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Please ban user with username Ashley_Fux

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    Hi C10H15N,

    I have reported the matter to Achats Support and asked them to look into it.

    I presume you all have this idiot on ignore now too?

    There is also a way to report members in the game by using the red circle with white exclamation mark. Its located in the top of the chat box, towards the right side. You do however have to return to the lobby area or room privately to do the report. For some reason, the option disappears in public rooms.
    It will bring up a pop up box where a summary of the complaint can be briefly explained. See below pic

    These matters can also be reported to Achats Support by all insulted parties. “Support” can be found above on the menu bar, next to “Shop” top right, on Achats Web Page.

    It helps for a quicker result if you take screen shots and send them in with your complaint.
    The more complaints/tickets there are of the members behaviour, the better chance the user will be banned from Achat game.

    Its easier to take screen shots with “Lightshot” and to upload to a hosting site. We find imgbox is a good one to use as it also accepts explicit pics.
    Both are free to download and use.



    I hope this member stops attacking you all now.


    Good day Vaughan,

    Thank you for your response, it is greatly appreciated.
    Yes, we have this person on ignore, but that brings another topic to light. I was informed by 1 or 2 people, that we ignoring people in game, that you will or can be reported, as this in violation of the T&C’s of Achat, due to limiting the ignored party’s gaming experience. I have not had time to look into this yet though.

    I am familiar the porting system in game, I have used it once or twice, but to quite honest with you, it is a bit lacking in my opinion. you have 1 line you can type, and you can’t paste anything in said line, Also, the options you have to choose from, does not always correspond with the complaint you want to submit. This is a topic I will raise support as well.

    Apologies for not taking screenshots, but one does not always expect people to behave in this manner, so not everyone has a screenshot application running in the background, or have hotkeys (I know Windows have this natively, but you still need to set it up via the Game Bar [windows + G]) setup for this reason at all times. Not everyone in the game is out to just report people for no reason, or looking for a reason to report them, unlike some people I know. To add onto this, there no form of feedback either.

    Regardless of that, I thank you once again for your assistance, and I will use the Support option on the website next time.

    Regards C10H15N (Stephanie)

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    Don’t know if I have read that first bit right.

    Putting someone on Ignore is a Violation of T&C’s. No, Just No.

    If it is a Violation why is it available as an option by Achat themselves???

    You don’t need a snapshot program running in the background. In the bottom right of the screen there is a Camera Icon, that takes screenshots and then it puts the pic in the Screenshots folder where Achat is installed.



    Zuz is right. Putting members on ignore is not a violation of the TOS.

    In fact bad behaviour is, so ignore as many of the idiots you want and report to Achat so they can investigate the complaints and decide if further action is needed.
    Copies of offending chat and pics just help the process be quicker and the bad behaviour cannot then be justified or misquoted.

    Whoever told you it was a violation, is probably one of the idiots who has been put on ignore that many times, he/she has no one to play with now.
    So then decided to spread this silly propaganda so he/she can continue being a nuisance to other members.

    Remember – Ignore who or anyone you want
    and room all you want. Its your game experience that is important too.

    The idiots need to be ignored so their behaviour is modified and improved.


    Hi Vaughan

    Agree with it , but some persons are to much stupids and just adding on ignore without reason… Thats true. And only need later ask persons who is it and the right person answering who is it then u can get laugh or something how childish need be to do that but , but If the troll or idk who trolling you for example then u can report what the person said or just add on ur iggy button As i said is childish to add without no reason someone on ignore.

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