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FM Pose Review REQUEST – 45. Fuck Mouth Reverse

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    I did buy it for MS but I am NOT buying it for MF (or if I do, it's only to max out the shop; the more you buy/spend in shop, higher you are in search)

    I haven't been with every shemale but I do enjoy them from time to time and to me this seems fair to be able to return the favor kind of deal. Normally, I'd be with the rest of you and say “i don't want anything in my mouth,” but at the end of the day, it's not REALLY in your mouth…it's a fucking cartoon, so I do things on here I would NEVER do in real life.

    That diatribe being said, I agree the Dev Team needs schooled in the idea of STOP MAKING STRAP ON POSES!!!

    I honestly think they do it to piss us off.


    Review Request.   Title/Subject  MF Pose Review. 45. Fuck Mouth Reverse.

    Some of the MF poses are not in my pose repertoire.  So this is a general request for someone in the MF community to review this one please, when they get the chance and post it in this topic.

    It’s fairly simple to do.

    1. Identify if a vaginal or anal fuck pose where applicable. (Some are not always obvious)

    2. As you “Play” the game and find a willing partner, please list the actions on the man’s (skyblue) side and woman’s (deeppink) side.

    3. Then write a short paragraph of 1 to 4 sentences about what you like about the pose, what you don’t and if it can be improved.

    4. Let your (un/identified) partner do the same kind of review that you have and post with yours.

    5. Both give it a star rating. If it differs with your partner, rate it the lowest star. (In Yellow)

    6. Identify if a good buy for a new join in the initial A$1,000 gift they receive. (In Red)

    Here is an example of a review Jess & I carried out for the “Doggy Style” pose

    Discussions about sex > Woman with man in AChat > MF Pose Review. 2. Doggy Style:,60.msg174902.html#msg174902

    We can help with the  pic.

    Pose Reviews score:
    Do you think this pose is worth it?  Please rate –

    1 Star.   – No. Hate it. Don’t bother – its rubbish.
    2 Stars. – Yes. Didn’t like it much. Will buy it if I have A$ to waste.
    3 Stars. – Yes. Liked it. Will use this occasionally but other poses need collecting first.
    4 Stars. – Yes. Really liked it. Will use regular. A good add to my collection.
    5 Stars. – Yes. Excellent. A must have. Will use this often.

    Pose Review – MF. 45. Fuck Mouth Reverse:


    This pose can be found in the “SM & Fetish” Section of the in-game Achat Shopping Mall.


    A similar type pose has been released on Sat 16 Sept 2023.
    Please also see FM Pose Review Request. 288. Reverse Mouth Fuck.
    This newer pose can be found in “Scenes” of the in-game Achat Shopping Mall, MF Section – Box 6 – Oral Action. (Not in the SM & Fetish section like above)

    If you buy the 288. Reverse Mouth Fuck pose, please do a review using the link below. This topic is for 45. Fuck Mouth Reverse reviews.

    For 288. Reverse Mouth Fuck pose only.

    FM Pose Review Request. 288. Reverse Mouth Fuck

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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