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    So I found this Achat through google and I thought this sounds like fun.  I really want to try!  I made an account and I downloaded the client but when I try to play it gives me that message in the title!  I tried putting an exception for Achat program in Windows firewall and even turning firewall off but it doesn't work!  Bummer.  Can anyone help me troubleshoot this problem?  Oh I also happen to be on the University's internet.  But I've managed to get other online games to work on it.  So I'm not sure how to fix this.


    Did you create an account on the website and not just on these forums? Are you sure your user name are typed in correctly, using the right capitalization and all? Can you log in to the web site and watch your profile and shop etc?


    I registered account on website as free member.  I can't even make my character so there is no way I can watch my profile.  I can goto the shop…  it opens a new window in my browser, but how does that help if it won't let me log into the server and make a character model?

    Janine Dee

    I can't say this will help, but when I get the message I shut down the program entirely, and reopen the program. Once it finished loading the second time it connects just fine.

    The only other thing I can think of is to uninstall it entirely, do a fresh download, and reinstall. That fixed it one time when I kept getting an error message after it finished loading.

    I hope one of those helps.


    Thanks for the help!  I managed to log in to Achat today!  I was excited but doesn't seem like anyone is on yet or they are busy!  Hmm or do people not chat with newbies?


    Most people also chat with newbies. How many people do you see? Do you use the search button and maybe use too many filters?
    Do you say “Hello” first? Or do you invite them to the room at once? Most dont like this.
    Ah, and “Welcome”

    Janine Dee

    Glad it worked out for you AN. It might help to read the User Made User Guide we put together on page 4 of the FAQ. It's a little list of do's and don't which will help you get started making friends and exploring all the fun available here on AChat.


    Aargh.  I got into Achat for a while… and just tried my first 3some.  So that was interesting!  But now a little bit later I can't log in anymore.  I get that same dreaded message above.  I don't know what's causing this.  I even tried rebooting my computer.  This is so weird.  I think it happened after a bought a few new positions and tried to restart Achat so the thing would update but now I can't get in.

    I'll check out that guide.  But it seems it is difficult to even get people to even talk sometimes.  I think a lot of them are on but AFK?

    UPDATE: And it's working again!  Really puzzling what's going on.  Maybe cos it was updating something with my character?  Anyways hope to talk to some of you online.  For now, good night!

    UPDATE2:  Now NOT working again!  What is going on?  Does Achat need a specific port to be open for the client to connect to the server?


    Finally found someone that have similar problems with me, and it happened 6 years ago. i wonder if AZNLover is still playing or already given up and left? frustrating to try to login but keep getting error msg.


    I don't know if he still is playing. But he wasn't in forum since 2010


    Usually this issue can be resolved as below:

    First close AChat and restart your computer.
    If your internet connection is ok, but you still can’t login try this:

    AChat is not enabled in the firewall of Windows, or/and in the firewall of the virus protection software (if exists), or/and in the firewall of the router (if exists).

    Solution: Check the settings of all firewalls to allow Achat: AChat_setup.exe and Achat Version Updater

    If you still cannot access the game then try a full uninstall and re-install of Achat.
    Allow Achat as above through your firewalls
    Turn off any browser plug-ins such as Skype (Skype has caused issues in the past with Achat)
    Restart your PC.

    If none of these solutions work, contact Achat’s Support for further advice.
    Support is located on top menu bar next to Shop.

    Please update the topic for the information of other members should they have a similar problem.


    I have the same problem with Achat Next. Every time I try to enter the game I get the message “network error try again”. The Achat for PC version works without problems.


    Achat Next is really in its infancy in my opinion. Things like this are going to happen.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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