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    i have one idea, sneakers for girls or shemales


    It's cold outside. brrrrr

    I'm in the need for a leather jacket.



    Not an outfit but…. FULL BEARD!!! Please


    I think that I would really love if, for example, using the “glasses slot” we were offered with different facial piercings options?
    If on “glasses slot” that would mean you can't have glasses and a nose piercing, but at least you can have make-up.
    Altho, if you make it on the “make-up” slot, then you could wear glasses, and it might be easier to make a “lower lip piercing” that follows movements of the mouth, but it would then mean you can't choose your make-up anymore and have to go with what was setup.
    Or maybe it could be added as another layer of jewelry, like when you add earrings and the other piercings that already exists?

    I'd love to see a Septum ring piercing, an eyebrow barbell or ring, a madonne, a side nostril ring or stud and a lower lip ring. I also think some men might enjoy some of these and might also like some lower lip studs or barbells?


    Condom Catsuit. Hehehe.

Viewing 5 posts - 136 through 140 (of 140 total)
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