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Is enough being done to combat hookers?

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    Ehehe, to get mine you’d have to work some for it. 😉

    Kinda fun conversation starter though, I like the ones that have a bit more originality.

    I always like a challenge 😉 xxo

    So do I but the whole kitten and cream/milk thing gets done to death to a point.


    Ehehe, it was kinda like that when I dressed as a nurse… lots of people asked me for an injection. : 🙂

    I’m quite certain you’d have me whimpering and moaning kitten. 😉


    I hate being a smartass, (no I dont) but what does the last posts on here have to do with combating hookers.

    The hookers will always be on here, as long are there will be guys willing to pay


    Prostitution system in AChat or how to make AChat more a bored games 🙂

    First of all I’m sorry for the bad translation, I do what I can with my English.

    This is a subject that has been on my mind for a while, so I clearly had a need to talk about it, prostitution on AChat.

    When I started 4 years ago, I was still able to have a good time in private and for free, I find that since my return, the game has become clearly boring as soon as I log in, I get PMs for private time and money, I won’t lie to you this kind of thing is starting to annoy me greatly, why should a game be destroyed in this way, can’t we have a good time in private, without having to take out one’s credit card, to fill the female pleasure, I wonder if on AChat the mutual pleasure and the exchange of bodies still exists, I understand that the poses are not free, at my beginnings I never waited for someone to help me financially to be able to buy my first poses then I don’t see why people couldn’t do the same.

    I hope that some people who feel a little bit the same as me, will leave their opinion on the subject I’m talking about, I’m doing this to try to make AChat more fun, and less of a prostitution industry on command.

    I think it’s a shame, looking for fun like this, all for a limited and timed time.
    Small personal message for the people who would try to contact me for this kind of thing after this message, I’m not a bank, so please keep your timed desire in your panties, thank you and especially not to contact me, otherwise like most, who have already contacted me before, you will be with great pleasure ignored 🙂


    Brothels and A$ paid Prostitution.

    I believe it would give more choice and ways to earn some A$ for those who want to and those willing to pay.

    Obviously the prices should be reasonable for the person working, but everyone is different.

    I feel the night location is well, crap to be blunt and you’re put behind a window and very limited in what you can do and needs someone to pass by to be able to talk to them or vice versa.


    Prostitution does seem to spoil the game some.

    There are still girls about who do not want A$ to share their time and I’m sure you will find them eventually.

    I’m always amazed these A$ whores expect payment whilst using the guys poses.

    Good Luck in your quest.


    Thank you for your answer from my point of view, every profile I look at I only see this, it’s very rare that some don’t ask for anything even on their profiles, for me prostitution should be clearly suppressed, if they want to prostitute themselves they can go and do it in their real life, at least they won’t wait for a guy to give them money, to buy poses or clothes, I’m fine for 6 months with nothing, before really starting to invest in some poses without selling my ass.
    You know me Vaughan, you know I like to have fun, but people are asking so much on AChat right now, that I feel like I’m turning into a walking bank, and clearly not fun, especially for finally a mutual no fun, with a built in timer, the fun should have no limits, and right now, it’s clearly not the case


    I hear your pain my friend and sympathise with the fact, asking for A$ just spoils the game.

    Players should identify it on their profiles if that is a fantasy they wish to fulfil. Some do enjoy role playing a whore and get their sexual kicks out of it.

    Most though, I suspect just want a free ride and do not wish to pay to play when others will pay for them.
    I have little patience with these people as this is one of the cheapest games in this market and is good value for your money.

    Some are just selfish and do not wish to invest in the game.
    Some do not have a credit card or a way of paying for the game.
    There are many ways of paying however and the payment going out is discreet. It shows as CCBill and not Achat or any reference to a sex game.

    Whatever the reason, I also would not encourage A$ Whores.
    Whores can only survive if there is a market there. Just don’t pay for pixel pussy!
    I will gift my partner when I want to and on special occasions.
    Not to play with my poses!

    Achat now offer members a way to earn some cash/A$ to play but it takes some effort to learn how to make clothes and poses.
    There are talented members out there, just look at the clothing labels and the B-Shop.

Viewing 8 posts - 106 through 113 (of 113 total)
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