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    WOW, been over 3 years since I last posted here… so much in my life has changed, while somethings have not. Time relentlessly marches on with or without us. Though I feel the urge to fill in the gap… there is far too much to catch up with for this post… the purpose of which is for another.
    That would be…

    A Haiku for YOU

    I want to wear YOU
    Like lipstick coating my lips
    Your taste at my tongue

    I want to breathe YOU
    Like the air I need to live
    Your scent at my nose

    I want to feel YOU
    Like a favorite sweater
    Your heat at my skin

    I want to hear YOU
    All those Sweet Little Nothings
    Your voice at my ear

    I NEED all these things
    That YOU give me willingly
    Without me asking

    I love being YOURS
    Nestled in YOUR Nesting Tree
    YOUR Princess, YOUR Slut

    We reap what we sow
    Nothing given… nothing gained
    I have NO regrets

    Andrea… after 4 years you still make me “edgy”… rarely fully in control of my emotions or feelings with you. Usually leaving me wanting, MORE. Yet… YOU also set me free from my SELF, making me fearless. YOU are my DRUG, my not so secret addiction.

    YES, I ventured forward when the path seemed to vanish, cloaked n guarded by its owner. But your essence could not hide from me, nor could I stop pursuing. No matter how many walls erected… I would scale them all to find YOU.

    I would do it all over again, and again. This experience has been and remains as unexpected and inexplicable as it is PRICELESS.



    I’m not a fan of compromise… greedily wanting it all. But I’m learning compromise is essential in getting it all. Regardless the price, if you want something enough… you’re willing to pay.

    Wow, been 6 yrs since my first post… seems a lifetime ago, until it seems like just yesterday too. So much has happened n changed in between that post and this. While those things precious… remain.

    As my RL family roots n grows it continues to invade my personal time and gumption for VL    only those friendships n connections now keeping me alive here. Ironic, with each passing year it felt less like a game. I certainly know I spent more time n had more sex in that first year than the last 5 combined… but that makes them no less precious to me, only different.

    But I feel more like a visitor these days than a member, joining the ranks of “observer” rather than contributor. That makes me    This sanctuary has become a part of me, I part of it. Not so easily detached. Honestly… aside from my first year, I’ve been more a Forum dweller than a regular Gamer. Well, except for Sunday mornings with Andrea. 

    I will continue to pop in for a peek every day keeping tabs on “ALL” of you.    but my posts will be hit n miss until I too eventually fade away into Forum history.

    Hmm, I wonder… will someone, someday stumble upon me, dust me off, give me a read and a bump? Reviving me? Or will I become archived, deleted? Lost in efficiency n organization. Only time knows.

    As I acknowledge my path is leading me away, not closer… will be coming back n adding some personal posts of those that touched me, those gone but still remain, those I will never forget. And for ONE very special person    Sorry, but we are too damn entangled to detach. Regardless what happens to my fate here… Guess YOU are stuck with me.  :-*

    But before leaving… want to thank ALL those that contribute, past n present,  for making and keeping this Forum a special treasure for me.




    mmm no, not going to let it be that easy



    And emotional blackmail



    Awww  V   *hugsYou too BWR 

    No worries    unlike my bridge burning departure from that “other” Forum


    I’m not leaving… this Bridge too much a part of me to ever burn, just fading a bit for awhile. Means i'll just be popping in more often with that “BAG over my Head“    But like Covem’s put it in his reply to Stone…  “That's because there is always a draw to AChat and the many wonderful memories I have of the community, the loves, and the special friends I made there.” Same applies to me.

    PLUS… i gotta a story to read  and one to anticipate. I'm not going far.

    Anyway, i'm NOT entirely in control…. there's  ONE that will keep me around…


    one way or another as long as it suits her.   :-*


    Thank the internet Gods for that tight tether that has continued to inspire many for years!

    I had a peek in on that other forum just the other day from the charred edge of my own bridge so I completely understand.  The infrastructure may have had a transformation but, sadly, has the same troll filled residents that you are aware of without the whispering of names.

    Know that where ever you wander I wish you happiness and anticipate your return. Your continued and constant support has been and continues to be a blessing.

    Big hugs,


    Kait and Andrea it was so great to see you both on Sunday night.  We had a blast!!  Was so good to see the room rocking again.  It meant so much to us that you both were there.  Can't wait to hang with you both again soon!

    Hugs tight,
    BWR and VR


    Hey BW *hugs*

    A good time indeed.    Don't get out much these days… making your event even more special.

    Cozy space, danceable tunes n nice peeps giving off a good vibe. Andrea showing up… making it purrfect.  :-*
    Thank you both for opening your club, hosting the party and making that special little memory possible.

    Do it again  please.



    I know… i don't have a clue. Never in game… nothing more than a ghost who can't let go. An irrelevant Forum rat… and barely that. But that doesn't mean i don't care. I DO. This is my home too. I have history here. Memories. And YES… Friends

    Seeing what's happening… saddens me.  A FORUM in lockdown is NO longer a Forum just a bulletin board. When we no longer interact we are no longer a community. Shutting our doors and windows is not the solution. Just the END.

    We are not all meant to be the same, share wants or always agree but if we want any quality of life, in any world, for ourselves and more importantly future generations… then we need to start being more open minded, tolerant, understanding, forgiving and realize not all rights n wrongs are universal but personal.  Speak your mind, learn what ya can. Agree or  agree to disagree, then move on. Respect begets respect.

    Sure, some threads need more “control” than others, especially those containing; T.O.S., Support & Game specific stuff … and ofc personal Diaries n Stories. Those should all be treated with respect. As should an OP's wishes if stated… but after that our interpretation becomes subjective. Can there not be some room for compromise here?

    if this continues and we all lockdown our threads worried someone might post something undesirable… this Forum as we know it will wither n die. Though i may be fading from this place it doesn't mean i don't want it to flourish n survive.

    I hope we ALL can learn to…..



    Shared hugz with many…
    Some of you touching my heart
    Only ONE my soul


    We always have FUN
    Regardless what we’re playing
    Best Friends forever….



    Lady Andrea & Kaitlyn.

    Happy 6th Anniversary

    Love to you both

    Vaughan and Jess


    6 years Wowser and crikey. Hehehe.

    Congrats to you both 💋 💋

Viewing 14 posts - 61 through 74 (of 74 total)
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