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My Boat Experience

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    “Come, on Dev. Join us this weekend.” She said. “It’ll only be a few of us, and it’ll just be on the bay. It’s not like we’re going far out on the ocean.”
    “It’ll probably be the last time this summer.”

    “I don’t know…”I replied. “I don’t do well on boats, I usually get seasick.”

    “Oh, Dev, You never get out. It’ll do you good and if you don’t feel well you can always go and lay down below.”

    “I don’t know….I’ll think about it and let you know”


    “See, Dev. You’re doing fine. It’s a beautiful, relaxing day. The guys are doing a great job with the boat. Just sit back and take it easy for once.”

    “Yeah, I guess you’re right. I guess I needed this.”

    There were a dozen people on the boat. Most I knew but there were a few I didn’t.
    everybody was talking, laughing, enjoying themselves. I mainly kept to myself, joining in now and then.


    A little while later…
    “Hey, just to let you guys know, it might get a little choppy.” The guy manning the boat said. “Looks like a storm a little ways out. We’ll keep an eye on it and if we need to head to shore we will.”

    Sure enough, the water was getting a little choppy and the boat started rocking a bit.

    My friend turned to me and said, “Hey, Dev. you’re looking pale, you okay.”

    “I…I don’t think so. I don’t feel too good.”

    “Why don’t you go lie down below until this passes.”


    Not sure how I made it below but when I woke there were a couple of the guys checking on me.

    “How you feeling, Dev. You passed out and we had to help you down. You’ve been out for about a half hour”

    “Mmmmmm. Yeah, I’m okay. Thanks.”
    “Sometimes I get seasick, nothing serious.”

    “The storm passed. Smooth sailing again.”

    “That’s good.” I just realized that he was sitting on the side of bed stroking my leg.
    The second guy was sitting on a chair. These were two of the people I didn’t know.

    “Thanks for helping me, I’ll be okay. Just a little woozy.”

    The guy on the bed was starting to stroke my thigh. “Dev, let us help you relax.”

    He leaned over and gently blew on my neck and kissed my cheek. I was stunned, I could barely speak. “What are you…..”

    “Sshhhhhh….” He put his fingers on my lips. He started rubbing my breasts and lightly kissing me.

    “Mmmmmm” was all I could say. He removed my bikini top and began working my breasts. As he did he was really kissing me now, shoving his tongue in my mouth. I tried to resist but all I could do was give myself to him.

    He reached down and started to rub my pussy and started to insert a finger. He turned to his friend and said “Hey, she’s wet and ready for you.”

    I was stunned, what was going on. The friend came over and pulled my bottoms off and started to lick my thighs, my pussy, my clit.

    “Wait….What are you doing?”
    “Oooohhhhhhhh, please…..”

    “Please, what?” the first guy said in between sucking on my breasts. “You’ll be begging us to continue, shortly.” He took his shirt and trunks off. All I could do was stare.


    “You like what you see? Wait until you see my friend over here.”

    I nodded, mouth agape at what I saw. His friend looked up, stopped what he was doing, and undressed. Fuck….he had a monster cock.

    “Now, why don’t you stop staring and start sucking. Do what you what you were meant to do.” The first guy said. His friend had yet to say anything.

    They both got up and put their cocks right in front of my face. “Why…..?” I barely got out when the friend shoved his cock in my mouth. I could barely take it, my jaw was open wide.

    “Because we said so, bitch.” The friend finally said. “We don’t think you understand why you were brought out here.”

    He pulled his cock out of my mouth and then the first guy shoved his cock in my mouth before I could respond. “Mmmmffff” was the best I could do.
    The friend said, “Goddamn, she’s dripping wet. Let’s let the fucking begin,” He probed my pussy with his cock and then with one hard thrust he entered me . I was so wet there was no resistance. At first he was fucking me slowly but as he continued he was pounding me harder….faster.

    “Geeaahhhh’ I yelled as he hammered away. The first guy held my head as he forced me to deep throat his cock. I was trapped.

    What was happening, why were they doing this? All I knew was I couldn’t resist. I couldn’t focus as the two cocks thrust into me.
    “Yeah, bitch. You’re fucking tight. Like fucking a vise. Hey you wanna fuck her for a bit, this is some tight pussy.”
    The two switched. The first Guy’s cock wasn’t as big, yet still pretty big, so he slid right into my pussy. I took the friends cock in my mouth, still covered in my goo.

    “Yeah, clean my cock. Lick your cum off.” He looked at me and I all saw was power….control.

    “Mmmmmmm….unhhhhhh” I replied. Greedily licking my cum off. Savoring every drop.
    I didn’t know what was happening to me. Time had lost all meaning. I could only focus on the two cocks penetrating me. As my will was breaking I began to surrender to theirs. The more they fucked me the more I began to match their movements and their rhythms. I was theirs.

    “Oh, yeah. Bitch. You’re coming around. You were a born slut. Your purpose is to fuck and be fucked.”

    I looked at him in fear but all I could do was submit to his power.
    “You will submit!”

    “Yessssss…fuck me.” I was shocked that I said it.

    “Hey, bro. You know what she needs is a double fucking.”
    “Yeah, you’re right. I think that’ll do it.”

    “Wait, what are you…?” I stammered as they turned me over. The first guy was laying on his back and shoved his cock in my pussy. As he was fucking my pussy, the second poked his cock at my ass and started to push.

    “Oh Fuck. No…no…no….please. Stop.”

    “Too late for that bitch. Here, it comes.” And with one hard thrust he shoved his monster cock in my ass. He let it rest for a moment then began fucking my ass.

    “Ggeeeaahhhh” I screamed. “OMG, OMG”

    “No God can help you here.”
    “Take it, enjoy it”

    Thrust after thrust, the two cocks penetrated me. The friction was more than i could take. I could feel a pressure building inside, I could barely hold it.

    “Fuck, I think she’s gonna blow”

    “Yesssss, fuck me. Give it to me. Mmmmmmmmm. So good.” I was matching their movements as every thrust pushed me closer to the edge. As the first guy fucked my pussy and the second slammed his cock in my ass. I finally released.

    “Yesssssssss, I’m cummmiinnngggg”. I screamed “Fuck meeeeeee”
    I forced my ass back as I took each thrust. Pushing cock as deep as it would go.
    I couldn’t stop. I had to have cock.
    I was broken.
    I was a cock whore….nothing more.

    “Yeah, bitch. It was going to happen. You’re ours now. ” The second guy removed his cock from my ass, wiped it off and thrust it in my throat. I greedily grabbed it and began sucking it, cleaning it.

    “Hey, since you cleaned my cock so good, I think I’ll have another go at your pussy”

    I let them do as they wanted, I was totally under their control.
    They switched positions, the second guy was now laying back on the bed fucking me while the first guy was standing so I could suck his cock.

    “Uhhhhhhhhh….” I moaned as I licked my cum off his cock. “Must have cock”
    “Fuck me, give it to me, don’t stop….please”

    “See, I told you you’d be begging us to continue.” he said with a grin.

    Soon, I felt his cock begin to pulse. “Yesssssss…” He uttered and then he moaned “ohhhhhh God”
    One final thrust and he exploded in my mouth. There was so much cum I could barely swallow it all. I looked up at him and he looked at me, all he said was “Good girl.”

    After I was done cleaning the first guys cock, the second guy threw me on my back and thrust his cock in my pussy and just started hammering me. Each thrust harder and faster than the last. Totally under his control now, I matched his rhythm and met each thrust. I looked into his eyes and all I saw was a blind fury.
    He fucked me with total abandon.

    I was at his mercy and yet I didn’t want him to stop. I couldn’t contain myself any longer, I was boiling over.
    I came with an intensity I’ve never felt before.
    “Uhhhhhhhhh….YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!” My back arched and my whole body shook.

    “Fuck, you’re a dirty whore is what you are.” He said as he continued fucking me.
    “Yeah, bitch….I’m gonna cum soon.”

    “No….please not my pussy. Cum in my mouth….”

    “I don’t give a fuck what you want or where you want it….”
    “Oh , fuck, here it comes…..”

    All I could do was look in fear.
    “Nooooooo” I screamed as he thrust his cock deep in my pussy and released his cum deep in my womb.

    “Uhhhhhhhhh. I hope you are on the pill, bitch or you’re gonna wish you were.”

    “Oh my god….oh my god….” I said as he thrust his cock in my mouth and I licked it clean, savoring every drop of our cum.
    He finally got off of me and I just laid there in a total daze.

    The two stood there and one asked, “You think it worked?”
    The other said, “Oh, yeah….no question in my mind. Let’s head up”

    The one looked at me and said, “Now you know what is expected of you.”
    They grabbed their clothes, gave me a final look and headed back up.

    Totally bewildered, I cleaned myself up and put myself back together. Wondering what just happened. What could I do…or say.

    I took a final look in the mirror and headed back up. The sun was shining and and at first I had to adjust to the brightness.

    My friend said, “Hey, Dev. You feeling better.”

    I started to say something but as I adjusted to the brightness I realized the boat was anchored and everyone was totally nude and….definitely enjoying themselves. “What…?!” was all I could say.

    The one guy that was downstairs turned to my friend and said, “Yeah, just as you expected, she’s one of us now.”

    I had a puzzled expression, I looked at her. She was holding a cock in her hand and obviously in the middle of a blowjob.

    She looked at me and started to explain, “You see, Dev. The reason we brought you out here…..”


    Loved it DevonRae. Cute story. Please post more.

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