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Is Achat charging too much?

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    I think it’s awfully dirty, that we pay and buy poses and locations and just because we don’t have a premium account they block the poses and locations, I don’t even understand the release of orgasm, but for what we pay I think it’s wrong, so we don’t actually buy it, we rent it poses and locations.


    Yes, in effect what you have you rent because when your premium ends, Achat locks up the purchased items on your account.

    I do however disagree with what you say.
    Achat is good value for money for what it is and it is a lot cheaper than other games (Barring any special offers)
    Achat’s payment policy is different from other games.
    It is less expensive and good value compared to other similar games on the market.

    Other games lock you out the game completely until you pay your premium again.
    Achat’s payment policy allows certain freedoms, not allowed or optional in other games.

    Achat allows you to play as a free player. They give you a free 3 days and A$1,000 to start off the game with and try it out… for nothing.
    When that offer ends and you become a non premium free player, you can still play with other free players, chat to your friends and even play with other premium players for absolutely nothing… then when you can afford to play again as a premium, all the items you bought are there for you to use again.

    In addition to this, you can actually use your bought poses in the public rooms, whilst a free player.
    You can buy a 3 day premium ticket for 100A$ so Achat enables people the option of playing when on a budget, on a kind of pay-as-you-go basis. When you are able, you can increase to the 1 month, 3 month and 12 month options.

    If anyone wishes to play and not touch their own cash, then Achat also allows members to create clothes and poses. If they are good enough, Achat will pay you for them and make them available in their shop. There is an option to earn A$ so in effect, the A$ earned can then be used to play the game and invest in your account.

    By paying a premium and investing in your account, then rightly so, paying players should have more privileges. Paying players can use their purchased items, can orgasm, can speed play in their private rooms and copy and paste. There are probably other things too, I just cant remember them off the cuff.

    Achat is a business and in order to allow lower income disposable players to enjoy a sex game, they have devised this game so it is different from other games and the payment policy does fit people’s budgets.
    BUT of course they also have to make a profit… for their overheads… for more investment into their game for their customers … and to make the business viable.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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