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    For the purpose of offering folks an opportunity to advertise their wants on AChat… I am opening a topic thread for any to set a request out.

    All Ads will run for a month… and will be deleted without notification at the end of it.  Rule ot thumb… one month from the date of posting. You may place another at the end term of your original post. Duplicates will be deleted without notification.

    All replies to personal ads should be done thru PM to the users existing forum accounts or in game. The purpose of the personal ads is to enhance  existing AChat experience. In the future…all ads will be immediately locked by  the moderators to ensure replies are private. Abusive behavior and or language towards an advertiser will not be tolerated. Offensive behavior will be reported, and any behavior in violation of the sites EULA may result in termination of the violators account

    Any reference to offsite locations WILL be deleted.

    Any response to an ad,  posted in this thread WILL BE DELETED
    AGAIN USE PRIVATE MESSAGE or the games message functions to answer ads.

    For the moment this is a test of use… and is subject to modification.
    Many thanks and hope your wishes come true…

    Again this is simply a test… and it's purpose is strictly for searching for members to connect with in game.

    How to private Message a party in the forum:
    You need to be a premium and registrar here in the forum. Sign in… click on their name on the left…you will link to their profile the bottom is an option… send this member a message…click that link and there ya go…

    Nice advantage is messages can be made quite lengthy in the forum personal messages… as opposed to the games message function. 


    AVAILABLE TIMES/DAYS (indicate time zone please):


    This seems to be the best place to put this.  I am not advertising my services as a Domme for hire.  However, I get a lot of requests in game for that very reason.  I do take on slaves for personal enlightenment and to enjoy their own fantasies though.  Most are from people who want a quick, cheap, thrill and do not understand what it is I do.  So I will explain what being a Domme means to me and you can decide for yourself if what I am is what you are really interested in, or if you need to look elsewhere.

    First, BDSM is a lifestyle choice for me.  It is something I have wrestled with all my life and the decision to live my life this way instead of in a “vanilla” way was not an easy one, but I am more content and fulfilled now than I have ever been.  I take what I do very seriously and this is not just something I do for a cheap thrill.  So if you are just confused about what BDSM is, I can suggest some very good non-fiction reading material on the subject that may help you better understand.

    Second, the media and porn specifically has given most people a skewed view of what BDSM is really about.  For me, this is a window to your soul.  Your deepest desires, fears, and most animalistic instincts can be brought to the surface for you to experience and be smothered in.  This kind of “play” exposes you for who you are.  To yourself, your Dom/Domme, and whoever else may be witnessing your scene.  This is very invasive mentally, and is not for everyone.

    Third, I am always willing to discuss my experiences and my lifestyle with people, and sometimes I am even willing to train people as subs/slaves.  However, I play AChat to play in a virtual environment.  I do not give out personal information.  I have in the past and it just gets too weird.  So the only way we will have to interact is in a virtual environment or through chat.  It will not be as intense as doing this in person, but I believe that if you are honest with me and with yourself you can achieve close to the same results.  I really enjoy being a Domme because I get a lot of sexual gratification from breaking down a submissive, and helping them live out their deepest fantasies and desires.

    Finally, if you are looking for a Mistress, I will not be yours just because you ask.  Accepting you as my slave/sub is a commitment, in time, effort, and emotional support I do not give out lightly.  If I decide that we make a good match for BDSM play together, I may offer to train you though.  Eventually I may even offer to enslave you.  But that final decision is mine and mine alone.  I demand commitment, honesty, and obedience at all times from those I train.  Anything less is unacceptable.  If I find that you are lying to me I will dismiss you from my service immediately, and I will not take you back.  No exceptions.  Disobedience will be met with punishment, and I promise you, it will be something you will NOT enjoy.  If you continue to be disobedient or attempt to “top from the bottom” I will dismiss you.

    Now, if you still think you want me to train you or if you have any questions about BDSM that you think I can help you with, please do not hesitate to send me a message and I’ll be happy to talk to you about it.  If you wish to be trained, then you must apply for training.  I want you to tell me why you are looking to be trained.  What you expect to get from training.  What kind of sub you are (i.e. pain slut, sissy boy, dirty girl, humiliation slut, etc.).  I would also like to know what BDSM means to you.  I ask you to be very honest in your answers.  If you are not, it will only end in frustration for both you and me.  No answer is a bad one.  One of the greatest lessons I ever learned is that “your kink is your kink”.  If you are a man who likes being dressed like a little girl or if you just want to be tied to the bed and threatened, your kink is yours and no one should tell you different.  Also, if you want training, please do not address me as “Mistress”, that presupposes a relationship that does not exist yet.  If you just want to chat, my name is Christy.  If you wish to be trained you may address me as Miss Christy or ma’am. 



    Hi Christy, I must admit to a certain degree of curiosity about the whole topic. I'm not sure I'd make a good sub or domme tho lol. I do like light bondage tho and I am not against being the one to administer SOME pain, or allow dress up fantasies. I guess I just dont know enough about it to really get into it. I dont know that I want to be “broken” lol but I would like to learn more about it. It DOES interest me.


    I will be happy if some body can tell me how I be clothes maker, and if I can lean to run personal Ads I can tell the world that my Mistess Lana have change my mane to fifi


    The information you want is here on the Home web page.

    The only thing is, I don't think they are ready yet. None  of the designers I know have been answered.

    You could ask them direct by using Support.

    Again if you want to change your name, you can through Support but it costs A$1500. I know because 3 friends did it.
    If its just a nick name you have been given, you can enter it on your profile on  other information.


    To correct one information.

    Name change now costs a$ 2500. It only costs a$ 1500 if you are a very new membre.

    But it work. 

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