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    I can't say i'm a fan of Whitney Houston, but it's allways sad to hear someone burn her own life like this… in peace!


    I wasn't a big fan too, so I loved “I wanna dance with somebody”.
    I also hate, when people give away their talent and destroy themselves. I cannot understand and I cannot accept this.


    I thought her cause of death was unknown.



      She had a really rough time with drugs.  Addiction is a powerful thing and the person who is using and destroying themselves are always the last to know, and they usually leave a lot of wreckage behind.  It's sad she gone, and I feel for those who loved her.  I will miss her voice.

    Thanks for letting me share,


    Good Bye My Love. Davy Jones RIP.


    I lost a piece of myself the other day when I heard the news of my Davy Jones passing away, and I have to write something about it. As an almost teenager of 12 when The Monkees came on the scene I, along with millions of other girls, immediately took to Davy Jones. I fell in love with that cute face and his funny and charming wit. I used to play his songs over and over, wearing out the records, the rest of The Monkees were good, but Davy, my Davy, was singing those songs just for me. I had such a huge crush on him that now it would be called an obsession. He used to hold me in his arms every night when I went to sleep, although he didn’t know it. I read all the teen magazines I could find that had him in it. I used to cut his pictures out of the magazines and pin them to photographs that had me in them, as if he was my boyfriend. He was my boyfriend to me, he just never knew it. Needless to say, I was heartbroken when he got married, and the reality that he would never be mine set in.

    I outgrew all of that later, as I got older. The pictures came down from the walls of my bedroom, I moved on in my musical tastes, and discovered other things. My self-made boyfriend pictures all were taken apart, all except one that is still special. In that one, I had glued him into a 5×7 of me, and he was kissing me on the cheek. I kept that one in an old shoe box, out of sight, but I always had a place in my heart for Davy Jones, my Davy Jones.

    I got to meet him once, just a few years ago, when they, “Dolenz and Jones” played an amusement park venue here close to me. My nephew was working at the park where they played and got me backstage. My Davy was still as cute as ever, and he was so charming and nice to me. He had a sparkle in his eyes that I always knew was there. I told him about my obsession with him as a young teenager, and how I would pretend he was mine, and I was his. I even told him about gluing his pictures to mine, and then I pulled out that special one I had kept, it was wrinkled and dog eared, but still special to me. He smiled at me when he saw it, then he took it and autographed it “To my dear, sweet Pafe. I love the way you loved me. (signed) xoxo Davy”. (My Davy Jones told me I was sweet!!!) Then he took my hand in his (he’s holding my hand!!) while he told me that it was people like me who show him their love for him that kept him going and made his life worth living. He gave me a hug, and then he kissed me. Not a kiss on the cheek, but a full kiss on my lips. I felt myself swooning. Then he bowed to me and said. “My sweet lady (again he called me sweet!!). Thank you.” I stood there with my mouth open, in a daze. For those moments, I was twelve years old again. I am so grateful now, that I got to tell him how I loved him.

    The night sky is a little dimmer for me as a star in my life has been extinguished, but that light has moved to that place in my heart where I keep my special memories. Good Bye Davy Jones, I will always love you.

    Thank you for letting me share,


    It warms the heart to read this Pafe, I can't say that I know who he is, but I'm sorry that he has died.

    I wish I had felt secure enough about myself to feel that way during my early teens, you put it so sweet and lovely.


    Adera, she is talking bout The Monkees, a well known group with big hits in the 60s. Here is a video

    Davy Jones was the lead singer.

    Pafe, our hearts are big enough to keep the ones we love alive forever. Our goal is, to let them “live” in peace on the other side and enjoy they made our life brigther. At least we shall try to handle the still living ones the same way, as we also remember those who have gone.


    A beautiful memory Pafe… no doubt he is smiling over your shoulder in you sharing this with us.

    A sad loss for one who influenced my early days… loved their show at that time.



    though in my current mindset it's easy for a tear to break free, your story touched me deeply.. A beautiful memory.. Thank you for sharing

    *taking a bow*


    Janine Dee

    Like you say “Thank you for letting me share.” I have to say “Thank you for sharing.”


    Yes, thank you for your heartfelt and eloquent thoughts. As has been said, i'm certain his smile is beaming down on you now!. i WAS going to say something about how the monkees weren't originally hired to sing, but it's not the right time. i loved YOUR words…


    as my mom taught all my sisters and I…

    Love as you live, till you live as you love.

    With my eldest sister 22 year older than I am, I remember hearing the Monkeys, the Beatles, The Beach boys, Mamas & Papas growing up. when I started to find my own musical tastes, I remember the strong influences of the harmonies of Davy Jones.

    Engels Fliegen Einsam… Angels Fly Alone.



    Pafe, what a beautiful  eulogy – and I would never endeavour to better it – it says it all.

    Rest in Peace, Davy Jones – you will be missed. You will live on in your music and in the hearts of your fans … Look down on us, wave and smile once in a while – I for one will wave back and blow you a kiss, as you ride passed on that bright twinkling star  xxx



    I had no idea he passed away. Like you, I was IN LOVE with him as a kid. Had posters of him (and David Cassidy…and Shaun too. YES, I am that old) all over my room.  He will be missed.  Now I must go and watch reruns of the Monkees to console myself.


    yes it is sad that he has gone but like so many greats that went before him we will remember him in our hearts . he was only in the monkeys as a token brit, but that does not detract from there music

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