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    In one of my stories, I wrote of a couple who decided to try wife sharing, specifically cuckolding and later on in my game play I took part in an interesting role play where my partner teased another lover 0f hers, a Stag, whilst we roomed. It was fun.

    Research for my story of wife sharing and hot wives was quite interesting and I thought I would share some interesting things in Forum.

    If anyone is interested in reading my story, it can be found here :

    A Cuckold at Crystal Lake

    Typically, Hot Wives include Cuckoldresses and Vixens and all are very sexy and alluring.

    Hotwives enjoy sex and plenty of it.
    A Cuckoldress wants a better quality of sex.
    Vixens enjoys being shared by and with her sexy partner.

    Cuckolding (or cucking) is one of the kinks of wife sharing.

    Women involved in this are called “Hot Wives” or “Cuckoldresses”
    People outside the scene often use the terms interchangeably,
    The terms have major differences though. They are really very different roles for women to choose from.

    Being a Cuckoldress is all about Cuckolding, dominating and humiliating her beta male husband.
    The first thing to note about the role is that being a cuckoldress can only happen in a cuckolding scenario.

    However, a hot wife can assume her role in any number of situations.

    [img width=500][/img]

    The “hot” part of the term essentially means “slutty” or “available”, as well as sexually active, confident and able to act autonomously from your partner.
    So hot wives could be part of:
    swinging communities,
    wife sharing groups or
    just engaged in everyday adultery.

    If you are the kind of girl who loves sex and isn’t satisfied by your partner, or enjoys multiple lovers you’re in hot wife territory.
    Hot Wives can then become Cuckoldresses or Vixens if they so wish or just carry on being a Hotwife.

    So hot wives are wives that make themselves sexually available to other men (and women).

    A cuckoldress is a special kind of hot wife, the kind who gets off on humiliating their partner in situations with agreed limits.

    Vixens enjoy sex with others and with their sexy husband’s or sexy boyfriend’s participation and or knowledge.

    A Hotwife can only become a cuckoldress if she has a cuckold to complete the “act.”

    If she is fucking other guys and your husband doesn’t know, or he finds it enraging, you are not a Cuckoldress or Vixen. You are an adultress LOL !

    A Cuckoldress has license to humiliate her partner during sex with other men.
    Her partner, the cuckold, loves it, and so does she.

    [img width=500][/img]

    A cuckolding couple consists of the cuckold husband who is referred to as the cuckold, or the beta male. He is inferior. He may for example feel he has a smaller dick than average, or he may feel that he is inadequate in that area of his body and commonly he feels he is unable to sexually satisfy his wife.
    The cuckold enjoys the thought of an alpha male fucking his wife and is sexually excited that he is the underling.

    Hot wives are motivated more by a desire for quantity. They become “addicted to cock” and desire as many sexual partners as possible. They play up to the slut role in an exaggerated, obsessive way.

    For the Cuckoldress, the quest isn’t for more sex. She wants a better quality of sex, the kind of sensations that her husband simply cannot deliver. The alpha male who can is known as The Bull.

    For many people, the Cuckoldress role is healthier. If the guy is comfortable as the cuckold, it can be a way to deal with sexual problems within relationships.
    That’s not really the case for out of control hot wives.

    Cuckoldresses deal in Power. 

    The classical “hot wife” isn’t fucking to make herself more empowered. She is doing so because she needs to. It’s in her blood. She is a hot sexy slut.

    [img width=500][/img]

    The wife in a cuckolding relationship is often referred to as a hotwife or cuckoldress and gets to pick and choose who she has sex with.
    The person that she picks to have sex with is therefore often perceived to be more well hung than her cuckold husband and is able to satisfy her more sexually than her husband can. This person is referred to as the bull, stud or the alpha male.
    The Bull is the lucky man that the hotwife chooses to be unfaithful to her husband with, with his knowledge.

    In many cases, Cuckoldresses feel empowered by their role. They can exert power over their husband and with their bull, dominate him with their sexual superiority.
    The Cuckoldresses tend to be the instigator in cuckolding sessions with their husband, making decisions about who should be the bull and what limits will be imposed. It’s all part of reducing their partner to nothingness, and for some women, this can be exhilarating. Their cuckold men love the dominance and humiliation of these sessions.

    Being a Cuckoldress takes skill and preparation. She is feeding the fantasy of her partner whom she loves and cares for, fuelling her own sexual thrills and making the session exciting and empowering for the chosen Bull.

    [img width=400][/img]

    Playing the Cuckoldress is a demanding role. It requires the ability to use words to goad and excite her bull and humiliate her partner.
    It requires the physical confidence to dominate and thrill her partner, without losing the erotic charge between her and the bull.

    It also requires imagination and getting the atmosphere right. She needs to have an instinct for and be aware of the lighting, costumes and how to entertain the bulls especially if strangers – an attention to detail that is irrelevant for hot wives. 
    Hot wives just need a mattress and a guy and spread her legs.

    Cuckolding and Hotwifing is becoming more popular and more acceptable in society.

    The wife and Cuckold Bull may date regularly by going out to dinner, clubs, movies, etc. Or the wife and the Bull may just meet once at a cuckold party and go into a room and fuck. In their fantasy, the bull is well hung and knows how to satisfy the hotwife so that she can have endless orgasms.

    Legend-Men-nude-bodybuilder-bearded-hairy-chested-hunk-Von-Legend-aka-Matt-Davis-strips-bare-big-muscle-dick-001-male-tube-red-tube-gallery-photo.jpg  [img width=200][/img]

    The Bull is usually perceived as better looking than the cuckold husband and in better shape. He may even come around their home and have sex with the wife quite often, even daily, or he may only have sex with the hotwife just the once at a party. The cuckold husband knows and usually encourages this, enjoying the humiliation of being the Beta Male. He gets turned on watching or hearing them fuck or even by his wife telling him about it later in great detail.

    Cuckolds seek the humiliation and debasement and possible homosexual encounters, for example, cleaning the Bull after he has fucked their wife. There is nothing wrong with that, each to his own fetish.

    However by far, more men identify with the other wife sharing fantasy of hot wives.

    Stags, as they are known, are typically heterosexual men who get off on the idea of their wives or girlfriends being with other men but do not fit the historical term of cuckold.
    Many such men dislike the cuckold label because society has made it a shameful thing.
    The cuckolds are seen as weak men, who like humiliation and are Beta males.

    The growth of the term ‘HOTWIFE’ or Vixen in reference to the partners of such Stags are now well established in sexual subcultures.

    They share with cuckolds the desire to see their partners take on extra lovers while they remain monogamous but that is where the similarities end. They are not perceived as lower than the Bull at all, they are more on an equal footing.

    [img width=400][/img]

    The Stag holds a genuine love and respect for his wife or girlfriend (Vixen) with whom he shares this erotic and fun lifestyle.
    For this reason the proper term for him is a STAG and his wife or girlfriend is a Vixen, rather than the cuckold and Cuckoldress.

    The Stag is on the same level as the Bull and are both strong Alpha males.

    For the Stag this is always by consent and any humiliation aspect is just a playful erotic teasing game with his wife rather than any real desire to be humiliated.
    The Stag will never be humiliated or intimidated by his partner’s lovers.
    He is a strong type and is also an alpha male.
    He is  very confident in their relationship.
    The Stag simply derives huge erotic pleasure from seeing his wife or girlfriend, commonly known as a Vixen, being so alluring and desirable that no one can resist her. He considers it only natural and very arousing that she’ll need and deserve sexual satisfaction from other lovers as well as himself.

    [img width=400][/img]

    The Stag’s behaviour ranges from merely sharing the fantasy and acting out role play scenarios to full on Hotwifing.

    It is just one part of their relationship.
    Many couples only dabble occasionally.
    Some couples discover 'Hotwifing’ early in their relationships while others find it much later but either way it is a hugely growing phenomenon.

    The reasons for 'Hotwifing’ have always been around and lie deep in our evolutionary history as a species.
    Factors such as female empowerment, better contraceptives ; safer sex technologies, ease of online communication, more openness about sex and sex information combined have brought it out of the shadows and to the edge of mainstream society.

    Whatever your fantasy, Hotwifing is very hot and we all have the same goal – sex should be enjoyed to the full.


    every thing written here is true and well knowledgable..but problem with cucklolding and hotwife is that u need to have that supportive husband which is very very rare in most scenarios..lucky those who have one and for unlucky wifes its still just a fantasy.


    Grath job Vaughan. Yeah lowe itttt!




    Why am I so turned on by this idea?


    Growls –  maybe your secret fantasy, my girl  hehe










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