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Meeting place for 3 months and 12 months users

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    Hi I have be in this game for over 4 years and the last few days here have be bad in meeting place, with us people who paid for 3 months or 12 months having to put up with free user who Achat give them 1,000 so the likes of twizterwhore and The Mask can just come into meeting place and just get on to people and all Achat will say put them on ignore list well this not good they now just stand there and now they have actions thanks to achat, its time Achat come up with good updates like a meeting place where only people with 3 months and 12 months can get into and if ye can do that just put someone in there to see what we have to put up with I have 6 months left before I have to renew for a new year so let me tell you this I will not be doing this and I say to mod here in forum don’t come on here and tell me to report to the support team and to Achat get up of ye ass and do something or you will lose a lot of people from this game

    hugs Lydiarose


    I STRONGLY AGREE!!!  It is just getting stupid.



    Me I thinked a private place where only your friends can enter friends/lovers/spouses.
    This idea was given before for the Poker room.

    It’s true that for some time it becomes unplayable in the places 🙁

    Personally it amuses me a little but in the long and everyday it becomes tedious and plenty nice players will don’t come on places because of some idiots can be paid by the “concurrence” I don’t know but it’s painful


    hello people, this month, this issue is relevant not like when, 24 hours a day there is to be an idiot and all the time looms before eyes,the button of ignoring doesn’t help,I think that it isn’t difficult to make the place of meetings where only paid users will be able to enter,in my opinion we pays money, we and orders music

    😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

    in opposite cases you will lose users who will go to similar games. I hope that our opinion is heeded. with respect, your Vika


    I do not get out as often as I would like, but even from the halls of the forum I hear the plea's for help.

    I try to be friendly to all. It is the way I am wired, a strength and a weakness, I try to see the good in all creatures, so a part of me wants to keep a universal, all embracing meeting place for all to enjoy. But I see how Achat struggles to maintain a safe, comfortable and enjoyable space when there are those that are determined to exploit others and attempt to ruin their fun. I know Achat is trying, but unless they change their strategy it is a battle of wills that could last beyond what many are willing to endure.

    Therefore, count me in. I agree with Lydia, and all the others. Paying customers should not have to be subjected to daily harassment, there is plenty of FUN else where in plenty of different worlds.

    One last comment to “Vikee”. I ask you to pause for a moment and realize what you waste. It is a precious thing that can never be replaced. I have just been reminded how precious a moment is and how painfully life altering it can be as well. Never waste a moment, never take one for granted. For these moments touch us only once, but can change us forever. Think about how you want to live your life, before you have to think about how to end it.


    Is it easier for free user to harrass other? Yes, of course it is. Would prem meeting places only avoid this? No, of course not.

    Over the past few years we had many troubles with prem members. It's not free or prem, it's just if a member is an idiot or nice.

    Saying this, I think about the last changes. Maybe members with many bad rates get blocked automatically for meeting places (for a while)? We don't know, but this can be one reason for the update.


    Is it easier for free user to harrass other? Yes, of course it is. Would prem meeting places only avoid this? No, of course not.

    Over the past few years we had many troubles with prem members. It's not free or prem, it's just if a member is an idiot or nice.

    Saying this, I think about the last changes. Maybe members with many bad rates get blocked automatically for meeting places (for a while)? We don't know, but this can be one reason for the update.


    would be a good way, over 50 neg 2 weeks bann  over 100  you are gone
    BUT that is the same like ANYBODY screaming now ? I DONT WNAT TO PLAY WITH THAT NERD !

    But than again who is to VOTE ? Who is the judge ?

    Lover, you cant limitid the arses in internet. Look up in google  TROLL in games  10000 sites poping up with tips , hints solutions.
    Shit works.

    WHAT would maybe made it easy is real to have more public rooms to CHOOSE where to go in to.

    So eg I can tell my friends hey lets meet in Room No 3
    They other hang in 2 avoids confrontation.

    What I dont get is real ONE DAM THING

    It is a “fucking game”  Adult FUN   but some take it personal.

    Just thinking what I went through as a “newbie”  LOL

    If i take all personal I would probable kill myself of the rudness and insults.

    I just pray for them so GOD give them BRAIN

    I hope User will find a way to take care of there own opinion and maybe keep it to themself

    All that hype dont go no where as giving the trolls the aplause hey you made it.

    Dont sweat over things you got no control of it anyway

    this time i had to vent


    sorry Lover but I think it would work all you do is ban the people from the game and they lose there 3 months or year other words you hit them where it hurts in the pocket as for the bad rates I don't think that will work as one player can give other player as many dislikes as they like,, we how have The Mask and CLOWN who are the same person and I'm sorry Lover but why should I or anyone else who paid for a year or 3 months have to put up with this daily harassment      


    Me that I found strange before they was plenty “cold invites” now less but it's an army of clowns !
    I think if not “Private places” that was allways the same.
    Don't forget everyone can create an avatar in 2 minutes ! everyone ! adult or not ! Idiot or nice ! and… with a prime of 1000 A$ !
    For some time I wonder if these peoples are not paid by a competitor game !!!
    Personnaly I have no problems with these guys, why ? I don't know !

    I don't know what to do but we have to find a solution quickly because it is really painful.

    I have a solution, adult sex game requires a control to the inscription, it's a minimum and to control one has to pay with a credit card even if it's not expensive. As already it will save “underage users” and we can find the registered people in real or with his/her mails.

    Most important: only one avatar available as the person will take the time to think before instead of making 200 avatars !!!


    Then we need a VIP room where we buy a VIP pass; $10 for life. The Im and VU place has an adult certified pass, cost the same.
    Just thinking out loud.


    Ah yes Andrea, that was good that.


      What Andrea said.    As long as we can pay through then I'm ok with that.

      Having Premium Meeting Places might cause exclusiveness (don't know if that is the right word, Sorry),  but that is happening now.   If it would stop all the B.S. in the Meeting Place them I'm all for it.  Because it's REALLY getting depressing.

      I agree with Nat, that a solution must be found.  If a Premium Meeting Place is the only solution then so be it.  It's the last resort solution,  I think.  It's not perfect (what is ?), but this B.S. can't carry on.  It is unfair to the genuine free / just started users, but if anyone has got a better idea to stop the Trolls then say it.

      Having more than one Meeting Place and then a list of the people that are in there is another way.  To avoid people you don't like.  But, would that actually stop people from causing drama ?  I doubt it.   :'(

      Thinking about this more,  this is tricky for ACHAT.  They obviously want to keep people buying Premium, but also want to bring in new punters and to make them welcome.  Blocking them from using certain meeting places might cause new people to turn away. 


    The solution is simple but we ALL need to work together. It breaks if WE dont ALL do it.

    1.  If there is a problem user, Do not engage FULL STOP.  Sure its tempting to come back with smart alec insults and replies but remember … that is exactly what the problem player wants. His sole goal is to disrupt your play and spoil your night either by upsetting you or making you angry.  DO NOT GIVE HIM / HER  this satisfaction.

    2. IMMEDIATELY put them on ignore so you cant hear his / her silliness so you cant be offended and tempted to retaliate.

    3. TURN  your back on him when he tries to step in your personal space  and carry on chatting as normal as though he is not there.

    4. This does work.  It might take 5 mins , it might take 20 mins  so what …  its better than fucking around and trading insults all night.

    5. Dont make this player so important it wrecks your night with your online friends or make him so important your dedicate a blinking topic to him.



    I’m Liking the VIP room idea more and more.
    If its advertised on the login screen AChat will make 10 bucks a pop everytime someone buys a pass
    And the VIP room can get all the new stuff and we would be the BETA testers, instead of just tossing it out there like they do now.

    P.S. OH and the VIP room needs to be a bar. The Achat Bar&Grill come to mind ;D


    I really like your idea, momma_andrea

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 33 total)
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