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    the better option is to get them with a gift from the gift shop like i did. upload some $ and with the gift get the pussy you like


    as often happens, the work of developers always goes in useless directions.
    creating 4 clits and selling them for 5k adds nothing new to the game.
    it would have been more useful to use that time and effort to vary the size of the breasts and body or to be able to customize the facial features of the girls and boys.
    maybe create a new place (for example a beach) where everyone can meet.
    modify the game interface making it more modern.
    create a virtual shop where you can choose clothes and poses with the opportunity to try them on before buying them.
    No way. They don’t listen to user suggestions.
    they like to waste time on useless things and find ways to scam users.


    A nice man bought me a new clit body modification he thought i would like and he wanted for me. Can you see the problem?People of colour like me, TayTay, Samantha123 to name just a few, would have issue i think? I have written to Achat Support requesting them to fix the issue, its a lot of money for a body modification I can’t use. I will keep you posted on what they say

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    it’s incredible how they are capable of not doing something right. 5000as and they don’t make it match your skin color.


    Letter from Achat Support explained this, perhaps it should be obvious but not to a simple person like me :-
    You have to reset your Skin Colour after you modify your body which includes the new pussy mods, I confirmed it worked! I have the perfect pussy mod now. just to let you all know.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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