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Group Pose ideas – 3 people & plus. MMF. MFS. MFF.

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    For purpose of organization I will be moving several threads over to this over the next few days…

    PLEASE: for new pose additions regarding group play, set them up here no matter the orientation…

    All you group ideas, 3 people or more….



    MFF threesome from behind where the guy can fuck the girl from behind, and then the girl can fuck the girl from behind using the strap-on.


    Hey Bobbler,

    you old epicure 😉
    Always want to be in center ;D

    But I´ve got another question: We have 3some 69, but only girls can lick. Can you extend this position so that we men also can be part of this?


    well, while we’re in the subject, a double blowjob would be awesome 🙂


    but we still have double blowjob / handjob. no ?


    but we still have double blowjob / handjob. no ?

    yes but i think he means, and what i would like to see, is a double blowjob/handjob MFF  😮


    1 point for Bobbler ;D


    Hi everybody, it's my 1st post here…
    When i am in a FFM 3 some i'd love to have a chance to get the guy's cum while me and my GF are kissing us or licking him at the same time under him just like in FM standing blowjob… It would be very exciting…and ther would be a lot of possibilities:
    He could choose which girl receives the cum,  the other one could grab her tits, kiss her neck etc or handjob him, lick the balls etc. Other option would be cumming in one and changing automatically to the other girl….And the one that would be my fav: To come on the girls while they're
    to eachother.
    I mean this would be more realistic (less robotic than being the girls in 69 while he is standing masturbating)

    Janine Dee

    Welcome Mandy.

    We can add you to the ever growing list that want threesome positions that all three can enjoy at once, though I don’t think anyone has suggested your specific idea. So there’s another notion the Development Team can consider.



    Hi Mandy 🙂

    Experince says: Don’t hope to get your wishes fulfilled very fast. But keep on asking and perhaps some day…

    Be sure, there are a lot of people who wanna have more 3-some action. Your idea is nice. It’s a bit similar to one excisting one from MMF, so it should not be difficult to add it.


    Hi Mandy, welcome.

    I like your ideas,, they add to the number of great ideas that were posted before. To get the attention of the development team, aka A-team (still missing master mind Hannibal Smith

    😉 ), a lot of requests and a quick way to make money have to find eachother. With the backgrounds, they found an easy money-well, so things that are similar to that idea, they will respond as quickly as then.


    Realized we have no discussion  area here for this topic in the thread. So fire away,… with multiple partner ideas.

    One that has been tossed out there was a standing DP,… a hot idea IMO,…
    Group foreplay with a partner sandwiched between for caresses , kissing,… etc.

    A particular thought I had was the existing  “girl from behind”  pose. The fact that one partner is of to the side unoccupied is a little annoying,..  this could be so much better enhanced with a train variation with the third partner behind the girl. Certainly easily extended to all the orientations.


    another example would be a girl be between two lovers (doesn't matter what they are)

    using the licking animation and part of the sixty-nine on the side pose could have a train situation where they are licking/sucking/fingering in a train.
    (even borrowing an animation from one of the sex poses say lying lovers one i think combined with bj or lick)

    this could be extended to be a triangle pose (but a pose like that exists in FFF just not for everyone as it doesn't allow all 3 people to animate at the same time – which is where it should be changed)

    Honestly looking at alot of the poses for just MF you can see where you would add a extra partner in.


    Indeed Kittenpurr, but I'd like to point them into the right direction with some good options rather than leaving it to chance.


    im surprised i havent seen a pegging pose yet i mean female in doggy position while having one cock to suck and another in her womanhood or bum

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 84 total)
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