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Kissing, licking and biting …

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    Kissing, licking, nibbling and playful biting options in poses.

    Lets use the doggy pose as an example.

    I like to describe how I slowly stroke her back, just feeling her. Running my fingers up and down her back, barely touching her skin … just teasing. Leaning it to kiss, lick and bite her playfully all over. Slapping her ass, then squeezing it hard … or both cheeks at the same time   

    In my opinion this would greatly add to the experience instead of having three or four different facial expressions.


    Those sounds really nice and wellcome update for some poses. aaand, using the speed controller, some of them can be really intense.

    thumb up!


    I hear you on this one. Great ideas. Would be great to have those actions added or even  perhaps getting rid of some of those silly tongue actions and replacing with these much better options. Ones that spring to mind are ” lick lips” in Doggy style ; 2 of the pleasure faces in From behind ; and the “fart ” action in Licking from behind .  Have you guys ever actually used that in your lovemaking???  lmao


    Omg thank you, thought I was the only one who found those odd.

    Ps. forgot to mention grabbing hair, pulling her head back gently … making her arch that sexy back more. 


    Thumbs up my friend I'd like to have those options too, I might add grabbing her breasts and lift her up, squeeze them while giving her a deep hot french kiss 


    Not alone Jacqueza,… any concept of sensual play is widely appreciated…especially by me….
    With the speed controls caresses and oral play…ie.. a nibble or bite is accented.

    Keep the suggestions flowing 

    I might add you might consider expanding the thought to s more specific poses… something concrete might be taken in more serious consideration.


    Everything that gives us more options and suits to a pose is welcome. Sometimes I describe what I'm doing and it's completely different to the possible actions.

    Rubbing her clit is something I wanna have as action.


    hehehe… Pafe, Satoire and I have begun a movement (well, actually it was their idea, I just helped give it a catchy phrase).

    Trading Faces for More Embraces



    I know we also talked about this and I'm waiting for an own thread to give my support


    The running of nails down the chest, back, and sides would be nice also and are in some of the poses already but would be a great addition to other poses as well… Those that have performed that action in poses that do offer it know full well how excited I react to it.. *hint hint hint ladies* ~

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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