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More Body figures to make achat more interesting and versatile

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    why wouldn't you ''Achat developers'' make more body figures to make ACHAT more interesting and interactive..
    When i am with a girl i need to experience more female figures ..i like to be with thick and curvy women too..why do you make all females of the same figure that makes all girls look the same to me..i am starting to lose interest in here due to that. :-[


    Hi. im a woman. im 60 years old. With the skin that we are now, people like me are unable to create an avatar that reflects your own body and your face.I suggest to create skin with tits most big (hard or decreased depending on age) and the body more' lean and more 'round. Basically everything that can make the most 'real image. I hope to be able to understand me. Sorry my bad English.  compliments for the work done so far.


    yes! this game rly have big potensial…
    the creators must expend the game options, more skins, more positions. more music, add moans effecs…
    hair styles, places…

    i see success in this game depends the creators


    Hi, really nice game. Hope it stay free …

    Think allow to cum inside girl will be so great …

    Good work


    I let my idea for the creation of new pussy hair, new hair style, new nipple, new breast and chest.

    Please new body now. The characters are like the other characters.

    Janine Dee

    The problem Diana is that there is no way they could create enough body types to allow an appreciable difference between the literally hundreds of thousands of users.


    It will prob take alot of work to make that happen. We are finally starting to get stuff now. So you might have to wait a long time for that dream Sweety. ;D


    “It will problem take alot of work to make that happen.  We are finally starting to get stuff now.”

    Only poses, the developers should make new bodies. For example, bodies high, low, fat, skinny, pregnant. I think the various options bodies would give a peculiarity in our characters.


    It's a good idea to have a variety of bodies. I agree with you. The bodies of shemales looks like a woman and the only difference is the dick.

    Janine Dee

    The point that everyone is trying to make is that the programming takes time, and that time gets taken from other projects.

    When the shemale was first unveiled I was in a rage of the lack of FF development, even now I'm still a little bitter.

    Even more then that they need to keep in mind how well it will sell. While there are those who REALLY love the glow a pregnant woman has to her are there enough to recuperate the funds they would get putting out something in say FF, or the ubiquitous MF?

    That's not to say you can't request, but you need to be more specific. What's a “high” or “low” body?

    And on a more personal note? Pardon my ignorance, but  isn't a shemale supposed to be the “chick” with the “dick”? That certainly isn't meant to demean, but I am confused because that is the definition as I understand it.


    Diana, I think new bodies is very important to the game, but mens should also have more bodies available.

    For exemple, the dick or cock size.

    Kalena, as the shemale, yes I agree with you, they look like women with cock. ;D

    I think what Diana meant is the size or height of the characters.

    Janine Dee

    And all these could be getting noted down by the development team for the next update, but I feel the need to remind people that as it stands the body features are MEANT to be cosmetic as the program that runs the assorted positions recognizes a certain body type and basically adds the cosmetic features.

    So when I'm riding a girls face it's running the same program it runs any other time any other girl rides any other girl's face. It just adds things like my make up choice, blond braid, and such.

    If I could say make myself taller or shorter they would need a whole other program for my height and her height… and it could quickly get REALLY complex.

    So in any body type requests I think we should try to keep in mind how complex of a task the programming would be.


    Understand that the shemales look a bit too feminine, unlike most,…have yet to meet one in real life who has such features,..but I agree with you Janine Dee, thinking this is a complex issue that in the future might be addressed. At the immediate,…poses,..balance the FF inequality,…add some 3some spice…clothing (for men especially)

    Developers are slow as it is for mundane adjustments…so I take little stock in hopes of such a major overhaul of the avatars being accomplished soon.

    Cosmetics like hair style, pussy hair…nipple rings….should be easy though…those are minor add on features…


    More new pose “Lesbian Lucky Licker”, OMG, this is bad.

    Janine Dee I believe the idea of Diana wouldn't leave the program more complex, I think that developers are creating new poses and forgetting things more important to create.

    Diana and Bear your ideas are good and I think if the game does have new clothes or bodies, the Achat will lose its quality of game.

    PS. The shemales created by developers are a joke, they are looking like women with cock. lol

    Janine Dee

    Kalena, you're more important and mine aren't necessarily going to agree. Doesn't mean you're right or I'm wrong.

    If you don't think having to add body type variables would increase the complexity of the game could you please explain how? Because from my (admittedly limited) programming experience most 3D images start as wire frames which are then filled out. Adding/subtracting height or weight would affect the wire frame.

    Or am I missing something?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 183 total)
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