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Zuzannah. Hello from Blighty.

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    ZUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ  *smiles and gives you the biggest hugs*

    I'm honored to share a one year anniversary with you, and I feel privileged to be able to call you my friend.  You are an amazing person and the room is always brighter when you are in it. 


    To friendship and more good times. 


      Thank you Everyone.

      Hugs and Kisses.  :-* :-*


    Wow April 13th 2015.

    This was my first post here I think and edited a Lot during the years lol.

    I’m still me. Love a bit of latex now and again and still pretty active on this forum too.

    So, after two times been spoused, I’m now single and will remain that way. I hardly go private now. You know how it is when you first start here. I kind of went a little mental. lol. I just prefer to go to the Meeting Places or stay in the lobby and have a little chat hmmmm, till 1 am in the bloody morning.

    I’m in chastity too. Maybe forever. I kind of like it, but get a little angry when someone just asks me to take it off. They just don’t get it.

    So, after all this time I haven’t really changed much. Ta Ta for now.


    Ha ha, found the key

    MMMMMMMMMM maybe I could auction it off….

    or charge you…. for getting it back.


    I do like you in the locked clown get up mind. Maybe I will just keep it safe 😛



    You’ve found A key not THE key, hehehe.

    As for been locked in the clown outfit. Hmmmm, Don’t think that will happen again now.

    I like the chastity, so………. there hehehe.


    These might work.


    No. They won’t.


    So, this looks like this is going to be my wall.

    This is awesome chastity. Achat Devs are you looking. Hehehe.

    Before you ask. How does she go to the bathroom ? There is a sort of grate at the front and there is a hole at the back.

    But to be honest I don’t like the thigh restraints. Everything else would stay on, (On me that is). Hehehe

    Something else as well. There is a male version of the belt. Quite similar to the one above. I’ll add some pics later on.


    Ok, Since it’s bloody raining out there I thought I’d finally add some chastity for Guys and Gurls that isn’t just a cage.

    These ones below are pretty awesome I think. Particularly the last one. One for the Sissy’s because it makes you more flat.

    Bloody expensive though. The first one is £495, Second is £660 and the last one is a whopping £900.

    Another good thing about these designs is that there isn’t a bar that goes between your legs, more hygienic, but maybe less secure. Looks like you still have a ring behind the back of your balls. Now the next post will show you a design that’s a bit different. And I think, better.


    Hello Again hehehe.

    This is the design that I would like to try, Would take a bit of getting used to, especially when you need to poop.

    Best pictures I could find really. But this is the design that is most like the one that nice lady is wearing a few posts up, Why should the ladies have all the fun eh Guys and Gurls. Hehe.

    No ring behind the penis, you just fit inside that tube and the removeable tube is there to direct your pee better. As for Number Twos, well tricky I guess. Would have to make sure that it fits perfectly. REALLY Perfectly.


    Crikey. Someone has called a piece of Artillery Zuzana. 💥 💥

    Apparently it has a big 155mm gun. Wowsers. Or should I say Howowseritzers Hehehe.


    Sounds a great name to me!


    Well after been locked up (Outfit Locked) since 21 Oct. I am now free to dress as I want to.

    Never thought I would do it to be honest. Would like to thank the person who “sponsored” me to do it. (Quite unexpectedly). They did say that they were a member of the forum, (they were on another account). But, they didn’t say what their main name was. I didn’t press to much.

    Anyway, Hugs from Me and a Happy New Year.


    I swear Archimedes new dress has Chastity built in


    Wowser, bought and bought. Hehe

    OH. I just tried to buy them and my payment has just been rejected.

    I’ll try again later on.

    Yeah, Still unsuccessful. At least it’s not taking my money.

    Just logged in a few hours later and the black one is in my wardrobe. Looks nice.

    But, I know that designers like to put their name on clothing, I’m not so sure of the two “A”s on the back. Sorry.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 45 total)
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