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    Hi Everyone.

    I’ve had few days working things out with the codes and I thought it would be a good idea to list them.

    I can’t really add them here as they wouldn’t show up right, because of the < > you have to use.

    So they are here.

    It should open a new tab. Notice I said should. Hehehe.

    Will be easier, just copy and paste into notepad and save as.


    That’s ever so useful. Thanks Zuz.
    Now you need to tell me how you embed a link. 😛 like you have here … “So they are here.”


    When you click on the here it will take you to pastebin. There I have listed the codes that are working.

    Look at “Make link in a new Window” and that’s the one you use.


    I’ve made a few changes to the above link.

    It looks like that the insert image and gif code doesn’t need the alt=”Description”

    I’ve tried it and no text comes up when I put some text as a description. And when I left if out I still got the pic in the forum.


    I have never been able to post an image in the forum it simply gives this appearance


    Hi Michelle.

    You can now use the icons above the text box. Use IMG.

    You have to have the imagine in a image host. Imgur for example.


    Can’t believe I posted that here delete has a line thru it sadly, do you always get the advertising for Imgur could be annoying


    You can’t delete posts yet unfortunately. The Del option is for crossing text out. I think.

    Crossed out.

    Yes it is.

    I’ve got an ad blocker installed so I don’t see any.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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