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People spamming external phishy links in Achat

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    People spamming external phishy links in Achat


    For the past 3 months at least I have been receiving in-game daily spam with external phishy links from one single person who changes nickname every day. I ignore the new nickname every single time but since he makes new nicknames, the new spam gets through.

    How about you finally make the free accounts do an email verification before letting them be able to chat? It’s the year 2021 (almost) and free accounts without at least e-mail verification don’t exist in this world anymore… Maybe you should do the same?

    I used to have more than 40 nicknames in my ignore list but since I re-installed Windows a few days ago all my ignore list has been cleared (I discovered that the ignore list is stored locally in my computer and not the game’s server). Here are a few names for sample:



    Hi George !

    Same here  and i think we all got these messages.  Unfortunately the only way is report for spam.
    About email registration ….i have one topic about…but  in vain .,5156.msg170155.html#msg170155

    Good day George !


    Hello again. New kind of spam:

    eric4s: hey bro, wanna earn 100 each day by one easy way?
    george_ to eric4s: go on..
    eric4s: check that site
    george_ to eric4s: lol new spam?
    george_ to eric4s: you’re about to be reported
    eric4s: :))))
    eric4s: dont be bullshit :)))
    eric4s: who care you what to do :)))
    george_ to eric4s: ok

    this is a referal crypto scam meaning he makes money out of this. (i have maksed his referal id on purpose)



      Report to support,  or use  the red exclamation button above the text box.

    If you are unsure about using it then see below.

      Make sure though that the person sending these messages are in the chat box in the left hand side (Selected user).  Another window will appear and it's the bottom option stating Report TOS violation, add a comment there too if you want to and then press submit.


    Achat has now attempted to stop these spam scammers by banning web addresses in the chat.

    The sender can see them but the receiver cannot.

    I believe it has worked and there is no complaints now.

    Unfortunately, it has also stopped legitimate links working such as Achats Forum, YouTube and Radio sharing in the rooms.

    Its probably worth the loss though.


    Kyoka …… She’s a scammer, she’s looking for a loser with money and she’ll want to get the last of her money from him.


    Hey Adam.

    If she’s trying to scam you or your friends and in lobby (or in room, Not MP unfortunately) tell them to use the Exclamation mark in the chat box.

    Make sure their name (the scammer) is in the person chatting to though and another box will come up asking why you pressed it.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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