say plead) if there's something I specially want to do with them.

    Welcome Fan!

    Hope you like the forum and will contribute your opinions and more.


    Seen the post, seen the replies, and am very confused…….

    Why would anyone go into the room in a sex-game and expect to “Just dance”? This isn't Sim-City for Chrissake!

    If I wasn't prepared to have virtual sex with another player, I wouldn't go into a room with them at all.

    You know , some accept to just dance its not only a sex game , but a chat site too as Achat mean Adult chat ( i think ) , hmmm or maybe Aroused chat lol . But anyway , there is chat in the name .

    and about the ones who accept to room just to dance ( ex : medjai ) , they are warn by advance with me that its only for dance . So if they want more , they just have to not invit me 


    I wanna thank Fan for this topic!

    Its good to see that we all like AChat – and everyone has his special opinion about it. I hope that many more members will read it and recognize that everyone of us has his own beliefs. If more people talk about their wishes, their needs, their likings and dislikes we will have more happy and satisifed members. Less argues and less people leaving this game – good for all of us.

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