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Last Thread and Post Maybe.

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    Over a week has passed since my last post here. And as for the other members, Two weeks or more have passed. I know people are busy, but I do really believe this is the end of this forum.

    I have just finished something that is really silly and daft on here, but I find it funny. I have made a post in each section of this forum, so my name under Last Post is mine. You might see this as childish, but I see it as a testament of my support of this forum as the last poster. (I hope it isn’t).

    So, this is it I guess. All I can do is go out with a song. I find this rather fitting.

    Last Post & Rouse

    Sorry to Vaughan and Jessi and anyone else who found the time to post who finds this insulting. It’s not my intention to do so.


    I dont find it insulting at all.
    In fact I look forward to your posts.

    Forum is just like a Garden, you reap what you sow. Sometimes it can bloom and sometimes, it just needs the grass cutting


    Okies. But in the last 2 weeks no one posted apart from myself. At the time of writing this post I just felt that it has been abandoned. Anyways, back to American Truck Simulator. Oklahoma has just been released.

    Oh and by the way, when you add a tag separate the tags with a comma not a full stop. If you use a full stop all the tags is just one tag. So, Forum Last Post The End and Phoenix Rising is one tag.


    Thanks. Yes, Jess & I have both been away on our summer holidays.
    There were a back log of releases to update, which are more or less done now.
    The tags are sorted now too I think.

    As for Forum being abandoned, most people left when Achat took the posting tools away.
    Achat have never returned the posting tools & though asked for back several times, they have never materialised.
    Therefore, Jess and I decided not to advertise Forum, nor run any further contests or competitions until they are returned and Forum becomes user friendly again.
    The fact no one posted, in the last two weeks apart from yourself, shows we are right to just pay lip service.

    Good luck with the new Oklahoma Game when you get it. It does look quite good.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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