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    This is an idea from a movie I have seen. You take 5 objects of any kind and create a story based off of those objects. For instance, the five objects could be rose, book, candle, lanyard, and tea.


    One day, I decided to go to the library, and I browsed through the variety of books. Choosing one book, I went up to the librarian to check out.

    At the desk, the librarian had a single rose placed in a vase. Curious, I asked the librarian why there was only a single rose.

    She replied, “It is to remind myself to always show love to everyone who walks through the door. Some days there are more people trying my patience, and the rose helps me remember that not everyone has a happy life at home. These books are a great escape for them, so I need to help where I can.”

    Leaving the library, I was a little inspired by her story, so after I got home, I lit a candle and allowed myself to escape into the world of the book surrounded by a woodsy scent that always brings peace when smelling it.

    It was mid afternoon, and my thirst was quite potent after spending hours engrossed in the book I was reading. I lay it down and head into the kitchen. Making some tea, I head back to the book to continue my reading. At the end of the day, I looked around for a bookmark to keep my place for the next day, but unable to find any, I grab a lanyard nearby and slide the loop in between the pages to hold my place. I then head to bed for a good nights sleep.

    Story ended.

    Next person 5 objects:

    Mousetrap, cheese, towel, glove, and wine


    So let’s see what we can get from those 5 objects…mmm it will take time with my english ^^ ..

    Once upon the time…in a village among the hills there lived a little mice named Mimi. Now Mimi was that kind of mice that was allways looking for adventure. Usually her curiosity allways led her to discover new experiments and exciting moments.

    One day Mimi hears some rumors about a misterious mouse living in an attic of an old house in a village . The rummours was about the fact that the moust delicious cheese in the entire region was to be found there. Mimi thinked a bit , annalized the situation and energetic how she was she decided to start a journey towards the magic place that she heard so much about.

    Whit her salt filled with salt and pepper, grabing her travel gloves happily marching whistling and dancing her way towards trough the fresh grass . She finnaly arrived at the house she heared so much about. Before she lay the path to the adventure that it will change her entire life walking on a dark and dusty corridor she discovered the perfect mouse trap. A giant rolling pin that will make the fearless mouse to tremble with fear but for Mimi it was just an obstacle beeing used to all kind of challenges in her life.

    With her clever mind succesfully avoided the rolling pin and pressed on trough tangled wires and long forgiten bullets . And for that miraculous tempting cheese was just a step away to make her senses sharpen.

    When she arrived to the attic and incredible sight greeted her , shelfs with a feast of preserved meat and dried fruits , with golden yellow cheese that was stealing her the entire attention. But not far away from it she noticed a small shiny ball was drizzling lightly and sun filter ring trough windows played with shadow cast her cloak meant to hide from prying eyes.

    The thick fabric of Mimi’s blouse git damp and even her glasses was starting to get fogging gently but still she smiled mischievously seeing how close this wonderfull dream of hers is.
    Now all that remained was a well trowned ball…

    With brave thoughts and a racing heart, hunger was propelling her forward . Mimi took aim at the nearby shiny ball. Once engaged in sword plays with the aged bed, the spirited rolling pinn played friendly tricks and marveled at the art full effects of the trap!

    Finnaly, Mimi succesfully hit the ball in to the trap and miraculously a loud ticking sound was heard. At that moment a secret staircaase opened up, revealing a hidden room filled with sparkling wine bottles.
    The intimate and misterious atmosphere revealed the key detail she needed to aquire the delicious cheese – special wine.

    With eyes glowing with excitement and joy Mimi took one of the wine bottles and pulled out a black towel from her back pack tying it around her aggile muzzle. It was allways an antique tradition to warm up one’s whiskers before indulging in delicate feasts…

    And so Mimi savored each piece of cheese while enjoying tasty wine from the cellars of that old wanderlust house. In such an adventure was the story of daring Mimi who managed to follow the scent of cheese and managed to nourish bith her appetite and her soul .

    For the next story ..5 random words ^^

    Lighter , oranges , piano, ball , fingers


    It had been a long day in the fields. Picking oranges to fill the baskets with all the ripened fruit, I hope to sell them at the farmer’s market.

    With my baskets filled, I set them inside the barn ready to take to the farmer’s market in the morning.

    Entering the house, the taxing day of my physical efforts leads me to grab a lighter and touch the flame to the candle.

    Carrying the candle over to the piano, I set it down before placing a sheet of music on the stand. Sitting I use my fingers to slowly work out the tune and fill the house with the music.

    My fingers fly over the notes creating a melody so soothing. I pause as something bumps into my foot. Looking down, it is a ball. Catching sight of my cat on the other side of the piano bench, I laugh as the cat wants me to play with her.

    I bend down and pick the ball up. Tossing it for the cat to run after, I turn around to watch the cat play. Seeing that it is time to head to bed, I blow out the candle and head towards bed. Getting a good night sleep for selling those oranges in the market tomorrow.

    Items for next story:
    Rake, shovel, clock, radio, and overalls.


    Once upon a time, in a cozy little town, there lived a sexy beautifull flirty girl named lets say Angel 🙂

    She had an enchanting sparkle in her eyes and a sly smile that allways got hearts racing and males tripping when passing by them.

    One sunny afternoon, as the clock ticked away, she decided to play fully tease on me while I was busy working in my overalls

    Angel tiptoed behind me with a Rake in one hand and a shovel in the other. Gently tapping me on the shoulder , whispering in my ear :* Hey there handsome, need any assistance with your digging ?

    Caught off-guard by her seductive charm I turn around to find Angel standing before me radiating with a glow and happyness ready to play her number on me. It didn’t take long for her playfull spirit to ignite the fire in me.

    With a twinkle in her eyes Angel playfully swing the Rake around like a dancing partnerinviting me to join her playfull flirtation game. We started gracefully to dance togheter performing intrigue and playfully silly dance moves smilling and laughing togheter till it become more passionate and teasing, the moves ignites the desire and the hunger of our bodys rubbing against each other’s.

    As the sun began to set and dusk fell upon our little town the radio tunes filled the room pleasantly. My moves swayes rithmicaly to the music Angel’s infectious giggling serenaded my ears . In that moment the time seamed irrevelant , it was just me and her, becoming one, lost in an irresistible connection.

    Eventually tired of all the dancing and playing around bot of us collapsed under a starlit sky. Angell curled up beside me as memories of this teasing adventure dance through our minds.

    În that peaceful moment of contentment and closeness it becomed very clearly that love can be found even in the simplest moments. With Angel on my side life was full of excitement and delight , never a dull moment. And so the adventure continued day by day with laughter , excitement, flirty glances and an abundance of love . Togheter we embarked on a playfull journey where our hearts forever entangled dancing to the rithem of the happyness and seduction.

    And that was my little story for today. I really hope that you ppl enjoyed sience iv done my best to place my thoughts as much clear possible. My english is not so good sience is not my mother language ^^

    The words that will be to dare the one who will accept the dare will be : handcuffs , paintbrush , roses , chandelier , scissors

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    Ass an add to the story to show the bliss of love day by day

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