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    Hi everyone. *Hugsss*

    Don’t know if this the right area to put this, but after finishing Monument Valley 2 there was a link to a petition concerning the support of Forests. It’s all to do with climate change and Forests are one of our best allies against it.

    It states that signing the petition, (which I have just done so), will send a message to world leaders. I know, they don’t care as long as the oil keeps running, but I signed it anyway.

    The link is below

    I don’t usually sign such things, but after playing this game it has put me in a tranquil mood. It’s not a very difficult game, but the music is very nice and peaceful. So, I signed it. Just your name, I only put my first name in and an Email and that’s it.

    Oh one more thing, I’m not a tree hugger or one of these stop oil protesters or anything like that.


    I signed too 🙂


    I’m in. All signed.
    I hug trees and love my planet.
    I also hate UK water companies.
    Thanks zuz.
    Together we may make a difference.


    Hey thanks you two and anyone else who signed it. Hugssss

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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