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MS Pose Review Requests. 190. First Time by Adelaid

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    MS Pose Review Request. 190. First Time by Adelaid
    Released Saturday 6 January 2024

    PRICE: A$ 299 each

    The pose can be found in “Scenes” of the in-game Achat Shopping Mall, MS Section – Box 10 – B-Shop.
    This is a general request for someone in the MS community to review this pose please when they get a suitable opportunity and post them in this topic.
    It’s fairly simple to do.
    1. As you “Play” the game and find a willing partner, please list the actions on the both sides.
    2. Then write a short paragraph of 1 to 6 sentences about what you like about the pose, what you don’t and if it can be improved.
    3. Let your (un/identified) partner do the same kind of review that you have and post with yours.
    4. Both give it a star rating. If it differs with your partner, rate it the lowest star.
    5. Identify if a good buy for our members.

    What star rating would you give this pose. Do you think this pose is worth it? Please rate –

    1 Star. – No. Hate it. Don’t bother – its rubbish.
    2 Stars. – Yes. Didn’t like it much. Will buy it if I have A$ to waste.
    3 Stars. – Yes. Liked it. Will use this occasionally but other poses need collecting first.
    4 Stars. – Yes. Really liked it. Will use regular. A good add to my collection.
    5 Stars. -Yes. Excellent. A must have. Will use this often.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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